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Otto Heinrich Kühner (born March 10, 1921 in Nimburg , † October 18, 1996 in Kassel ) was a German writer , editor and painter .

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Otto Heinrich Kühner was born as the youngest of four sons of the pastor and later theology professor Gustav Kühner and his wife Luise in Nimburg am Kaiserstuhl. He attended elementary school in Pforzheim and the Kurfürst-Friedrich-Gymnasium in Heidelberg until he graduated from high school in 1939. This was followed by labor service and a short (war) study of law in Erlangen and Heidelberg. He was then a soldier in World War II . Most recently, as a lieutenant, he commanded a Cossack squadron in the Soviet Union and was captured by the Soviets at the end of the war . After his release and return he studied philosophy , literature and musicology in Heidelberg and Marburg from 1947 .

He then worked from 1950 to 1965 at Süddeutscher Rundfunk (SDR) as an audio game editor and dramaturge. He wrote numerous radio plays ; the best known was " The Practice Cartridge " (1950).

His broad and varied oeuvre includes novels, short stories and poetry. Kühner's debut novel Nikolskoje (1953), which, like other works by the author, was based on war experiences (the basis was a diary already written in Soviet captivity ), was a great success, as was the life of an assassin (1975). As a lyricist, he particularly followed the tradition of humorous verse art.

His comic fictional character Pummerer drove poetic mischief in the Süddeutsche Zeitung , the Zeit , the Frankfurter Rundschau and other newspapers as "Randspaltenlyrik" for decades . From his first marriage in Stuttgart from 1955 to 1965 with the editor and editor Hansi Kühner, b. Klehmet, had a son - Ulrich Otto Florian Kühner. In 1967 Kühner married his colleague Christine Brückner and moved in with her in Kassel. With her he founded the Brückner-Kühner Foundation in 1984 , which u. a. awards the Kassel Literature Prize for grotesque humor and has made the home of the writer couple accessible as a small literature museum.

Honorary grave of the city of Kassel in the cemetery in Schmillinghausen

Kühner died in Kassel in autumn 1996 after a long period of suffering. He is buried in Schmillinghausen , today a district of Bad Arolsen , the birthplace of his wife, who only survived him a few weeks. The same year of birth and the same year of death are written on the common tombstone.

Kühner was a member of Gruppe 47 , the Association of German Writers (VS) and the PEN .

His grandson is the photo journalist Johannes Kühner .



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  • Kazan is on the route to Siberia . Stage play. Wuppertal 1959.
  • The coup . Stage play. Munich 1962.
  • The year zero and the Bible . Munich 1962.
  • Times are changing . Stage play 1962.
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  • The marriage advertisement . Novel. Hamburg 1966.
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  • I want to teach you the summer . Letters from forty years (with C. Brückner, edited by FW Block). Munich 2003.



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