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20 minutes / 20 minutes / 20 minuti
20 minutes png 20 minutes Suisse 2013 logo.svg  20 minutes Suisse 2013 logo.svg
description Swiss commuter newspaper
publishing company 20 Minuten AG (de) / 20 minutes SA (fr, both owned by Tamedia ) / 20 minuti Ticino SA (it, joint venture between Tamedia and laRegione )
First edition 1999 (de) / 2006 (fr) / 2011 (it)
Frequency of publication Mon-Fri
Widespread edition 424'592 (previous year 436'344) (de) / 169'453 (previous year 172'154) (fr) / 32'192 (previous year 32'158) (it) copies
( WEMF circulation bulletin 2019)
Range 1.332 (previous year 1.321) (de) / 0.500 (previous year 0.496) (fr) / 0.092 (previous year 0.090) (it)  million readers
(Total Audience 2018-2)
Editors-in-chief Gaudenz Looser (de) / Philippe Favre (fr) / Salvatore Feo (it)
Editor TX Group AG
Web link 20min.ch (de)
20minutes.ch (fr)
20minuti.ch (it)

20 minutes or French 20 minutes and Italian 20 minuti is a free Swiss tabloid and commuter newspaper . The German-language edition 20 minutes was founded in 1999 by the Norwegian media group Schibsted . In 2005 it was taken over by the Swiss media company Tamedia . In 2006 Tamedia founded the French-language edition 20 minutes and in 2011 together with laRegione the Italian-language 20 minuti .

The commuter newspaper appears in tabloid format and presents news in the shortest and most simplified form. Tabloid stories and the service part are more important. The newspaper is distributed in newspaper boxes at train stations and in the core cities and agglomerations according to the self-service principle . Compared to other titles, it is particularly popular with younger readers. The online edition of 20 minutes, for which there is also a special mobile app, is no less popular .

The name “20 minutes” refers to the average time a commuter spends on public transport on his way to work .

20 minutes


The publishing company “20 Minuten (Schweiz) AG” was formed by Schibsted, the “A & A Actienbank” founded by Ernst Müller-Möhl and the British investment company Apax in equal parts. “A & A Actienbank” was forcibly liquidated in 2002 due to indebtedness. After Müller-Möhl's death in 2000, the Müller-Möhl heirs took over their share of 20 minutes . 20 Minuten was first published in the Zurich area on December 13, 1999 and ousted the rival newspaper Metropol , which was launched shortly thereafter, from the market in February 2002. But 20 Minuten also became a danger for the most important newspaper of the Tamedia publishing house, the Tages-Anzeiger , which had to accept considerable losses in subscriptions and readers, especially for the advertising business.

earlier logo of 20 minutes (until May 2013)

2,003 threatened Tamedia, based on the 60 and 40% owned by Tamedia and NZZ , 1999 from the contained Official Journal Tagblatt der Stadt Zurich emerged Zurich Express , a commuter newspaper under the name Express build, and put it to the editors. The Berner Zeitung took over 17.5% of the publishing company "Express Zeitung AG". The NZZ did not want to participate (the plan was to convert the Zürich Express back into the daily newspaper of the city of Zürich and to enclose it with the Express ). At the same time, Tamedia negotiated with Schibsted about a stake and takeover of 20 Minuten . Shortly before the Express was due to appear on March 24, 2003, Schibsted relented on the experience of the Cologne newspaper war , according to which a displacement fight is expensive and difficult to win against local competitors. Tamedia and Berner Zeitung were able to participate and take over the newspaper entirely in 2005.

Since May 15, 2006, 20 Minuten has been competed by Ringier heute's evening newspaper, which is also free of charge, or by its follow-up newspaper , Blick am Abend , launched on June 2, 2008 . In 2007, the free newspaper .ch started as a further competitor to 20 minutes , whereupon Tamedia launched the free newspaper News together with Basler and Berner Zeitung as a countermeasure . Two years later, after the failure of .ch, both newspapers were discontinued.

Since 2018, 20 Minuten has been receiving national sport from the new Tamedia editorial team under Arthur Rutishauser (who is still editor-in-chief of the SonntagsZeitung ) and now also operates the Newsexpress, which includes all German-language news portals from Tamedia with breaking news , short agency reports , photo spreads and live -Ticker supplied.

In July 2019, the newspaper announced that Marco Boselli would be joining Tamedia's management team from 2020 . His successor as chief editor was Gaudenz Looser, who from 2012 blade maker was and from 2016 deputy chief editor of the newspaper. Désirée Pomper and Lorenz Hanselmann are also part of the three-person editor-in-chief.

Publication and edition

There are five regional editions, Basel , Bern , Lucerne , St. Gallen and Zurich . The cover section of the newspaper is produced centrally in Zurich; the local editorial offices in the five cities each design two pages for their regional edition. The newspaper has a total of around 100 editorial staff, around 50 each in print and online. The editor-in-chief is Marco Boselli.

Since October 30, 2008, the people magazine 20 Minuten Friday produced by “tilllate.com” has been available in around 900 20-minute boxes and from sales partners on Friday noon . "Tilllate.com" has been 100% integrated into "20 Minuten AG" since 2012. The print edition of 20 Minuten Friday will be discontinued at the end of 2019 .

Since September 2004, 20 Minuten has been the most widely read daily newspaper in Switzerland with a WEMF- certified circulation of 424,592 (previous year 436,344) copies and a reach of 1.332 (previous year 1.321) million readers.

Like all printed daily newspapers, 20 Minuten has had to accept a fall in circulation for several years, albeit less strongly than the paid newspapers. The circulation has fallen by 105,026 from 529,618 to 424,592 copies since 2008, that is 19.84%.

Development of the widespread circulation according to WEMF circulation bulletins (see details 2008 and 2019)


Most of the articles are also published on the 20minuten.ch website. The texts are sometimes identical, but sometimes expanded or shortened. Additional image material is often published in so-called photo series. Public reports are also published regularly (advertising that is intended to give the appearance of an editorial contribution through its editorial design, but is marked as “public report” in 20minuten.ch ); a combination with 20 minutes Friday is possible . Website visitors sometimes have the opportunity to comment on articles.

20minuten.ch was launched on December 1, 2000 and, according to the WEMF Total Audience 2018-2 usage study, reaches 1,000 (previous year 0.940) million unique users per day. This makes it the most widely used news portal in Switzerland.

The application can be downloaded free of charge for 20 minutes for iOS , Android and Windows Phone . Among other things, the app supports the Beem advertising function from Swisscom. There is also the 20 Minuten Online TV screen app for iOS devices .

Since November 1, 2017, users of desktop browsers with an activated ad blocker have been denied access to the online offer for 20 minutes. You can buy access for a week without advertising or watch a promotional video and thus activate articles for 60 minutes.


Tamedia also cooperates with Schibsted in the field of classified ads. In 2013 the corresponding portals of Tamedia, “piazza.ch” founded in 2005, and Schibsted, “tutti.ch” founded in 2010, were merged under the name “tutti.ch”. Tamedia took over 50% of the previous publisher of “tutti.ch”, Schibsted Classified Media Switzerland AG, and Schibsted, in return, took over 50% of “car4you.ch”, the advertising portal for vehicles, founded in 1997 and completely taken over by Tamedia in 2011.

At the beginning of 2013, 20 Minuten AG took over 100% of MetroXpress A / S from the media companies Metro International SA, A-Pressen and JP / Politikens Hus, which operates the free Danish commuter newspaper Metroxpress and the associated news portal. Its 60% subsidiary Soundvenue A / S was also taken over.

20 minutes

20 minutes was launched by Tamedia on March 8, 2006 after Edipresse rejected a minority stake in it and instead published its own commuter newspaper Le Matin Bleu on October 31, 2005 . In 2009, after Tamedia took over Edipresse's Swiss business, Le Matin Bleu was discontinued. 20 minutes employs around 40 people, 30 of them in the editorial office. The central editorial office is in Lausanne, the editor-in-chief is Philippe Favre.

20 minutes has a WEMF-certified circulation of 169,453 (previous year 172,154) copies and a reach of 500,000 (previous year 496,000) readers. There are two regional editions, Geneva and Lausanne . Like all printed daily newspapers, 20 minutes has suffered a declining circulation for several years. The widespread circulation has fallen by 52,107 from 221,560 to 169,453 copies since 2008, that is 23.52%.

Development of the widespread circulation according to WEMF circulation bulletins

The online concept largely corresponds to that of 20minuten.ch . 20minutes.ch was launched on March 8, 2006. It reaches 309,000 (previous year 305,000) unique users / day.

At the beginning of 2018, the editorial offices of 20 minutes and the loss-making Le Matin , also published by Tamedia, were merged and run jointly by the two editors-in-chief, Philippe Favre and Grégoire Nappey. The merger resulted in six job cuts, including four journalists. Since then, the merged editorial team has also been purchasing national sports from the new Tamedia editorial team under Ariane Dayer (who continues to be editor-in-chief of Le Matin Dimanche ) and now also operates the Newsexpress, which provides all of Tamedia's French-language news portals with breaking news , short agency reports , Image spreads and live tickers are supplied. The print edition of Le Matin was discontinued on July 21, 2018 . Grégoire Nappey left the company, the new editor-in-chief of Le Matin Online is Laurent Siebenmann.

20 minutes

On September 14, 2011, Tamedia launched the Italian edition 20 minuti in a joint venture with laRegione .

20 minuti has a WEMF-certified circulation of 32,192 (previous year 32,158) copies and a reach of 92,000 (previous year 90,000) readers. The editorial office is located in Lugano-Breganzona. The newspaper employs 12 people in the editorial department, the chief editor is Stefano Pianca.

20 minuti has been operating the online area since September 14, 2011 together with the tio.ch news platform , which existed before it was founded and operated by TicinOnline SA. tio.ch can also be reached at 20minuti.ch ; the 20 minuti logo was integrated there. tio.ch / 20minuti.ch reaches 75,000 (previous year 90,000) unique users per day.

Other newspapers with the names 20 Minuten / 20 minutes / 20 minutos

In 2001 Schibsted took a stake in the Spanish company Multiprensa y Más, which published a free newspaper in Madrid and Barcelona . She later took over the company and renamed the newspapers in 20 minutos . In France, Schibsted has been publishing a free newspaper under the name 20 minutes since 2002 in a joint venture with SIPA Ouest-France, the publisher of the Sud-Ouest newspaper ; In 2016, however, Schibstedt sold its stake to the joint venture partner. At the end of 1999 Schibsted launched a free newspaper in Cologne under the name 20 Minuten Köln. However, this was discontinued in mid-2001 - after a fierce defensive battle by the Cologne media - (→  Cologne newspaper war ). After this lost battle for displacement, Schibsted canceled the expansion plans for Germany and Austria.


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