Art Academy Münster

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Art Academy Münster
founding 1971 (self-employed since 1987)
Sponsorship state
place Muenster
state North Rhine-Westphalia
country Germany
Rector Maik Löbbert
Students 360 WS 2019/20
Main building of the Art Academy Münster, Leonardo Campus

The Art Academy Münster in Münster / Westphalia is an art college with the rank of a university with the right to award doctorates and habilitation . The range of courses includes the "Free Art" course as well as (partial) teacher training courses in art for the three general school types in North Rhine-Westphalia . The rector is Maik Löbbert .


Founded in 1971 as an institute for art educators at the Düsseldorf State Art Academy in Münster, the university became independent in 1987. The academy has been based on the so-called Leonardo campus since 2001 , which originally housed a cavalry barracks. On the area of ​​the former riding arena, the main building of the academy was built according to the plans of the Austrian architect Günther Domenig , which is surrounded by a listed building block, which formerly housed stables and other barracks facilities. Today it houses class studios and some of the academy's workshops. The library for architecture, design and art shared with the Münster University of Applied Sciences is also located here .

Since the summer semester 2009, the academy has been organizing the “Münster Lectures” with internationally known artists, curators and critics.

Study requirements and application

The prerequisite for admission to the course is artistic aptitude for the chosen course. This is determined by assessing the artistic work, which must be submitted in a portfolio. In the case of teacher training courses, an additional requirement is the general university entrance qualification (Abitur) or an equivalent recognized previous education e.g. B. as a professionally qualified person.


The course begins for the students of all courses in a common orientation area (2 semesters). Successful completion of this area is a prerequisite for continuing studies in one of the currently 13 artistic classes with a focus on painting, sculpture / installation, sculpture / art in public space, performance, bricolage, film and video as well as cooperative strategies. The classes are studio communities of around 15 to 35 students from all courses and study semesters, each led by an artist.

The studio study is supplemented by studies of artistic techniques and processes in the workshops of the academy, art-related sciences in the areas of art history / art history, art and the public, theories of art and the media, as well as art didactics , art / cultural education and aesthetic education as well as school-based or extracurricular teaching-related practical phases.

The examination regulations for all courses u. a. a final exhibition (examination exhibition) with an examination interview. The master class title can be awarded for outstanding artistic achievements .

free art

The "Fine Art" course is completed with an academy letter, which corresponds to a diploma degree. The standard period of study is 10 semesters. The study of fine art does not require a commitment to an artistic medium (e.g. painting, sculpture). The choice of medium remains free throughout the course.

Teacher training courses

The art academy offers (partial) teacher training courses in art for the three general school types in North Rhine-Westphalia . In this context, the art academy has been working with the Westphalian Wilhelms University for decades . The subject of art is studied at the academy, all other parts of the course, such as the other subject and educational sciences, are completed at the university. The practical semester, organized by the University's Center for Teacher Training, is carried out with the art academy's cooperation schools.

Depending on the type of school, the courses are divided into a 6-semester bachelor's degree (Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Education (BEd)) and 4-semester master's degree ( Master of Education ).

In detail, the courses lead to school teaching

  • for high schools and comprehensive schools as a single-subject course in art (BEd / MEd),
  • for grammar schools and comprehensive schools as a two-subject course (BA / MEd),
  • for Hauptschule, Real, secondary and comprehensive schools (BA / MEd),
  • for primary schools (BA / MEd).

As part of the introduction of the Bachelor-Master model for all teacher training courses in North Rhine-Westphalia, the artistic study components were also retained for their teacher training students. The artistic studio study takes place together with the students of fine art in the artistic classes. This enables the student teachers to receive practical artistic training at the level of the Fine Art course.

Well-known professors (selection)

Well-known former students

Publications (selection)

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