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Block lessons are lessons that do not - as usual - take place in individual school hours and on individual school days of a week, but in consecutive periods ( blocks ) of several days to weeks.

Block lessons are used, for example, in vocational training , as the basis of dual vocational training with periods of attendance in the training (or teaching) company and times of school enrollment, or in alternative school concepts , increasingly through school trials also at regular schools ( project lessons and block courses , interdisciplinary lessons ) .

Synonyms: In other teaching / educational situations (besides schools) this form of knowledge transfer is also referred to as block training , block seminars, block training (mainly in sport), etc.

Advantages and disadvantages

The subject matter is not torn apart, so that, unlike in regular lessons, there is no risk of losing the thread (connection). Larger and more extensive work / projects, which sometimes cannot be divided, can be carried out (en bloc).

In vocational training, the training or teaching company is temporarily released from the stumbling block of the training obligation for the duration of the block tuition and can use the contact persons assigned to the student for the training for other purposes.

In addition, the trainees can concentrate completely on the school during the block lessons and completely on their work in between. It can be seen as a disadvantage that the training company can lose contact with its trainee. The trainer in the company also does not see what level of knowledge the trainee currently has.

Advantages and disadvantages as a result of a school survey ( North Rhine-Westphalia , 1973):


  1. You can learn more concentrated
  2. The lessons are more intensive
  3. Extensive topics can be worked on better
  4. More subject matter can be covered
  5. Peripheral areas can also be covered


  1. Much is forgotten during the non-aligned period
  2. Too much subject matter is covered and too little is repeated
  3. The travel costs are too high
  4. When you are sick you miss a lot

Individual evidence

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