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A chief of staff coordinates the work of a military staff and advises the military leader (e.g. commander , commanding general , commander ). The term refers to a position on the one hand, and a post on the other .

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The military association ( battalion or comparable) is the lowest level of military division with a staff. There is no post for a chief of staff there. The service position or function is usually taken over by the head of Department S 3, which is responsible for training, operations management and planning as well as organization. This is usually a major or a lieutenant colonel ( grade A 14).

At the level of the major units of the Brigade and Division (and each comparable), the Chief of Staff is a separate post that is designated for officers in the General Staff Service (i. G). In the brigade this is usually a post for lieutenant colonel i. G. (grade A 15), in the division for Colonels i. G. (Grade B 3). The chief of staff at large association level is basically the disciplinary superior with level 1 disciplinary authority vis-à-vis the officers of the staff (in the battalion staff this is the battalion commander). At the corps and higher levels , the chief of staff generally belongs to the rank group of the generals .

The post of Chief of Staff can also exist in military offices, e.g. B. in the former Army Office . Chief of Staff and Deputy Head of a military agency can be combined in one post, such as in the Army Development Office and in the Air Force Command .

As a rule, a chief of staff has a rank two notches lower than the military leader of the large unit or command authority . In the six guidance commands of the armed forces ( command Heer , command Air Force , Marine command ) and military divisions ( Joint Support Service Command , Command Medical Service of the Armed Forces , command cyber and information space ) is the head of the rod as Maj or comparable to a rank below the respective inspector.


The Chief of Staff of the Supreme Headquarters of Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE) has the highest rank of general (four stars). For his representation purposes, he has an official apartment with equipped representation rooms. In the two subordinate operational commands, Allied Joint Force Command Brunssum and Allied Joint Force Command Naples , the chief of staff is a lieutenant general . In the tactical commands Allied Land Command , Allied Air Command and Allied Maritime Command , which are also subordinate to SHAPE, the chief of staff is a major general or rear admiral .

Chief of Staff

A chief of staff is the head of a general staff , basically the highest military command authority in a state, and the highest soldier in an armed force . Therefore he is a military leader and not a chief of staff. A general staff can, however, have a chief of staff who is not referred to as the chief of staff.

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