Ned's ultimate school madness

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Television series
German title Ned's ultimate school madness
Original title Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide
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Country of production United States
original language English
Year (s) 2004-2007
length 22 minutes
Episodes 106 episodes in 53 episodes + final film (or final episodes 54 and 55)
genre Comedy
idea Scott Fellows
music Join it up
First broadcast September 12, 2004 ( USA ) on Nickelodeon
first broadcast
March 25, 2006 on NICK

Ned's Ultimate School Madness is an American comedy series. It was broadcast from March 2006 in Germany on Nickelodeon (from 2005 to 2010 NICK ). In 2007 the series won the Blimp in the Favorite Series at the first German Kids' Choice Awards .


Ned Bigby, a 13-year-old student at an American middle school at the beginning of the series , and best friends Cookie (Simon Nelson Cook) and Moze (Jennifer-Ann Mosely) have to overcome the difficulties of growing up and everyday school life. In order to survive this unscathed, Ned has various funny, useful and quite ordinary tips and tricks that he and his friends can use. However, things often go wrong. The series is characterized above all by a sense of humor that contains a lot of running gags (“teacher permits”), pop cultural allusions and parodies of the “adult world” (role of Claire Sawyer ).


The series is set in the fictional James K. Polk Middle School in California . The school's outdoor area was filmed at La Mesa Junior High in Santa Clarita , California. The school is named after the eleventh President of the United States , James K. Polk . The school colors are gold and green and the mascot is a wolf .

During the first season, the series takes place almost exclusively inside the school building. During the second season, the series producers decided to bring in more outdoor scenes.


Each episode of the series is about 22 minutes long and consists of two parts that deal with different problems of everyday school life, in many episodes of the second and third season also with general problems of being a teenager. In some cases, the two parts of a sequence build on or relate directly to one another.

Graduation film

A 50-minute graduation film or double episode entitled “Excursions, Permits, Signs and Weasels” was produced as the series finale. The episode was first broadcast in the US on June 8, 2007, but not until November 1, 2008 in German-speaking countries on Nick.


main characters

  • Ned Bigby is clever, funny and tries to get through his crazy school life with a lot of charm and irony. There he is the master and well-known supplier of unbeatable tips. His best friends are Moze and Cookie, who he can always give advice when it matters. He is in love with Suzie Crabgrass for a long time, with whom he later gets together for a short time. However, since her father takes a new job, she has to move in the course of the series. At the end of the series, Ned and Moze get together.

55 episodes (2004-2007)

  • Jennifer-Ann "Moze" Mosely has been Ned and Cookies' best friend since pre-school. She is always looking for a best friend who she can trust with everything that boys simply cannot tell. She finds this later in Suzie Crabgrass. She is also extremely talented in handicrafts and sports activities. She is the captain of the girls volleyball team. Over time, she and Ned notice more and more that they feel a little more than friendship for one another. Even so, she's dating Seth first and then Faymen. Only at the end of the series does she get together with Ned.

55 episodes (2004-2007)

  • Simon "Cookie" Nelson-Cook is Ned and Moze's best friend and a total tech geek. He's a little crazy, but nobody knows computers as well as he does. He often helps Moze and Ned out of trouble with his technique. Many consider him a cyborg . He also wears glasses with which he can hack into the school computer with the help of a microchip . Until the end of the second season, his big crush is “Vanessa” from the upper class, whom he met in the 8th grade math class. After she has left him, he raves about Lisa Zemo from season 3. He didn't like her in seasons 1 and 2, but when she has a new look, Cookie falls in love with her. Her classmate, which is not so popular with Cookies, is Evelyn Kwong, who is secretly in love with him, but tries to cover up this by competing with him. Ultimately, Lisa and Cookie go on a date and then get together.

55 episodes (2004-2007)

Teachers and employees

  • Gordon "Gordy" G. Rockefeller III. is the crazy caretaker at James K. Polk School and a good friend of Ned, Cookie and Moze. He often helps the three of them, but is not a good caretaker because he lets the "night shift" do almost all of the work. However, this does not exist at all, and so the work remains unfinished. Rather, his work is about the well-being of the children. He is constantly on the hunt for the "Polk weasel" that simply does not want to be caught, and almost always ruins the school facilities in the process.

44 episodes (2004-2007)

  • Mr. Jeremy Monroe teaches everyday science. He sometimes helps Ned with one or the other project, but is usually surrounded by a certain quirk and sometimes looks slightly stupid. However, he is very intelligent and above all surprises the class when he shows his sporty side. He is also the director of the “sewing club” and the “basketball club” of the James K. Polk School.

17 episodes (2004-2007)

  • Vice Principal Crubbs is the school's assistant director. The students are a little afraid of him as he seems to be present almost always and everywhere. He supervises the students and teachers, which he gives them to understand in many episodes. He may seem like a malicious personality, but he can also be nice and give helpful advice. He wears sunglasses and often takes them off and puts them back on shortly afterwards, wears a suit and admits in one episode that his dream was to open a detective agency in Miami.
  • Mr. Timothy Sweeney teaches biology , physics, and chemistry . He's a little crazy and often mean to the kids; he also tends to be malicious. However, he can also be nice, which scares the students even more than his malice. He himself always claims that he “just wants to bring the material to the students” , but reacts annoyed when one of his many works turns out well. In the final episode of the third season, he tells Ned that while he is one of his worst students, he is also one of his favorite students.

41 episodes (2004-2007)

  • Dr. / Director Alistair Wright teaches social studies and history . He's actually a good teacher and quite popular, but he always wants to appear cool in front of the students, and his own "coolness" is that he enjoys teaching and motivating students. He also became director of the school after Mr. Pal's resignation.

23 episodes (2004-2007)

  • Mr. Dustin Chopsaw teaches works . Moze gets on really well with him. More or less serious accidents often happen to him during his work, which he always dismisses as “small scratches” . His working group is particularly popular with older students. Sometimes students ask him for advice on certain situations, and he often compares these situations to wood.

16 episodes (2004-2007)

  • Joy Dirga is the main PE teacher at the James K. Polk School. She is also the coach of the volleyball team and enjoys torturing students. She likes to watch TV soaps after school.

23 episodes (2006-2007)

  • iTeacher is a distance teacher and is coming to the school as a new teacher in season three. She communicates with her students using computers and is never seen as a whole person. She is a distance teacher because she is afraid that her students could harm her. She teaches English and, despite initial difficulties, gets along very well with Moze.


  • Susan "Suzie" Crabgrass is one of the prettiest girls in school and she always wins Spirit Week. You and Moze become best friends in season two. Suzie is first with Seth, then with Loomer and finally with Ned, but later she moves to another city. When she moves back, Ned and Moze are just about to admit their love for each other. In the final episode, Ned and Moze get together, and Suzie reunites with Loomer, a little sad. With Ned, however, she remains good friends.
  • William "Billy (Bully)" Loomer is the school's biggest bully . He creates an incredible amount of nonsense and nasty pranks, which are always at the expense of other students. As often as he begs Ned to set up a date with Moze, so often he pokes his head because things always go wrong. Behind Loomer's hard shell, however, hides a rather soft core, and from a few clever comments one can even infer an intellectual character in him. If you ask him for a favor, you can rely on him one hundred percent provided you offer the appropriate consideration, because he takes Jobs extremely seriously. While he is with Suzie, he is downright terrorized by her and has to give up his criminal career and his pals. He still has a crush on Moze in his relationship with Suzie.
  • Jerry Crony is friends with Loomer and Buzz. He helps Loomer bully Ned and Cookie and has a penchant for sewing.
  • Seth Powers is a passionate basketball player, which you can tell by the fact that he always balances a basketball on his index finger or carries it with him, and that he always wears his green tracksuit. His biggest secret is his weakness in reading and writing . He is also very fascinated by rhyming and not particularly intelligent. He's dating Suzie Crabgrass first and then Moze. Later he and Evelyn Kwong become a couple.
  • Faymen Phorchin is a new Brazilian student at the James K. Polk School. As a result of embarrassment , Moze tries to befriend Faymen. In the penultimate episode, Moze and Faymen split up because he is going back to Brazil because the football coach wanted Faymen in his national team.
  • Coconut Head is a nice, shy friend of Ned, Moze, and Cookie. His nickname comes from the fact that his mother cut his hair in the shape of a coconut. He is constantly teased by Loomer and his friends. Also, it is usually he who is unfortunately in the way if something goes wrong or breaks. He's a gifted singer, but he's ashamed of it. He likes the horror gang who always beat him up.
  • Lisa Zemo is a friend of Ned, Moze and Cookie and is allergic to pretty much anything. She is also the school's treasurer. In the first two seasons she is rather inconspicuous, but in the third season her appearance changes and she transforms from a small wallflower into a swarm of boys. During project work, she is always immediately surrounded by a wild horde that wants to work with her. In the last episode, she and Cookie go on a date, which makes them happy together.
  • The backpack boy is a student who is friends with Ned. He always carries a huge, black backpack on his back. He has a secret room behind two stacked lockers where all kinds of satchels are kept, and he is happy to make them available to his classmates. He's also very fond of Claire Sawyer. He is rumored to be a superhero. He does everything he can for Ned, if need be.
  • Claire Sawyer is a student Moze, Ned and Cookie have known since kindergarten. She always describes herself as a "future lawyer ". Furthermore, she is very qualified and is consulted when it comes to contracts and agreements. Occasionally she also acts as a messenger.
  • Martin Qwerly is deputy student president and friends with Ned, Moze, Kokosnusskopf, Lisa and Cookie. Martin talks incessantly, which is why the others often replace themselves with cardboard figures who smile friendly and patiently listen to Martin's constant talk. As a result, one learns that he has a sister. With his second, secret identity, “Le Fälscher”, he ensures that his classmates receive fake excuses in exchange for a pack of coconut macaroons.
  • Missy Meany is one of the most popular girls at James K. Polk Middle School. She is very arrogant, opinionated, vain and corresponds to the girly cliché. Although she is regularly dismissive towards Ned and his friends, she falls in love with Ned in the third season and tries to win him over. However, her interest in Ned is already indicated in an earlier episode ( survival tips for tests of courage) , when Ned tries to meet her as part of a test of courage, which she then agrees without hesitation and visibly pleased.

Minor characters

  • The Polk Weasel is a small weasel (or ferret) that is often hunted by the James K. Polk School caretaker, Gordy. Gordy describes the weasel as "dangerous" and "bad", but over time, Cookie realizes the weasel's good side. The weasel is often only encountered while Gordy is hunting it. Since the end of the second season, however, it has only appeared rarely. In the final film, you learn that the weasel is a female because it is having babies.
  • Abraham Lincoln and Benedict Arnold are frequent characters in the series and represent Ned's conscience. Lincoln (the "Honest Abe") represents good and Arnold (the "traitor of America") represents evil.

Guest appearances

  • Van Earl Wright and Willie Gault always appear out of nowhere. Both are well-known sports commentators, especially in the USA. They appear at competitions, sporting events, fights and the like and thus represent one of the running gags of the series.
  • Mat Hoffman is a friend of Mr. Monroe and gives Cookie and Loomer valuable tips on the subject of tests of courage and stunts in the episode "Tests of Courage". Cookie also rides BMX with him in the episode "Sick Days".
  • Carmelo Anthony appears to Ned several times in the episode "Lost and Found" as a dream figure.
  • Art Alexakis , singer of the rock band Everclear , appears as a music teacher in music lessons. He advises Ned to learn the basics of music before becoming a rock star.
  • Corbin Bleu then plays Theater Spencer and wants to take Suzie away from Ned, but Ned wants to prevent that and destroys the whole play.


The Electrofilm Postproduction Facilities in Berlin set the series to music based on dialogue books and directed by Frank Schröder.

role actor German voice actor
Ned Bigby Devon Werkheiser Lucas Mertens
Jennifer Ann "Moze" Mosely Lindsey Shaw Jill Schulz
Simon "Cookie" Nelson-Cook Daniel Curtis Lee Fabian Hollwitz
Gordy To Norris Frank Schröder
Mr. Monroe Jim J. Bullock Thomas Nero Wolff
Mr. Sweeney Don Creech Frank-Otto Schenk
Mr./Director Wright Meshach Taylor Helmut Gauss
Mr. Chopsaw Dave Florek Jan Spitzer
Mr. Kwest Dave Allen Stefan Gossler
Mr. Lowe Fred Stoller Gerald Schaale
Mr. Gross / Mr. Combover Steve Bannos Andreas Mueller
Trainer Dirga Kim Sava Arianne Borbach
Dr. Xavier Lusia Strus Heidrun Bartholomäus
iTeacher Mo Collins Sabine Arnhold
Vice-Principal Crubbs Hamilton Mitchell Stefan Fredrich
Director Pal John Bliss Gerd Holtenau
Mrs. Hunsucker Mary Bogue Joseline Gassen
Rose, the "lunch lady" Loni Love Martina Treger
Billy Loomer Kyle Swann Tobias Müller
Suzie Crabgrass Christian Serratos Shalin-Tanita Rogall
Lisa Zemo Rachel Sibner Charlotte Mertens
Coconut head Rob Pinkston Sami El-Sabkhawi
Claire Sawyer Brooke Marie Bridges Theresa Mertens
Seth Powers Alex Black Nicolás Artajo
Albert Wormenheimer Stephen Markarian Dirk Petrick
Martin Qwerly Tylor Chase Maximilian Artajo
Evelyn Kwong Michelle Kim Luise Helm
Vanessa Logan Browning Kalpna Joshi
Faymen Phorchin Vinicius Machado
Jerry Crony Teo Olivares Jesco Wirthgen
The backpack boy Kendre Berry Guillaume Mormon
Palmer Noid Cameron Monaghan Frithjof Gerentz
Missy Meany Carlie Casey Anne Helm
scoop Vincent Martella Karl Alexander Seidel
Nigel Blaine Miller Hannes Maurer
Doris Trembley Jennifer Hyatt Anna Predleus
Spencer Corbin Bleu Konrad Bösherz
Timmy "Tut-Tut" Thompson Kelii Miyata Benjamin Einert
Morris Adams Lil 'JJ Till Völger
Lance Wigget Adam Cagley Sebastian Schulz
Stu Landon Taylor Jannick Beeck
Zippy Brewster Austin Butler
Todd Rideg Nathan Norman Johannes Walenta
Jock Goldman Ben Hogestyn Ricardo Richter
Buzz Rodriguez Jamel Common
Sports commentator # 1 Van Earl Wright Thomas Petruo
Sports commentator # 2 Will Gault Olaf Reichmann

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