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Regional Medical Service Support Command
- Kdo RegSanUstg -

Kdo RegSanUstg.png

Internal association badge
Lineup January 1, 2013
Country GermanyGermany Germany
Armed forces armed forces
Central medical service Central medical service of the Bundeswehr
Type Command authority
Subordinate troops

Medical support centers Center for Sports Medicine of the Bundeswehr

Strength 180
Insinuation Bundeswehr Medical Service Command Bundeswehr Medical Service Command
Seat Diez , Rhineland-Palatinate
Web presence Kdo RegSanUstg
commander General Staff Doctor Armin Kalinowski
deputy commander General doctor Jens Diehm

The command Regional medical support ( Cmd RegSanUstg ) is the command Medical Service of the Armed Forces subordinate command authority . In the Central Medical Service of the Bundeswehr, it is the troop and specialist command command for the 13 medical support centers with their 13 medical teams, 15 specialist medical centers, 128 medical care centers with 17 separate medical groups and the center for sports medicine of the Bundeswehr . It ensures outpatient medical and dental care for soldiers in Germany as well as training and exercise support for the armed forces. In addition, it provides forces for emergency medical services (level / role 1).

The command was set up as part of the realignment of the Bundeswehr on January 1, 2013 in Diez . The commissioning took place on January 9, 2013 as part of an assembly roll call by the inspector of the medical service of the Bundeswehr , General Oberstabsarzt Ingo Patschke, in the presence of the State Secretary in the Ministry of the Interior and for Sport Rhineland-Palatinate , Heike Raab . General physician Dirk Raphael was entrusted with the command of the command .


As part of the realignment of the Bundeswehr , the Regional Medical Support Command was set up to take on the new structure of the Central Medical Service of the Bundeswehr. The command took over part of the tasks of the disbanded medical authority of the Bundeswehr and the disbanded medical commandos . The Medical Command I and the Medical Command IV were subordinate to the Regional Medical Support Command until they were dissolved. The regional medical facilities, previously managed by the Medical Commands II and III , were placed under the command.


The commander command Regional medical support leads the department. He is the Chief of Medical Services of the Bundeswehr troop and professional business assumed . Subordinate to the commander in command are the deputy commander and chief of staff , the representative for primary care, the command dentist and the command company doctor.

Commander Command Regional Medical Support
No. Surname Beginning of the term of office Term expires
1 General Staff Doctor Dirk Raphael January 1, 2013 December 1, 2016
2 General Staff Doctor Armin Kalinowski December 1, 2016 -
Deputy Commander, Regional Medical Support Command
No. Surname Beginning of the term of office Term expires
1 General doctor Stephan Schmidt January 1, 2013 June 30, 2014
2 General doctor Gesine Krüger July 1, 2014 May 11, 2016
3 General doctor Almut Nolte June 1, 2016 September 7, 2018
4th General doctor Bernhard Groß September 7, 2018 April 1, 2020
5 General doctor Jens Diehm April 1, 2020 -

Subordinate departments

The command directs 13  medical support centers ( SanUstgZ ) and the Bundeswehr Center for Sports Medicine :

The medical support centers operate a total of 128  medical supply centers ( SanVersZ ), 15  specialist medical centers and 13  medical teams ( SanStff Eins ) throughout Germany. In addition, there are groups of doctors separated from the medical supply centers in Bogen , Eutin , Holzminden , Lebach , Lohheide , Minden , Munster ( property "Panzertruppenschule"), Oberviechtach , Panker , Sanitz , Viereck , Wildflecken , Wittmund , at the Bundeswehr hospitals in Hamburg and Ulm and Westerstede and at the Bundeswehr Central Hospital in Koblenz . The only medical supply center at a foreign location of the Bundeswehr is in Illkirchen in France .

The specialist centers are:

The paramedics are:

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