Federal University for Public Administration

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Federal University for Public Administration
- HS Bund -
founding 1979
Sponsorship all federal departments , DRV Bund , DRV KBS , social insurance for agriculture
place Bruehl
president Benjamin Limbach
Students 6223 (2018)
Employee 230 (university lecturers)
Annual budget EUR 46.155 million (target 2020)
Website www.hsbund.de

The Federal College for Public Administration ( HS Bund ) with its headquarters in Brühl ( North Rhine-Westphalia ) is an educational institution of the public service . Benjamin Limbach is the president .


On October 1, 1979, teaching began with a festive ceremony in Bonn's Beethoven Hall, at that time still under the name of the Federal College for Public Administration . In the absence of our own premises, teaching took place in a rented building in Bernhard-Feilchenfeld-Straße in Cologne in the first few years. Later she moved to Brühl, where she formed an administrative partnership with the Federal Academy for Public Administration . The college grew so much that the neighboring tax museum had to release its premises. On October 1, 2014, the technical college was renamed to the current name University of the Federal Government for Public Administration .

As of January 14, 2019, the branch office of the intelligence services department in Haar (near Munich) was given up.


The Federal University of Applied Sciences as a non-legal corporation and interdepartmental state institution of the federal government is responsible for the training of federal civil servants in the senior civil service . The candidates are at the same time students and mostly civil servants on revocation . The candidates are in the preparatory service for the higher non-technical administrative service or the higher scientific service (only the weather service department).

The university awards the university degrees Diploma , Bachelor or Master . Is graduated as diploma administrative landlord (FH) , with a degree in finance (FH) (only in the Department of Finance), as a meteorologist (FH) (only in the Department of Meteorological Service ), with a degree in Public Administration - Focus management computer science (FH) (only in the Finance Department and in the Central Teaching Department), as a Bachelor of Arts in the Criminal Police Department or as a Bachelor of Laws (BA [LL.B.]) in the Social Insurance Department .


Official sign HS Bund
The central area in Brühl
The entrance from the residential buildings to the classroom building

The HS Bund consists of the central division in Brühl and ten departments . The basic studies for students of the departments of general internal administration , federal police, criminal police and weather service take place at the central area in Brühl. The Foreign Affairs, Armed Forces Administration, Finance, Agricultural Social Insurance departments conduct the basic studies at the department's location. The main course of study in the various subject areas takes place in a decentralized manner in the departments. The career training of the Federal Intelligence Service and the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution has been brought together at the Center for Intelligence Training and Further Education (ZNAF) at the new headquarters of the Federal Intelligence Service in Berlin.

Since April 2011, the Master’s degree in Public Administration has also been offered as a part-time, advanced distance learning course. This course was opened in 2014. Not only senior civil servants and comparable collective bargaining employees who are completing their studies as part of an advancement procedure to the higher civil service are entitled to access . Employees of the federal administration (Germany) who are not in an advancement procedure can also be admitted to the course . In addition, participation as a guest auditor is possible in up to four modules. Since 2017, employees from the state administrations have also been able to complete the master’s degree. Since the 2017 academic year, the master’s degree has been offered with parallel face-to-face events in Brühl and Berlin .

The admission of students to the university, the course as well as the exams are based on the respective regulations on the preparatory service and on the training and examination of the respective courses. The university’s final examination is considered a career examination for senior service.

Right to award doctorates

Since the spring of 2016, the Federal University for Public Administration has had the right to collaborate on doctorates . The then president of the university, Thomas Bönders, signed a cooperation agreement on March 7, 2016 together with the rector of the German University of Administrative Sciences Speyer (DUV Speyer) Joachim Wieland on the joint implementation of doctoral projects. The agreement regulates the conditions under which outstanding graduates of the master’s degree in Public Administration and lecturers from the HS Bund can obtain a doctorate at DUV Speyer. In the future, doctoral students at the HS Bund will be supervised by one professor each from the HS Bund and the DUV Speyer; they therefore have two doctoral supervisors or doctoral mothers . Professors from the HS Bund also have an equal role in assessing the dissertation and in the oral doctoral examination.

Sponsorship and organs

The university is assigned to the division of the Federal Ministry of the Interior, for Building and Home Affairs . It supervises the university. The HS Bund is jointly responsible for all federal ministries and, in accordance with the agreements concluded with them, by the German Federal Pension Insurance and the Deutsche Rentenversicherung Knappschaft - Bahn - See and the social insurance for agriculture, forestry and horticulture and has the right to self-administration.

A board of trustees is formed, which is made up of representatives of the providers, in order to assume the joint responsibility of all training providers.

The central organs of the university are the Senate and the President. The organs of the central teaching area are the central area council and the dean. The organs of the departments are the department council and the department heads.


The university is based in Brühl in the Rhineland. This is where the central department, a department and the Office for the Protection of the Constitution are located. In Berlin there are two departments and the Federal Intelligence Service department, while Kassel, Langen, Lübeck, Mannheim, Münster and Wiesbaden have one department each.

From October 1989 until January 14, 2019 there was a branch of the university, Federal Intelligence Service department in Haar near Munich. The area at Wasserburger Straße 43 consisted of six houses with 8,000 square meters of usable space on a 19,000 square meter area. It was built in 1937-1939 as a barracks for a motorized gendarmerie standby and was used from the mid-1960s to the mid-1970s by a hundred telecommunications from the Federal Border Police . The lease expires on March 31, 2019. The Federal Agency for Real Estate Tasks will then take over the site, which will examine whether it can be used or sold. 50 employees were affected by the abandonment of the site.


According to Section 5 (1) GO-FH Bund, the university is divided into

  1. the central area with the central teaching area and the central university administration (Brühl) and
  2. the departments

Former and related departments

Until the privatization of the Deutsche Bundesbahn (place of study for the main course in Mainz ), the air traffic control academy of the Federal Agency for Air Traffic Control (place of study for the main course in Langen) and the Deutsche Bundespost (place of study for the main course in Dieburg ; University of Applied Sciences Dieburg ) their civil servants for the higher non-technical Service trained at the FH Bund, for which only the basic studies took place at the central area in Cologne (was the lecture venue at the time). These departments were dissolved before the name was changed to "University". In 2006, the Labor Administration department came to the University of the Federal Employment Agency . The Deutsche Bundesbank was not included, but maintains the Deutsche Bundesbank University in Hachenburg ( Rhineland-Palatinate ) .


Former students

  • Dirk Niebel , former Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development

Former lecturers:

  • Burkhardt Krems , 1979-2008 lecturer in the central area (first Cologne, then Brühl)
  • Armin Schuster , Member of the Bundestag, 1999-2002 lecturer at the Federal Police Department (also former student at HSB)
  • Patrick Sensburg , Member of the Bundestag, 2006-2007 professor in the criminal investigation department

See also


  • Thomas Bönders, Federal University for Public Administration (ed.): Annual report of the president . No. 36 , 2017, ISSN  1434-4254 ( hsbund.de [PDF; 9.0 MB ]).

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