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Friedrich Prem (born July 23, 1968 in Vienna ) is an Austrian manager , expert in construction management and specialist author.

Education and career

Prem attended the Higher Technical Federal Teaching and Research Institute Vienna III (building construction). From 1991 to 1994 he headed the technical drawing office of a Viennese municipal department and from 1994 also worked for the municipal authorities as an official expert for construction. In 1998 the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs awarded him the title of " Engineer ".

From 2000 to 2006, Prem was the head of construction auditing for the Vienna Hospital Association (KAV) and was particularly responsible for examining large-scale construction projects. Since 2006 he has headed the technology department of the KAV, whereby in 2010 his area of ​​responsibility was expanded to include facility management . As part of this activity, he is responsible, among other things, for the new construction of several specialty hospitals, for the implementation of the technical management of the hospitals and for property management.


Prem has also been active in the private sector since 1999. Initially as an auditor of large construction projects in Germany and abroad, today he and his company PRECON Consulting & Engineering GmbH advise public institutions and companies on the development and establishment of strategies, structures and organizations in the construction and real estate sector as well as on the implementation of large construction projects. He also gives lectures at congresses, trade fairs and training courses.

Prem is a member of several expert committees and has been creating court and private reports as a sworn and court-certified expert since 2000 . He also worked as an employee of the Austrian Standards Institute in the creation of technical standards and has published on this topic.

Friedrich Prem - client management

Prem developed an original management system and thus established the “client management” approach, which describes a holistic system for the preparation and implementation of complex large-scale construction projects. To this end, he published his book Strong Builders - Manage Complex Building Projects Efficiently and Successfully. The building owner and his interests are at the center of Prems System . Furthermore, the strict separation between the sphere of the customer (including the building owner) and that of the installer (everyone directly involved in the building project) is of central importance. In addition, the management system is also based on a number of new service profiles and roles (client management, construction project management, client representatives, etc.). Its functionality has been proven on the basis of numerous major construction projects.

World Construction Client Council

In 2014 Prem founded the non-profit foundation World Construction Client Council based in Berlin. The aim of this is to strengthen the role of the client and to formulate ethical and organizational standards for clients and to convey them accordingly. The activities of this foundation are intended to make a significant contribution to ensuring that building owners properly perceive their role in future construction projects and that construction projects in general can be better prepared and carried out.

Publications (selection)

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