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The social security of Agriculture, Forestry and Horticulture ( SVLFG ) since January 1, 2013 as a composite beam successor to the formerly independent regional agricultural social . The SVLFG is a federal corporation under public law with its headquarters in Kassel, northern Hesse . It is responsible for agricultural social insurance for the following insurance lines:

The SVLFG is managed within the framework of self-administration through the cooperation between the honorary office (meeting of representatives , equal to 60 members and board , 15 members) and the full-time management , which consists of Claudia Lex, Reinhold Knittel (until July 31, 2020) and Gerhard Sehnert consists. It is subject to the technical and legal supervision of the Federal Social Security Office (BAS).

In the external relationship, the four branches of insurance continue to act, for example, as agricultural health insurance and exercise their rights and obligations as part of the entire statutory social insurance in Germany. Therefore, by law, the previous regional agencies have become business offices whose primary task is to provide operational, local support for the insured. Strategic, political and fundamental questions are dealt with by the head office. Their implementation is then the responsibility of the operational level on site according to the so-called staff line model .

The SVLFG maintains an administrative seminar at its headquarters in Kassel, where the theoretical training to become a social security specialist is carried out in the form of block tuition in full-time courses . At the same time, the 'Agricultural Social Insurance' department of the Federal University of Applied Sciences for Public Administration is located there, where a degree in administrative management can be obtained. The practical training takes place in the regional administrations. In addition, the SVLFG trains IT specialists .

The establishment of the SVLFG was regulated by the law on the reorganization of the organization of agricultural social insurance (LSV-NOG) published on April 18, 2012 in the Federal Law Gazette (Federal Law Gazette Part I No. 16 page 579) . By amalgamating the previous agricultural social insurance agencies into one federal agency, the federal government - as the main financier of agricultural social security - and the representatives of the profession promised relief in administrative costs ( synergy effect ) and a fairer distribution of the contribution burden .

For a transitional period up to 2017 there was inevitably a shift in the regional contribution burdens (“north-south divide”, different agricultural structures) until a nationwide standard of contributions was established. The Federal Council therefore demanded accompanying financial support for this process (BRDS 65/1/12 of February 20, 2012) in order to - quote - "appropriately alleviate cases of hardship". To this end, the LSV-NOG provided for premium adjustments for both accident and health insurance premiums: Based on the previous regional premiums, the future national premiums were gradually adjusted. There was no need for action with regard to old-age and long-term care insurance contributions, as they are still standardized nationwide (same old-age insurance contribution / contribution subsidy, same percentage surcharge on health insurance contribution or contribution rate).

As of November 1, 2016, the SVLFG continued to align itself with the responsibilities it had been assigned nationwide since 2013: the care of the insured was concentrated by three service centers with regard to prevention, benefit, insurance and contribution law topics. In addition, competence-oriented, nationwide responsible departments (e.g. employer support, contractual relationships with service providers or debt collection) have been set up for sub-areas, which have been streamlined in organizational terms and can thus use synergy effects .

There were no changes for the insured as a result of the new regulations with regard to the entitlement to benefits from this social security association.

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