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Federal Office of Administration
- BVA -

State level Federation
position Higher federal authority
Business area Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Home Affairs
founding January 14, 1960
Headquarters Cologne
president Christoph Verenkotte
Vice President Silvia Bechtold ,
Manfred Schmidt
Servants around 6,000
Budget volume € 446.282 million (2020)
Web presence www.bva.bund.de
Headquarters of the Federal Administration Office in Cologne

The Federal Office of Administration ( BVA ) is a German higher federal authority in the business area of the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Home Affairs (BMI) with headquarters in Cologne and 22 other locations.


The predecessor of the BVA was the Federal Compensation Office of the Federal Ministry of the Interior , founded in 1951, and from 1955 the Federal Office for Administrative Affairs . This authority was responsible for regulating the legal relationships of the persons falling under Article 131 of the Basic Law .

As a result of an organizational review, the Federal Cabinet decided on the proposal of the Federal Commissioner for Economic Efficiency in Administration on February 26, 1958, to create a new authority with the Federal Administration Office , which initially created 196 permanent positions. In the federal law of December 28, 1959, the BVA was set up with effect from January 14, 1960 as an independent higher federal authority within the scope of the Federal Ministry of the Interior with its seat in Cologne at Habsburgerring No. 9-13. At the time it was founded, the new authority already had 299 employees. Further additional areas of responsibility ensured steady growth of the authority. In October 1965 the BVA took over the administrative tasks of the civilian alternative service , in October 1968 it took over the school system abroad .

In 1971 the decision was made to build a new building on the federally owned land of the former Barbara barracks in Cologne , which was completed in April 1895 in the Riehl district . After the laying of the foundation stone in August 1980, the official inauguration ceremony took place at Barbarastraße 1 / corner of Amsterdamer Straße in June 1984. After German reunification in 1990, the Federal Office of Administration u. a. the liquidation of assets of the Ministry for State Security of the former GDR . The 1990s were characterized by a change in technical equipment. The BVA relied on modern technologies and was one of the pioneers of the paperless office in public administration .

On January 1, 2001, the former Federal Office for Civil Protection (BZS) was integrated into the Federal Office of Administration as Department 5 (Federal Office of Administration - Central Office for Civil Protection (BVA-ZfZ)). The tasks of civil protection and the protection of critical infrastructures were outsourced to the new Federal Office for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief (BBK) on April 1, 2004 .

Since July 2013, the BVA has been performing the duties of the former Bundeswehr Departmental Administration (WBV) , including payroll accounting . Around 1,400  members of the Bundeswehr switched from the WBVs to the BVA. The WBV locations were retained and integrated into the BVA as service centers (DLZ). The DLZ later took on further cross-sectional tasks for other authorities.

On June 1, 2017, the tasks of the Federal Office for Central Services and Unresolved Property Issues (BADV) were transferred to the BVA - with the exception of outstanding property issues. In the course of this merger, around 1,500 BADV employees switched to the BVA.

With the dissolution of the Federal Securities Administration , the "sales point for collector coins of the Federal Republic of Germany " (VfS) was assigned to the Federal Administration Office. Since February 1, 2020, VfS has been trading under the name “Münze Deutschland”. The technical and legal supervision lies with the Federal Ministry of Finance (BMF).


The Federal Office of Administration carries out a large number of different federal administrative tasks and works for all federal administration departments.

Among other things, it is responsible for reclaiming BAföG loans and approving and collecting the educational loan within the framework of the funding regulations of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. It also enforces the Federal Expellees Act , performs tasks in the field of schools abroad , decides on citizenship issues for Germans abroad and collects consular loans received from Germans abroad. A special task is the processing of the applications for reintroduction of citizenship from people living abroad who were deprived of their German citizenship “for political, racial or religious reasons” during the Nazi era . Even today, the Federal Office of Administration receives around 3,000 applications every year, meanwhile mostly from descendants of the Holocaust survivors, who are also entitled to reintroduction according to Art. 116 GG .

On behalf of the Foreign Office, the Federal Office of Administration certifies signatures on German public documents for use in currently 20 countries and issues apostilles on federal documents for use in countries that have acceded to the Hague Convention of October 5, 1961.

It is also active in the field of promoting sport and culture, political foundations and child and youth welfare. According to Section 42b of Book VIII of the Social Code in the version of the Act on the Improvement of the Accommodation, Care and Care of Foreign Children and Adolescents , for example, since November 1, 2015, following the registration of an unaccompanied minor refugee for distribution by the responsible regional office, the federal state obliged to accept it has been named.

In recent years, the office has mainly taken on central services for other federal authorities, such as central payroll accounting for around 90 percent of federal employees, and also handles travel expense accounting for them . This includes the payment of salaries , allowances , time recording or personnel recruitment . The area of organizational advice for ministries and other authorities arose from my own experience in modernizing the administration .

The Federal Office of Administration is also the central training authority for the training of civil servants in the middle and upper non-technical administrative service in general and internal administration of the federal government. The trainees hired by the federal authorities of the Cologne / Bonn and Berlin training association to become office management clerks and administrative clerks take part in theoretical and practical courses at the Federal Office of Administration. Public security is a central field of work . The Federal Office of Administration operates national and European information systems for various security and migration authorities, among others. a. the Central Register of Foreigners and, since January 2013, the National Arms Register . The Federal Office of Administration has also been responsible for art administration and federal coinage since June 1, 2017. These include a. the design, commissioning of the production and sale of euro circulation and commemorative coins as well as collector coins.

BAföG reimbursement

The Federal Administration Office is responsible for loan administration and collection under the Federal Training Assistance Act, i.e. for processing loan repayment. BAföG is approved by the responsible office for educational support (AfA). The offices for educational grants do not transmit the loan amounts granted immediately after the end of your studies, but over a longer period of time. Therefore, the legislature has allowed the authorities a period of five years to record the necessary data for loan repayment. A repayment before receipt of the notice of assessment and repayment is only possible in special exceptional cases (e.g. entry into an order [monastery] or in the case of emigration to a country outside the European Union , in which postal access is not guaranteed). Due installments, costs and interest can be deferred on request under certain conditions if it is not possible to pay them in one sum; For loan amounts that are not due, an exemption from the repayment obligation can be applied for under certain conditions (demonstrably no income or an income that is below the tax exemption).


The BVA is headed by the President and two Vice-Presidents. The president is supported by an overall management team. The BVA is divided into the following twelve departments:

Each department consists of several units . Some departments are divided into unit groups.


The BVA has service properties at 23 locations:

President of the Federal Office of Administration

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