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Military aircraft are aircraft that are used by the armed forces .

Armed military aircraft are called fighter aircraft , this generally applies to the first four.

Balloons were the first aircraft used by the military for reconnaissance purposes ( artillery fire control). Zeppelins were also initially used as bombers.

Soon after the Wright brothers' first flight in 1903, the military showed an interest in the faster and more manoeuvrable aircraft for reconnaissance purposes. The First World War accelerated the development of the military aircraft enormously. After initially unarmed reconnaissance planes explored the enemy positions , the fighter plane was created by installing machine guns . Another type of aircraft, the so-called bomber, was designed through further reconstruction and expansion . These could now, according to their name, also drop bombs .

Military aircraft are used in the German Bundeswehr by the air force and the navy .

Military aircraft are marked with national emblems in clearly visible places ; these are called cockades or 'airplane cockades'. In the past, aerial battles were fought "on sight". Military aircraft have had electronic friend-foe recognition for a long time . This avoids friendly fire .

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