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The Vocational Middle School (BMS) is a type of school in the Austrian education system that provides general education and training for specific occupational fields . These are technical schools , with the special form of business school . Technical schools are independent or attached to higher schools as a department.

The school duration is one to four years, depending on the subject. Vocational middle schools with a maximum of two years provide a partial, at least three-year BMS with a final examination and complete vocational training. For most of the subjects in middle-class vocational schools, there is then the option of attending a three-year advanced course . This concludes with the matriculation examination - so you acquire the general university entrance qualification .


The main types of vocational middle schools are:

Conditions for registration

The prerequisite for admission to a vocational secondary school lasting at least three years is a positive completion of the 8th grade. In addition, a positive completion of the performance-differentiated compulsory subjects (usually German , mathematics , English ) in the first or second performance group is required in Hauptschule .

Otherwise, an entrance examination has to be taken, which is not applicable if there is a positive diploma from the polytechnic school in the 9th grade or the 1st grade of a vocational secondary school. After the polytechnic school, entry into the 2nd grade of a vocational middle school is also possible if the relevant subject area has been taken there.

In addition, aptitude tests may be required at individual schools (e.g. technical colleges). Particularly in the case of special forms, a higher minimum age, completed vocational training or the completion of a middle or high school can be required.

Schools for health and nursing care (GuK) can only be attended from the age of 17, as these schools are run in a dual form of training (theory and practice) and the legislature only allows bedside work from the age of 17.

final exam

Vocational middle schools (three- to four-year technical schools) conclude with a final examination ( vocational qualification or skilled worker certificate ) and lead to professional qualifications that enable them to carry out relevant professional activities directly and open up access to regulated professions. After two years of professional experience, the trade license test is also possible.


Depending on the type of school and duration of training, the authorizations are usually of the following type:

  • Graduates from at least three years of vocational secondary school are equated with those who have completed a relevant apprenticeship .
  • In addition, they have the authorizations based on the trade regulations , in particular the fulfillment of certain requirements for the certificate of qualification for certain trades.
  • At the same time, there is no entrepreneurship examination for graduates from these schools .

Continuing education :

  • Eligibility to take the master craftsman's examination after completing at least three years of school training and subsequent at least two years of relevant professional experience.
  • After successfully completing at least three years of vocational secondary school, there is the option of taking the vocational matriculation examination.
  • The opportunity to visit a university of applied sciences after attending a preparatory course .
  • Eligibility to attend an advanced course for the general Matura after completing at least three years of vocational secondary school in the same or related subject.

In addition:

  • After the first class of the middle school there is the possibility of transferring to the second class of the corresponding higher school , if necessary after taking individual supplementary exams.
  • In many cases there is the option of partial crediting of training periods when entering apprenticeships (also applies to graduates from two-year vocational schools and school dropouts).

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