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Environmental award from the Schleswig-Holstein Heimatbund in Ramstedt

The Schleswig-Holsteinische Heimatbund (SHHB), based in Molfsee, is a registered association and the umbrella organization for home-related activities in Schleswig-Holstein .

The SHHB is a nationwide association active on a cultural, cultural and political level and in nature conservation , which, according to its own statement, serves to "strengthen national awareness" and "contribute to the creation and development of a national identity".

Only associations can become members of the Schleswig-Holsteinisches Heimatbund. The association represents around 55,000 members from local, district and landscape associations.


In 1947, the Schleswig-Holsteinische Heimatbund was founded by the Heimat clubs from Schleswig-Holstein, members of the state government, regional directors and district administrators, political parties, the press, members of the university, representatives of Speeldelen and individuals in Schleswig . Rudolf Muuß became the first chairman . In 2002 the club's headquarters were relocated to Molfsee.

With the establishment of a central office for regional studies in Eckernförde in 1982 , the field of activity was expanded to include the areas of landscape data collection and biotope mapping up to the creation of environmental surveys for entire cities and communities.

The association publishes the Schleswig-Holstein magazine every month.

With regard to the northern part of Schleswig , the SHHB was also active for a long time as a political border association that strongly opposed the Danish element there. This was mainly the case under the chairmanship of the former Eckernförde mayor Werner Schmidt until the beginning of the 1980s, but it was evident until well into the 1990s, in particular through public appearances and articles - both in Schleswig-Holstein's own monthly magazine and in other publications - by the then managing director Hans-Joachim von Leesen . In the meantime, the SHHB has largely moved away from such positions and tends to hold back on border and minority issues, but cooperates in this area with the German Border Association , the German Schleswig Association and the Border Peace Association (the latter united on January 1, 2007).

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A representative of the Heimatbund acts as a member of the advisory board of the Offener Kanal Schleswig-Holstein Anstalt d.ö.R. .

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