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Real estate refers to one or more pieces of land or buildings , which usually form a functional unit, are connected in a certain way and are separated from their surroundings, regardless of their area and the crossing of boundaries. In Germany, the term is used particularly in official language. A comparable term is real estate . The holistic care of properties, both the buildings and the outdoor facilities, is called property management .

Service properties

After the Law on the Institute for Federal Real Estate (Bimag) "service buildings" are legally defined as property used by departments of the federal administration be used to perform their duties ( § 1 para. 1 sentence 3 Bimag). This also includes military properties of the Bundeswehr , even if the armed forces are not part of the administration according to the classic understanding.

Military property

In the Bundeswehr, properties are demarcated military facilities, e.g. B. barracks , on- site shooting ranges , on- site training areas and military training areas , military airports , naval bases and ammunition depots . A political municipality with one or more properties in which at least one active unit of the Bundeswehr is stationed is a location .

Property in travel expense law

All positions within a delimited contiguous property in the sense of travel expense law belong to the service location ( Section 2 of the Federal Travel Expenses Act ), regardless of the extent of the area and the crossing of municipal boundaries.

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