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Sunday newspaper
Logo SonntagsZeitung.svg
description Swiss Sunday newspaper
First edition January 11, 1987
Frequency of publication weekly
Sold edition 147,566 (previous year 153,365) copies
( WEMF circulation bulletin 2018)
Widespread edition 152,566 (previous year 158,924) copies
(WEMF circulation bulletin 2018)
Range 0.549 (previous year 0.558) million readers
(WEMF MACH Basic 2018-II)
Editor-in-chief Arthur Rutishauser
editor Tamedia AG
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ZDB 2591894-1

The SonntagsZeitung is a Swiss Sunday newspaper from the Tamedia publishing house , which has been published since January 11, 1987.


The Sunday paper was until November 2009 in nine, after that in eight frets divided: News, focus, sport, culture, economy, knowledge, trends and travel. The editors of the departments culture, society, knowledge, travel, sport and, since 2017, also business work for both the Tages-Anzeiger and the SonntagsZeitung . The newspaper also contains the supplement Alpha - Der Kadermarkt with job advertisements , which is also included in the Saturday edition of the Tages-Anzeiger .


  • Editor-in-chief: Arthur Rutishauser
  • Publishing director: Marcel Tappeiner
  • Advertising manager: Adriano Valeri

Competitors are the NZZ am Sonntag , the SonntagsBlick and Zentralschweiz am Sonntag . The Eastern on Sunday will only digitally since November 2017th

Since the beginning of 2018, only one German and one French-speaking Tamedia editorial team has been creating the international / national cover (domestic, international, business and sports) for the 12 paid daily and 2 Sunday newspapers of Tamedia. The editor-in-chief of the SonntagsZeitung , Arthur Rutishauser, is the head of the German-language editorial team . As editor-in-chief of the Tages-Anzeiger he was replaced by Judith Wittwer.

The WEMF - certified circulation is 147'566 (previous year 153'365.) Sold or 152'566 (previous year 158'924.) Spread copies that reach 549,000 (previous year 558'000.) Reader (WEMF MACH Basic 2018 -II).

Like all printed newspapers, the SonntagsZeitung has had to accept a fall in circulation for a number of years, albeit less strongly than the daily newspapers. The circulation sold has fallen by 54,575 from 202,141 to 147,566 copies since 2008, that is 27%.

Development of the circulation sold according to WEMF circulation bulletins (see details 2008 and 2018)

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