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A location of the Bundeswehr is a political community in which an active minimum troop unit or active military service stationed the Bundeswehr. The term garrison is generally used .

Location area

A location area consists of one or more locations, which include one or more military properties (barracks, training, shooting, airfields, etc.).

Tasks in the location area

The tasks in the location area include:

  • Regulation of the use of the on-site facilities, possibly in coordination with the Bundeswehr service center
  • Coordination of guard and security measures as well as preparation of the guard and security plan
  • Appointment of the barracks commanders
  • Maintaining military order
  • Organization and supervision of detention
  • Performing tasks within the framework of the exercise regulations in Germany
  • Alert coordination
  • Coordination of events with public impact (e.g. events on the day of national mourning , public vows , collections for war grave care )
  • Cooperation with local authorities (e.g. police, local government)
  • Performance of protocol obligations and representation
  • Acceptance, review and, if necessary, forwarding of applications for assistance from the Bundeswehr to the regional command (LKdo)
  • Support in the context of the assistance of the Bundeswehr on the instructions of the LKdo
  • Assistance with immediate help in the event of natural disasters or particularly serious accidents
  • Establishing and maintaining the connection to civil authorities at the municipal level below the districts and urban districts in coordination with the district liaison commands

The tasks are carried out by the site elder, his support staff or members of the Bundeswehr who have been specially instructed to do so .

Site elder

The location Oldest ( StOÄ ; to 1972 location commander ) is a service position in the armed forces for controlling the territorial objects of the armed forces in the order and meaning of the command Territorial objects of the German Federal Armed Forces (KdoTerrAufgBw) within the location area. Since siting areas can include several political communities, a site elder can be responsible for several communities.

The site elder is appointed by the commander of the Territorial Tasks Command of the Bundeswehr in coordination with the superiors on the service at the suggestion of the commander of the responsible regional command (LKdo). Generally this will be the senior / senior officer of the active units and military units located in the siting area . To support him, the senior barracks commanders deployed in the military properties in the siting area.

Site facilities

In addition to barracks, there are often on-site facilities at the site that are primarily used by the troops stationed there. These include site training areas , site shooting ranges and site ammunition defeats .

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