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Alexei Prokopjewitsch Berest ( Russian : Алексей Прокопьевич Берест, Ukrainian : Олексій Прокопович Берест * 8. March 1921 in Horjaistiwka, Sumy , today Ukraine ; † 3. November 1970 in Rostov-on-Don , now Russia ) was a lieutenant of the Red Army .

Berest was one of the soldiers who helped hoist the Soviet flag on the Reichstag building after the Battle of Berlin at the end of World War II . Berest cannot be seen in the famous photo on the Berlin Reichstag on May 2, 1945 . The recreated photo was taken after other flags were already waving over the Reichstag. In contrast to other soldiers involved, for unknown reasons Berest was only awarded the Order of the Red Banner, which was awarded in large numbers, for his participation in the flag-raising at the Reichstag .

After the war he was interned in the Gulag for three years . Berest was run over by an approaching train while trying to save a toddler from a track in 1970 and died as a result of the accident.

It was not until May 2005 that he was named Hero of Ukraine .


  • Article in the SZ from May 18, 2005

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