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Mark 83
453 kg bomb from World War II, found in Ludwigshafen am Rhein , without a detonator
Japanese fusen bakudan ( balloon bomb )
Fire extinguishing bomb

A bomb is an explosive device which is filled with explosive material by an igniter (depending on the type. E.g. time, radio or impact fuse) to the detonation can be brought in order to cause destruction or kill people. Their massive use against a target is called bombing .


The word "bomb", like many other military terms, was probably borrowed from the French ( bomb ) during the Thirty Years' War and goes over Latin . bombus ultimately to the onomatopoeic ancient Greek word βομβος (Bombo) back, which means "dull tones, ringing".

Word application

In a military context, the word bomb is mostly used for explosive devices that are propelled by gravity in free fall without a propellant charge . This is particularly true in military aviation for the aerial bomb , but also for depth charges , which sink into the water without propulsion to fight submarines.

Explosive devices of a similar type are grenades (devices that experience initial acceleration from a propellant charge or manually) and mines ( weapons that are misplaced and, as a rule, detonate with a time delay under certain conditions).

In the civil context, the term "bomb" usually covers all types of explosive devices that serve criminal or terrorist purposes, e.g. B. Car bombs, letter bombs, booby traps, etc.

There are different types of bombs per se, which are designated according to their use or the explosive used.

  • The water bomb as a toy is a particularly small balloon which , when connected to the tap, is filled with typically 0.5 liters of water, closed, thrown and bursts when it hits.
  • The task of the (caloric) bomb in the calorimeter is to encapsulate the combustion of a material sample in a pressure- and volume-tight manner and to buffer it thermally.
  • In Italian, after bomba (bomb), various gas bottles , mostly made of steel, bombola and spray cans are called bomboletta - two diminutive forms.
  • The bomb or grenade with a burning fuse is the emblem of the Swiss Grenadiers and the Italian Carabinieri .

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