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The simple George Cross - like in the flag of England
George's Cross as part of the Jerusalem Cross in the flag of Georgia
Arms of Milan
Coat of arms of Freiburg im Breisgau

FC Barcelona coat of arms
Coat of arms of the
CFC Genoa

The cross of St. George , St. George's Cross or simply George's Cross , is ideally a solid, red cross on a white background, the center of which is in the middle of the area. The Christian cross is the symbol of the saint and martyr George .


The Martyr's Cross of St. George, believed to have died in 305, was used as a symbol by the Crusaders during the Crusades . George was perhaps the most popular saint of the Middle Ages - especially popular with the nobility and knights . This leads to a large number of international uses of the George Cross in various Christian countries - for example from Ethiopia to Russia and Portugal to England . The simple George Cross has been the flag of England , whose patron saint is St. George, since the 13th century . As such, it is also part of the Union Jack . The Jerusalem cross is particularly related to the George Cross .

The use of the St. George Cross as a city or country banner probably goes back to the time when the Byzantine Army maintained a garrison in Genoa . The garrison flag (a red cross on a white background) was given to the chapel of St. George of Genoa and has been used as the flag of Genoa ever since. In 1190, the English fleet was allowed to sail under the Genoese flag in exchange for an annual tribute to the Genoese Republic . This gave the English protection in the Mediterranean from attacks by the Genoese fleet and in the Black Sea from attacks by pirates. To this day, the red St. George's Cross on a white background is both the national flag of England and the flag of the Royal Navy and - in connection with the also red sword of St. Paul - the flag of the City of London .

Usage examples of the George Cross

Country symbols

Flag of England , flag of Georgia , (builds on the Jerusalem cross ), flag and coat of arms of Malta

Also as a war flag:

White Ensign of Great Britain and India

City arms

Almería , Barcelona , Batalha , Freiburg im Breisgau , Genoa , Koblenz , Lincoln , City of London , Milan , Montreal , Padua , York

More coats of arms

Diocese of Trier , coat of arms with the Trier Cross , Archbishopric Paderborn (old, up to 18th century), Diocese of Constance , Province of Alberta , Province of Manitoba , Province of Ontario


George's Cross (Great Britain) , Russian Order of Saint George , Order of the Red Eagle , Order of Saint Michael and George (Great Britain) , Creu de Sant Jordi Prize ( Catalonia , Spain )


Based on the city arms, AC Milan , CFC Genoa and FC Barcelona have adopted the George Cross in their respective club arms. In addition, during the 2014/15 season, AC Milan will use the city arms of Milan instead of the usual club arms on their home shirts. Inter Milan use the George Cross on their away kits.

Youth work

In addition, the George Cross can be found in the banner of the German Scout Association Sankt Georg (DPSG), as Georg is the patron saint of the association and the scouts.


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