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The term construction process (also construction method ) describes the sum of all processes and working methods for the production of a construction or a building . It is not to be confused with the meaning of the construction method , which describes the specified arrangement of construction or structural elements. The application of engineering methods and principles for planning and implementing a construction process is called construction process engineering .


The chosen construction method essentially determines the construction process and the organization of the construction site . Via the construction process planning , the construction process has a decisive influence on resource planning and construction site facility planning .

The selection of the optimal construction method depends primarily on the building materials to be used and the specified building structure . In addition, many boundary conditions have to be taken into account, including functional , qualitative , quantitative , financial and ecological parameters. The deadline for the construction project and environmental protection requirements , such as noise protection , can also have a decisive influence.

Every construction process places specific requirements on the qualification and performance of the staff, on the construction machines and other devices, on the building materials (building materials, semi-finished products, auxiliary building materials) and on the energy requirement.

A building in solid construction can, for example, be constructed using the classic method with bricklayers on the construction site or using the precast construction method , in which large-format components are prefabricated and then assembled on the construction site. The result is very similar, but the procedure during the construction process is fundamentally different.

3D printing process

More recently, 3D printing processes have become established when creating the shell.

A more recent construction method is contour crafting . In this method, the construction object is produced using 3D printers. Mass and / or manufacturing processes can be used here.

The Russian-American start-up Apis Cor prints the entire shell of a house with the help of robots and concrete. A house with around 40 square meters of living space can be completely built in 24 hours at a price of around 10,000 euros. The shell is made by robots and the rest in the conventional way.

American company ICON can 3D print a 60-square-meter house in 20 hours for less than $ 4,000. The company wants to build an entire village in El Salvador for people in need.

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