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Ivo Braak (1976)

Johannes Edmund "Ivo" Braak (born September 12, 1906 in Marne , Süderdithmarschen , Province of Schleswig-Holstein , Kingdom of Prussia ; † August 10, 1991 in Kiel ) was a German teacher, author, radio play speaker, reciter and Nazi functionary. As an actor in the Low German movement , he campaigned for the preservation of Low German .


Ivo Braak was the son of the Justice Secretary Richard Braak and his wife Anna (née Ramm). After attending primary and secondary school in Marne, Braak went to the state educational institution in Plön in 1922 , where he graduated from high school in 1926. In the same year he began studying Protestant theology at the University of Kiel , which he broke off after two semesters. He then studied German and Low German philology, first in Vienna and Hamburg, from 1929 in Kiel, where he received his doctorate in 1930. phil. received his doctorate. His speakers were Otto Mensing and Karl Wesle. 1930 to 1932 he attended the second degree at the Pedagogical Academy in Kiel , which he left with the exams for teaching at elementary and middle schools.

From 1926 Braak was a member, 1933–1936 director of the Niederdeutsche Bühne Kiel . In 1933 he joined the National Socialist German Workers' Party , later also in the Schutzstaffel (40th SS standard in Kiel). During the 7th Low German Stage Day (September 28–30, 1934) Braak was appointed chairman of the Low German Stage Association by the NSDAP district culture warden in the Schleswig-Holstein district as the successor to Klaus Witt . Braak held this office until May 1945. In his inaugural speech, in which he formulated his goals as chairman of the Bühnenbund, he followed a National Socialist way of thinking. During his time as chairman, he managed to maintain decentralized Low German theaters despite being switched into line. It is doubtful whether this is an act of political resistance, as Braak himself suggested in a 1980 lecture in Kiel.

Braak was also a member of Department IV (Stage Student Council ) of the Reich Theater Chamber and Department VI (Theater) in the Reich Ministry for Public Enlightenment and Propaganda . In addition, he acted as a propaganda speaker at the Gau leadership in the Gau Weser-Ems . From 1935 he worked at the College for Teacher Training in Kiel, in 1936 he moved to the College for Teacher Training in Oldenburg (Oldb) , where on August 27, 1937 he became professor for the German language, methodology of German teaching and speech training. In 1939 the HfL was shut down.

In World War II he served as a soldier and a lieutenant as communications and training officer was on the last rank airfield used Oldenburg. After a short American captivity, he started working as an actor in 1945. In 1948, the main denazification committee in Kiel classified him in category V and thus regarded him as "exonerated". In the same year Braak became a professor at the Flensburg University of Education , from 1959 to 1973 he taught at the PH Kiel , where he was rector from 1961 to 1967.

The Germanist Ivo Braak was a co-founder of the Institute for Low German Language Bremen and taught as a professor at the PH Flensburg and Kiel a. a. also Low German philology.

He worked as a speaker for NDR and Radio Bremen . He wrote and staged Low German dramas and - like Hinrich Kruse in his short stories - dealt with topical issues such as guilt during the Nazi era , for example in Tein Jahr un dree Daag (1954).

Braak was friends with Hermann Claudius , on whose hundredth birthday he was discussing a record of his works for the Schleswig-Holstein Homeland Association . Many other records have been released with his own or works by foreign Low German authors, discussed by Ivo Braak, and others. a. also in the series Low German Voices .

The anatomist Heiko Braak is a son.

Scientific writings

  • The language of the followers of Neocorus (Hans Detleff, Christian Wiegvert, Melchior Luden) , Kiel undated [1930].
  • The poem. Encounter u. Appropriation in d. Elementary school (= guide for teacher training 2), Kiel 1954 (7th edition 1969).
  • Poetics in Key Words , Kiel 1965 (8th edition, Bornträger, Berlin 2001)


Radio plays

The Internet database of the ARD radio play archive lists Braak as the speaker in 69 radio plays and as the director of 22 radio plays.


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  • Min Moderspraak: Low German poems from Klaus Groth to the present. (with Irmgard Harder and Günther Dockerill )
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