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Sunday view
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description Swiss Sunday newspaper
publishing company Ringier AG
First edition 1969
Frequency of publication Sunday
Sold edition 148,055 (previous year 161,446) copies
( WEMF circulation bulletin 2018)
Widespread edition 148,939 (previous year 162,232) copies
(WEMF circulation bulletin 2018)
Range 0.564 (previous year 0.564) million readers
(WEMF Total Audience 2018-2)
Editors-in-chief Christian Dorer (Editor-in-Chief Blick Group) , Gieri Cavelty
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ZDB 2630197-0

The SonntagsBlick is a German-language Swiss Sunday newspaper that, like the tabloid daily newspaper Blick, is published by the Ringier publishing house. It has been published since 1969. It is based in Zurich .

Edition and publication

The SonntagsBlick has a WEMF - certified circulation of 148'055 (previous year 161'446.) Sold or 148'939 (previous year 162'232.) Distributed copies and a range of 564'000 readers (previous year 564'000.).

Like all printed newspapers, the SonntagsBlick has had to accept a sharp drop in circulation for several years. The circulation sold has fallen by 114,133 from 261,188 to 148,055 copies since 2008, that is 43.53%.

Development of the circulation sold according to WEMF circulation bulletins (see details 2008 and 2018)

The SonntagsBlick also appears with the “Magazin”, which is to be understood as a lifestyle magazine.

The newspaper was headed from November 1, 2013 to April 30, 2016 by Christine Maier as editor-in-chief, who then took on new projects in the field of video and TV at the publishing house. Philippe Pfister headed the newspaper as deputy editor-in-chief until August 2016, after leaving the Zofinger Tagblatt , Katia Murmann took over the management on an interim basis, and Gieri Cavelty has been editor-in-chief since February 1, 2017 . He reports to the editor-in-chief of the Blick Group, Christian Dorer .

Competitors are the NZZ am Sonntag , the SonntagsZeitung and the Zentralschweiz am Sonntag . The Eastern on Sunday will only digitally since November 2017th

Borer affair

The SonntagsBlick caused a stir at Easter in March 2002 when it reported on an alleged affair between the Swiss ambassador in Berlin, Thomas Borer , and the 34-year-old make-up artist Djamila Rowe , which should have taken place in the embassy (“Borer und the naked woman. What happened in the embassy? »), which later turned out to be fictitious. Rowe had received a fee of 10,000 euros (approx. 15,000 francs) from the SonntagsBlick for describing the sex affair , which the Swiss Press Council described as an “unfair method of obtaining information”. Rowe retracted her testimony in July 2002 on an affidavit .

Borer anticipated an impending dismissal by giving notice on May 1, 2002. His wife, Shawne Fielding , miscarried after the affair. The editor-in-chief of SonntagsBlicks , Mathias Nolte , resigned after the fraud was discovered in July 2002. Borer threatened Ringier with a lawsuit in the United States, his wife's home. The publisher of the publishing house, Michael Ringier , apologized on the front page of the Blick , which had followed the story of the SonntagsBlick , with the largest possible letters Sorry! and paid Borer a satisfaction of over a million Swiss francs. He also had to compensate the publisher of the Super-Illu magazine in a settlement because the Berlin correspondent of the SonntagsBlick illegally obtained nude photos of Rowe and the SonntagsBlick had printed them. She also left the newspaper as a result of the affair.

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