Federal Social Security Office

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Federal Social Security Office
- BAS -

Federal Social Security Office logo.svg
State level Federation
position Higher federal authority
Supervisory authorities Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs ,

Federal Ministry of Health

founding May 9, 1956
Headquarters Bonn
Authority management Frank Plate, President
Servants about 590
Budget volume 53.29 million EUR (2020)
Web presence www.bundesamtsozialesicherung.de/de/
Headquarters of the Federal Office for Social Security in Bonn

The Federal Office for Social Security ( BAS ), until 2019 Federal Insurance Office ( BVA ), is a German higher federal authority based in Bonn . It exercises legal supervision over the federal social insurance carriers ; These are, for example, those whose scope extends over more than three federal states . It is subordinate to the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs (BMAS) and the Federal Ministry of Health (BMG) ( Section 94 (2) sentence 2 SGB IV).


The Federal Insurance Office was established on May 9, 1956 by the Federal Insurance Office Act as the successor to the Reich Insurance Office, which was closed in 1945 , and was based in Berlin until November 2000 . In accordance with the Berlin / Bonn Act of April 26, 1994, the headquarters of the Federal Insurance Office were relocated to Bonn in 1999 in return for the relocation of the Federal Government to Berlin.



Health Insurance Testing Service (PDK)

The BAS examines the business, accounting and operational management of all federal health insurance carriers and thus has a large share in the conformity and legality of the administrative actions of the social insurance carriers to be checked.

In contrast to the other departments of the Federal Insurance Office, the PDK is financed by the statutory health insurance providers through a specific allocation.

The results of the nationwide DRG focus test (i.e. Diagnosis Related Groups  - flat rates per case for inpatient hospital treatment ) attracted attention , which revealed potential savings of several billion euros.

Appraisers at the Federal Social Security Office

The group of appraisers according to § 220 SGB V has the task of evaluating the development of income, expenditure and the number of insured persons and members in the statutory health insurance of the current year on the basis of the official statistics of the statutory health insurance and, on this basis, a forecast of the to meet further developments in the respective following year. From this, the average additional contribution according to § 242a SGB V for the following year is determined by the Federal Ministry of Health in agreement with the Federal Ministry of Finance and announced by November 1st of each calendar year.

The group of appraisers includes representatives from the Federal Ministry of Health , the BAS and the umbrella association for health insurance companies . A representative of the BAS chairs the meeting. The group of appraisers also estimates the expected rate of change in the basic wage bill for the following year and sets the increase in the per capita amount that the health insurances receive from the health fund for each insured person. The rate of increase for 2016 is 4.4 percent.


The office of President has so far been held by the following persons:

  • 1956–1969 Kurt Hofmann
  • 1969–1975 Johannes Meier
  • 1975–1977 Dieter Schewe
  • 1977–1992 Alfred Christmann
  • 1992–1993 Martin Ammermüller
  • 1993-2008 Rainer Daubenbüchel
  • 2008–2009 Josef Hecken
  • 2010–2015 Maximilian Gaßner
  • since 2015 Frank Plate

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