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In building law, the client ( BH for short ) is the legally and economically responsible client for the implementation of building projects . The building owner is anyone who prepares or carries out construction projects or has them carried out or prepared in their own name or for their own account or for someone else's account. He can be a natural person as well as a legal person . In any case, he must be the person entitled to dispose of the building plot, only as such can he sign the building application. As the owner, he is always that, as the owner (e.g. lessee, user) possibly only with restrictions.


The client has to appoint a draftsman and an entrepreneur for the preparation, monitoring and execution of a building project that requires approval or notification , depending on the respective legal requirements. The drafting author can also be selected through an architectural or urban planning competition in which the client i. d. Usually acts as the sponsor. The client appoints a competition manager to prepare, conduct and document the competition . The client is also responsible for the applications, templates and notifications to the building supervisory authority required by public law. He can delegate these tasks to the draftsman.

If the persons appointed by the client are unsuitable for their tasks in terms of their expertise and experience, the building supervisory authority can request that unsuitable agents be replaced by suitable agents or that suitable experts are consulted before and during construction. The building supervisory authority can have the construction work stopped until suitable agents or experts have been appointed.

If the building owner changes, the new building owner must immediately notify the building supervisory authority in writing. Furthermore, building owners are responsible for the safety and traffic safety on their construction site and are also responsible if third parties have been commissioned to handle and supervise the construction project ( architect , site manager , construction company , etc.). The builder is also obliged to draw up a health and safety plan (safety and health protection plan) and make it available to all workers with advance notice.

While the architects are regularly awarded prizes, there are some cases in which the builder is recognized for his high-quality construction. There is the German Building Owner Award, which has been awarded every two years since 1986, and the Austrian Building Owner Award, which was awarded for the first time in 1967 . One example at the local level is the Radebeul builders' award , which was included as best practice in the 2nd report on building culture by the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development (2005).

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