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Federal Agency for Real Estate Tasks
- BImA -

State level Federation
legal form federally
legally competent
public law institution
Supervisory authority Federal Ministry of Finance
founding January 1, 2005
Headquarters Bonn
Authority management Christoph Krupp , Spokesman for the Management Board (since October 1, 2018)

Paul Johannes Fietz, member of the board

Servants 6,572 (2018)
Web presence bundesimmobilien.de

The Federal Agency for Real Estate Tasks ( BImA ) is a federally direct legal entity under public law with its seat in Bonn . It is subject to the legal and technical supervision of the Federal Ministry of Finance . The main task of the BImA is the administration and exploitation of its properties according to commercial principles.


The Federal Agency was established with effect from January 1, 2005 by the law on the Federal Agency for Real Estate Tasks ( BImAG ). It should manage, exploit and also sell the federally owned real estate , land and other properties (e.g. state forests ) as economically as possible. These tasks were previously carried out by the federal property offices , the federal forest administration and the federal property departments of the regional finance directorates . The aforementioned offices and departments were dissolved on December 31, 2004.

tasks and goals

By separating the tasks from the direct federal administration and bundling them into a new body run according to modern management methods, the federal government promised itself a more efficient performance of tasks and a reduction in administrative costs . For 2005, efficiency gains of 24 million euros expected. However, critics such as Norbert Hauser , Vice President of the Federal Audit Office at the time , doubted that the new Federal Agency could live up to the expectations placed on it. An analysis by the Federal Audit Office in 2010 confirmed this.

So that the Federal Agency for Real Estate Tasks can perform its tasks as efficiently as possible, ownership of most of the federal property in Germany was gradually transferred to it. This also included the barracks and other properties of the Bundeswehr . Exceptions may be made to the service properties directly used by the constitutional bodies , the highest federal authorities and the federal courts . The BImA also acts as the client for the construction work on its properties; it has been legally authorized to represent the Federal Republic of Germany in the context of the tasks assigned to it since it was founded. As of June 2018, it also manages around 25,700 undeveloped plots of land, without land used for agriculture or forestry, on a total area of ​​87,000 hectares.


The Federal Agency is headed by a three-person board . It has about 6,500 employees, including alongside employees and officials , which essentially status regardless of the resolution authorities and authorities parts, as well as the Federal Ministry of Finance were taken. It may not establish new civil servant relationships (Section 11 (1) sentence 2 BImAG). State Secretary Werner Gatzer is the Chairman of the Board of Directors .

The Federal Agency has nine directorates ( Berlin , Dortmund , Erfurt , Freiburg , Koblenz , Potsdam , Rostock , Magdeburg , Munich ), each with a different number of main and branch offices.

Building of the BImA head office in Berlin

The various tasks are organized in a so-called consolidated division model . The following divisions are currently available:

A. operational divisions

  1. Portfolio management
  2. Sale (sale of properties that are dispensable for federal purposes)
  3. Facility Management (property management with the residential, service property and other property divisions)
  4. Federal forest (administration, operation and utilization of an extensive, federally owned forest stock)
  5. Administrative tasks (various, also sovereign tasks, from property service for the foreign armed forces stationed in the Federal Republic of Germany, defense burden management , loan management to contract management of concluded purchase agreements)

B. Cross-sectional divisions

  1. Organization / staff
  2. Finances
  3. Information technology

In addition, the work of the Federal Agency is supported by various staff that report directly to the Executive Board (e.g. legal, compliance , internal auditing ). The BALIMA system is the Federal Agency's management system that works on the basis of SAP .

Takeover of federal institutions

When it was founded on January 1, 2005, the Building and Property Management Controlling Institution (GCI) , which had previously been part of the Federal Office for Building and Regional Planning and was founded by a resolution of the Federal Government in 1998, with around 30 employees in the end, became the BImA incorporated. It was responsible for the awarding and controlling of technical services in selected federal service properties and had two service areas in Berlin and Bonn. Today the GCI no longer exists as a separate organizational unit within the BImA.

With effect from June 2008, BImA was completely assigned the task of developing and marketing former Bundeswehr properties, which had previously been partially carried out in parallel by BwConsulting GmbH of the Bundeswehr , whereby the employees of the Gesellschaft für Entwicklung, Beschendung und Betrieb mbh ( gebb ) were incorporated into the BImA (transfer of business according to § 613a BGB ).

Since July 1, 2008, the BImA has also taken over the handling of the Federal Agency for Unification-Related Special Tasks (BvS). Since the beginning of 2013, BImA has also been the sole shareholder of Gästehaus Petersberg GmbH, which was previously a federal investment (Federal Ministry of Finance). This company operates the Grand Hotel on the Petersberg . Since 2014, BImA has also taken over the shares in the Society for the Development and Redevelopment of Altstandorten mbH (GESA) from the BvS.


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