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Masonry construction as part of structural engineering

Construction Technology ( listen ? / I ) is a construction of conventional collective term for the technical design aspects of building construction and civil engineering . Many teaching, training and research areas at universities are named with this term. The teaching that deals with construction technology and conveys the knowledge content is called construction science . Audio file / audio sample


Structural engineering includes a large number of specialist areas, which are listed below.

Professions in construction engineering

The individual areas of structural engineering are part of the training at universities and craft training and further education centers. The most important academic professions in construction engineering include architects (Dipl.-Ing. Architect) and civil engineers (Dipl.-Ing., Consulting Engineers). In the craft sector, qualification as a construction technician (state-certified technician) is possible.

In addition, civil engineering is also offered as a course of study such as B. at the TU Berlin or teaching construction technology, for teachers at vocational schools , at universities in Germany.

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