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Under Construction refers to the construction of buildings and buildings . This includes both the construction process and the result, the structure of the components in the finished structure. The term also describes a typical subject in civil engineering and architecture studies as well as the associated chairs.

The building construction is characterized by standards , regulations and technical rules, the so-called recognized rules of technology .

Adjacent subject areas in construction are building materials science , building physics , building chemistry and building biology , which deal with the material properties of building materials , and structural theory or statics , which investigates mechanical phenomena. Overall, one can also speak of construction technology in these areas .


A clear classification of the building structure is not possible. Building structures can be categorized according to various criteria.

According to components

According to material

After joining the components

According to building technologies

how the components are put together during the construction phase

According to construction phases

A type of description known from the renovation of buildings is based on the so-called building age classes. Here, constructions typical of the age of the property are shown according to component groups.

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