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Most states charge legal fees for the performance of their courts in most legal proceedings .


The court costs are made up of the court fees and the court expenses . The court costs are based on the court costs law (GKG), the law on court costs in family matters (FamGKG) , the court and notary costs law (GNotKG) and various ancillary laws .

Fees are charged for the work of the court as such. They usually arise for certain procedural stages. The amount of the fee does not depend on the costs actually incurred by the state from the proceedings. Usually the amount of the fee depends on the amount in dispute .

In contrast to this, the judicial expenses are based on the expenses incurred by the court in the individual case. These include, for example , the flat rate for documents (formerly writing expenses), the costs for the compensation of witnesses and experts according to the JVEG , transport costs and certain post and telecommunications costs .

In practice, it is mainly the expert expenses that are significant. They are based on an hourly rate set in the JVEG and are - especially in the case of small amounts in dispute - often higher than the court fees. Witnesses and lay judges are generally compensated after their loss of earnings; your travel expenses will also be reimbursed.

In many types of proceedings, the action of the court is made dependent on the payment of an advance. In order to prove the payment of court costs directly with the application, one can use court cost stamps or court cost stamps.

Court costs, together with the legal costs of the parties (the so-called extrajudicial costs), the process costs . The court decides who has to bear the legal costs at the end of the proceedings; this decision is called the basic cost decision or imprecise cost decision.

In most cases, a certain number of court fees based on the value of the dispute are charged for certain procedural steps. These result from § 34 GKG and the corresponding Appendix 2 of the law. For an amount in dispute of up to EUR 500, the fee in civil proceedings is EUR 35, for EUR 10,000 it is EUR 241 and for an amount in dispute of EUR 500,000 it is EUR 3,536. In addition, an additional fee of 180 EUR is incurred for every additional 50,000 EUR in dispute.

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