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Higher technical college (HTL)
school types
Country Austria
Type of school (general) Technical school , upper level form ( secondary level II )
ISCED level 5
Classification (national) Vocational school / Vocational college / Technical and commercial college  (2311.1)
requirement Compulsory school , AHS lower level
Duration 5 years
Levels : 9-13 School level
Standard age 15–19
Graduation Graduation examination , diploma examination ( professional qualification and trade license )
Subjects List of higher technical schools
number 75 (2016)
  • With HTL as the school name , the whole school is also meant.
  • In many cases, technical schools (ISCED 3, 3–4 years old) and Ä. Connected to the higher departments (5).
  • Higher Technical Federal Institute (HTBL [A]) - HTL sponsored by the federal government
  • ... and research institute ([u] VA) - HTL with an attached research institute .

A higher technical college , or HTL for short , is a vocational higher school in Austria with a focus on technical, commercial and arts and crafts. As a generic term, it stands for either

  • Higher technical college ( HTL , HTLA ),
  • Higher Technical Federal Institute ( HTBL , HTBLA ) or
  • Higher technical federal teaching and research institute ( HTBLVA , HTBLuVA ).

Typical subjects (training areas) are construction wood, chemistry, electrical engineering and electronics, mechanical engineering and textiles. There are a total of 75 HTLs in Austria (as of 2016). An almost complete list can be found in the list of higher technical schools below .

Education system and concerns

Forms of training

Three types of training are typically offered at higher technical institutes:

  • The normal form of the higher departments is usually attended after the eighth grade . The five-year training concludes with the matriculation and diploma examination. After three years of engineering professional experience, the professional title of engineer can be awarded upon request . The matriculation examination entitles you to study at all universities and corresponds to ISCED level 5.
  • The technical schools are mostly four-year courses of the vocational middle school , which (as a rule) are attended after completing the eighth school level - secondary school , more recently new middle school , or AHS lower level . After writing a technical thesis , this form of training concludes with a final examination. The final examination permits regulated professional and trade licenses after two years of professional experience and is comparable to the technician's degree in other countries. The training corresponds to ISCED level 3. In addition, a vocational matriculation examination can be taken. The vocational certificate entitles you to study at technical colleges and universities. The technical schools for arts and crafts and design represent a specialty , these are historically based (trade and / or arts and crafts schools) at the technical colleges in mostly separate departments.
  • Post-secondary special forms of the HTL are offered for people with an apprenticeship , master's examination or Matura in day form or the part-time evening form. These include colleges and master schools (master classes). The duration of the training is staggered according to previous training. Colleges last eight semesters for people with a relevant apprenticeship qualification, six semesters for people with a technical college degree, master's examination, and four semesters for high school graduates. Master schools last 1–4 semesters, depending on the desired professional qualification (such as master craftsman, foreman or another professional certificate). All of these forms are mostly offered at school and as evening school or in the course system in blocks as part-time training. The training corresponds to ISCED level 5.

Training areas

The double-headed eagle of the HTL Bregenz , training area mechanical engineering, electrical engineering
Edithathon at the HTL Pinkafeld with representatives from Wikimedia Austria

Typical fields are: industrial engineering , civil engineering , wood technology , electronics , electrical engineering , communications engineering , information technology , computer science , mechanical engineering , mechatronics , agricultural engineering , mining , chemical , industrial engineering , textile technology and plastics technology .

In addition, the entire general educational material for the Matura is offered, mostly in applied forms (focus on technical English, applied mathematics).

Relation to universities

Unlike in Switzerland, the HTL was not transferred to the university of applied sciences . The “HTL” training model, which is very successful for the Austrian economy and unique in Europe, should be retained. With the legal establishment of the universities of applied sciences, the opportunity was temporarily created for HTL graduates to obtain the designation "Dipl.-HTL-Ing." : For this purpose, six years of relevant professional experience, the writing of a written paper and an examination before a committee were required a panel of experts required. With this regulation, HTL graduates should be given the opportunity to obtain a higher-quality qualification that takes their training into account before the universities of applied sciences are available nationwide.

For this reason, HTL graduates are offered part-time continuing education courses at universities of applied sciences, whereby two to four semesters can be credited towards the course. Relevant HTL qualifications are also recognized on a case-by-case basis at universities in Austria, but generally to a much lesser extent.

Relation to economic life

The HTLs are run close to business, the technical subjects have a high practical relevance and the students have a professional qualification. The practical school work and prescribed summer internships are mostly carried out in direct cooperation or on behalf of the local economy, and customer contact, presentation and implementation of practical work is the primary educational goal and the basis for grading. HTL graduates - in the higher and middle departments - have excellent career prospects and, if they do not decide on a higher education, can usually choose between various job offers before graduation, i.e. switch directly to business after graduation.

Research institutes at higher technical institutes (HTLVA)

A HTL with an attached research institute is listed as HT (B) L (u) VA . In addition to teaching, these institutions also conduct research and development , standardization and assessment .

This close connection of research and development , vocational training and scientific services under one roof promotes a school education that corresponds to the current economic situation. Most of these institutes are based on the imperial tradition and emerged from the early polytechnic schools , where a teaching research institute (engineering school) wanted to offer relevant training in the school sector. In recent years, the trend towards merging state or agricultural research institutions and schools into competence centers has continued .

List of higher technical schools

Entrance area of ​​the HTL Pinkafeld

The largest technical college in Austria is located in Mödling . With 3,500 students it is also the largest school in Europe. The oldest vocational school in Austria is the HTBLuVA Vienna 5 Spengergasse . It was founded in 1758 by Maria Theresa . The schools are usually subordinate to the education directorate , four of the institutions listed here have, for historical reasons and because of their uniqueness, the status of a technical and commercial educational institution (TGLA) and are directly subordinate to the ministry .

In the last few decades some HTLs have been created within Vienna, some have been relocated or divided. Since the naming concept was HTL Wien [I, III, IV etc.] , the names also had to be adapted. In addition, there was a move to either give the schools expressive names or, if the district remained in the designation at all, to add Arabic numerals instead of Roman numerals or to spell out the district as the district name. (In the table, therefore, the former name of the Vienna HTLs is given in brackets.)

Surname state place Departments student
HTBLA Eisenstadt Burgenland Eisenstadt Mechanical engineering, mechatronics, flight technology, materials engineering; Mechanical engineering college 1000
HTBLuVA Pinkafeld Burgenland Pinkafeld Structural engineering, computer & control technology, IT (since school year 2010/2011, previously IT & organization ), mechanical engineering, technical schools for structural engineering and mechanical engineering (4 years), Facility Management (technical building equipment, 2 years), Computer Science (2 -year) 1350
HTL1 laden street Klagenfurt Carinthia Klagenfurt Mechanical engineering, vehicle technology and engine construction, mechatronics, electrical engineering, technical schools for mechatronics and electrical engineering 1100
HTL Mössingerstraße , Klagenfurt Carinthia Klagenfurt Telecommunications, electronics and the like Technical informatics, biomedical technology, energy technology, etc. Industrial electronics, information technology and technical schools for computer and communication technology 1200
HTBLuVA Villach Carinthia Villach Building construction, civil engineering, interior design and wood technology , information technology or information technology and management, information technology with a focus on network technology as well as internet and media technology; Building material test center 1250
HTBLuVA Ferlach Carinthia Ferlach Manufacturing technology, industrial design, jewelry & engraving, weapon technology 600
HTL Wolfsberg Carinthia Wolfsberg Business IT , business management , automation technology , mechatronics / plastics technology 500
HTBL Krems Lower Austria Krems



Krems location: structural engineering, civil engineering, revitalization / urban renewal, information technology, technical college for structural engineering, college for revitalization / urban renewal

Zwettl location: information technology

HTBLuVA Waidhofen / Ybbs Lower Austria Waidhofen / Ybbs Mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, industrial engineering, technical schools for mechatronics, electrical engineering with computer and network technology, mechanical engineering and manufacturing technology, mechanical engineering and manufacturing technology with a sporting focus on football; Advanced course and college for mechatronics; VA mechanical engineering and material testing 800
HTBLuVA St. Pölten Lower Austria St. Polten Industrial engineering, information technology, electronics, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering 2000
HTBLuVA Wiener Neustadt Lower Austria Wiener Neustadt Mechanical engineering-automation technology, electrical engineering, information technology, building construction, EDP and organization; VA construction technology 1500
HTL Baden Painting School Leesdorf Lower Austria Baden near Vienna Technical college for painting and design , college for structural engineering (private school, with boarding school) 250
HTL Hollabrunn Lower Austria Hollabrunn Electronics and technical informatics, information technology, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, industrial engineers 1250
HTL for food technology Hollabrunn Lower Austria Hollabrunn Food Technology - Food Safety (Private School) 140
IT-HTL Ybbs Lower Austria Ybbs on the Danube Media technology, network technology 300
HTL Mistelbach Lower Austria Mistelbach
Mistelbach location: Biomedical and health technology (corresponds to electronics HTL);
Zistersdorf location: building technology (corresponds to mechanical engineering HTL)
HTBLuVA Mödling Lower Austria Mödling Building construction, civil engineering, environmental technology, electronics, electrical engineering, vehicle technology, wood technology, interior design, mechanical engineering, mechatronics, industrial engineering; VA Bautechnik, building materials and road construction; VA wood industry 3500
HBLFA Wieselburg (Francisco-Josephinum) Lower Austria Wieselburg Agriculture, agricultural engineering, food technology 850
HTL Karlstein Lower Austria Karlstein on the Thaya Mechatronics, technical school for microelectronics, technical and vocational school for watchmakers
HTL Innviertel-Nord Andorf Upper Austria Andorf Materials engineering with a focus on plastics technology 250
HTL Construction and Design Linz Upper Austria Linz Building construction, civil engineering, construction industry, graphic and communication design, print media and digital media 1100
HTL Linz 2 Linz Technical Center - LiTEC Upper Austria Linz Mechanical engineering, mechatronics, electrical engineering & information technology 1900
HTL Steyr Upper Austria Steyr Technical informatics (electronics), computer and control technology (electronics), vehicle technology, mechatronics, metal design, network technology - information technology 1050
HTL Wels Upper Austria catfish Information technology , electrical engineering (energy systems and power electronics, automation and drives), mechatronics, mechanical engineering, chemistry (chemical engineering and biochemistry and technology) 1700
HTL for food technology in Wels Upper Austria catfish Food technology , biotechnology 150
HTL Braunau Upper Austria Braunau am Inn Electronics and technical informatics (focus: mobile computing, communications and bionics), electrical engineering, mechatronics, information technology (focus: cyber security) 1050
HTL Ried Upper Austria Ried im Innkreis Mechanical engineering, manufacturing technology, lightweight construction, evening school automation technology 350
HTBLA Hallstatt Upper Austria Hallstatt Interior finishing, wood processing 500
HTL Grieskirchen Upper Austria Grieskirchen Computer science (until 2011/12: IT and organization ), medical informatics 400
HTL Leonding Upper Austria Leonding Higher Department for IT and Organization , Evening School for IT and Organization , Higher Department for Electronics, Technical School for Electronics, Higher Department for Biomedical and Health Technology, Higher Department for Media Technology 1000
HTBLA Traun Upper Austria Traun HTBLA for information and communication technology, technical college for data processing 300
HTL Perg Upper Austria Perg Higher department for information technology and organization, technical college for data processing (from 2007/08),

today: Higher Department of Computer Science, Technical College of Information Technology

HTL Neufelden Upper Austria Neufelden Mechanical engineering - automation technology, industrial engineering - business informatics 450
HTL Vöcklabruck Upper Austria Vöcklabruck Mechanical engineering - mechanical and plant engineering, mechanical engineering - environmental technology, mechanical engineering - technical building equipment; Industrial engineering - business informatics, industrial engineering - business management 1000
HTBLuVA Salzburg Salzburg Salzburg (city) Graphics & media (graphic & communication design, multimedia), art and design: interior and surface design, electronics & technical informatics, biomedical & health technology, mechanical engineering (environmental and process engineering, systems engineering, plastics technology), electrical engineering (energy systems and industrial electronics, automation and drives) 2700
HTBLA Hallein Salzburg Hallein Operations management, IT, mechanical engineering, product and system design (Ecodesign 1997 to 2005), sculptor, building construction, carpenters, interior design & furniture construction, wood construction & carpentry, stone mason 1100
HTL Holztechnikum Kuchl Salzburg Kuchl Operations management / timber industry 400
HTL Saalfelden Salzburg Saalfelden Computer science, electrical engineering, mechatronics, structural engineering, civil engineering, technical schools for information technology and civil engineering 800
HTBLuVA Graz-Gösting ( BULME Graz) Styria Graz Electronic-technical computer science, electronic telecommunications, multimedia technology, electronic network technology, electrical engineering information technology / project management, electrical engineering information technology / automation technology, mechanical engineering-machines and systems engineering, mechanical engineering-vehicle technology, industrial engineering-business informatics, industrial engineering-operations management / sport / logistics 2800
HTBLuVA Graz-Gösting - Deployment Deutschlandsberg ( BULME Deutschlandsberg) Styria Deutschlandsberg industrial engineering 80
HTBLuVA Graz Ortweinschule Styria Graz Structural engineering (timber construction; construction industry; building construction; civil engineering), art and design (graphic and communication design; film and multimedia art; photography and multimedia art; interior design, space and object design; product design and presentation; sculpture, object design and restoration; ceramic art craft; jewelry, metal design; building construction and building design; timber construction and assembly technology; renovation technology and ecological construction; infrastructure and civil engineering; technical school for building technology with practical experience; building crafts school; sculpture; painting; ceramic design; jewelry and metal design; graphic and communication design; fine art photography and multimedia art; master school for carpentry technology and Interior design); VA construction technology 1500
HTL Kapfenberg Styria Kapfenberg Electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, plastics technology, mechatronics 1200
HTL Zeltweg Styria Zeltweg



Zeltweg location: Mechanical engineering : machine and system technology, production technology ; Civil engineering , industrial engineering

Trieben location: mechanical engineering , evening HTL for automation technology

HTBLA Kaindorf Styria Kaindorf an der Sulm Computer science, mechanical engineering automation technology, robotics 900
HTBLA Kaindorf - Dislocation Arnfels Styria Arnfels Mechatronics 120
HTL Leoben Styria Leoben Metallurgy, logistics, raw material technology, information technology & smart production 430
I-HTL Bad Radkersburg Styria Bad Radkersburg Electrical engineering, control engineering 100
HTBLuVa Voitsberg Styria Voitsberg Mechanical engineering production technology with enhanced IT (CAD-CAM engineering) 100
HTL Weiz Styria Wheat Automation technology, electrical engineering, mechanical and plant engineering, environmental technology, industrial engineering 1000
HTBLuVA Innsbruck Anichstrasse Tyrol innsbruck Biomedical and health technology, electronics and technical informatics, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and industrial engineers 2100
HTL Construction and Design Innsbruck Tyrol innsbruck Building construction, civil engineering, college, art & design; VA building materials 1000
HTL Imst Tyrol Imst Construction technology, interior construction, IT college 550
HTL Fulpmes Tyrol Fulpmes Mechanical engineering, manufacturing technology, plastics technology & product development 200
HTL Kramsach Tyrol Kramsach Chemical engineering with a focus on chemical industrial engineering (since 2013/14) 100
HTL Jenbach Tyrol Jenbach Mechanical engineering with a focus on automation technology and systems engineering, industrial engineers with a focus on mechanical engineering, building technology 450
PHTL Lienz Tyrol Lienz Mechatronics (mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, IT) 380
Higher technical college in Bregenz Vorarlberg Bregenz Mechanical engineering-automation technology, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering-plastics technology, technical college mechanical engineering, technical college electrical engineering 800
HTBLuVA Dornbirn Vorarlberg Dornbirn Business informatics, logistics, mechanical engineering, product management and FutureTecs, chemical industrial and environmental technology, textile chemistry, fashion and production technology, clothing, textile technology, information technology college, chemical industrial engineering college 1200
Higher technical federal teaching and research institute Rankweil Vorarlberg Rankweil Electronics (telecommunications and technical informatics), College of Electronics, College of Electronics, Structural Engineering (civil engineering), College of Interior Design and Wood Technology; VA construction technology 750
HTBLuVA Vienna 3 Camillo Sitte training institute
(ex HTL Vienna I, Schellinggasse, specializing in civil engineering and civil engineering)
Vienna Country road Higher and middle technical college for building construction, civil engineering and construction industry; Research Institute for Structural Engineering; VA construction technology 1300
HTL Vienna 3 Rennweg
(ex HTBLA Vienna IV, Argentinierstraße)
Vienna Country road Mechatronics, information technology (focus: network technology, media technology) 1000
HTBLA, BHAK u. BHAS Vienna 3 school center Ungargasse
(ex HTBLA and BHS Vienna V, Geigergasse)
Vienna Country road Industrial engineering, information technology (focus: network technology), mechanical engineering (technical school), leather design (technical school) - as well as the school forms BHAK and BHAS 1000
HTBLuVA Vienna 5 Spengergasse Vienna Margareten Biomedical and health technology, IT, interior and surface design, media design, industrial engineer; TGLA 2200
HTBL Vienna 10 Ettenreichgasse
(ex HTBL Vienna X, Pernerstorfergasse )
Vienna Favorites Electronics, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, mechatronics, environmental technology 1100
HTL Ottakring
(ex HTBLA Vienna I, Schellinggasse)
Vienna Ottakring Electronics, information technology, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer and communication technology 1550
HBLVA for the chemical industry - Rosensteingasse Vienna Hernals Biochemistry, leather, etc. Natural substances, surface technology, environmental technology, chemical plant management and marketing; TGLA 1000
Technological Trade Museum Vienna Brigittenau Biomedical and health technology, electronics - technical informatics, electrical engineering, information technology, plastics technology, mechanical engineering, industrial engineering; TGLA 3700
HTL Donaustadt Vienna Danube city Control & information technology, telecommunications technology / communications technology, information technology, data processing, technical college for electronics 1200
HGBLVA - the graphic one Vienna Penzing Graphic and communication design, multimedia, photography, printing and media technology; TGLA 1300
Sorting according to the official municipality code .

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