Pete & Pete

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Television series
German title Pete & Pete
Original title The Adventures of Pete & Pete
Country of production United States
original language English
Year (s) 1993-1996
length 25 minutes
Episodes 34 series episodes, 5 specials, 16 short clips
idea Will McRobb and Chris Viscardi
music Polaris - Hey Sandy
First broadcast November 28, 1993 (USA) on Nickelodeon
first broadcast
October 1995 at Nickelodeon Germany

Pete & Pete is a US-produced television series that premiered between 1995 and 1998 on the German branch of the Nickelodeon television station . The series revolved around the two brothers Pete and Pete, who often experience surreal and bizarre adventures in the small American town of Wellsville. The main focus is on everyday situations. After Nickelodeon's first attempt on German television was discontinued in 1998, the series found a new slot on the pay-TV channel Junior ( Premiere ) in 2001 , which it retained until 2002. In 2007, some episodes were temporarily broadcast on Nick and repeated on the Nick program window after eight in 2008 .

The series originally started as a series of one-minute short clips that aired in between the actual television programs. Due to their high popularity, five half-hour specials were soon filmed, from which a series with three seasons grew by 1993.


The family

(The elder) Pete Wrigley ( Mike Maronna ) is the show's primary narrator and often takes on the role of sanity against its often strange environment. His best friend is his brother. In the German version, Kim Hasper Pete speaks .

(The Younger) Pete Wrigley ( Danny Tamberelli ) is four years younger than his brother and often rebels against the rules of the adult world. Mostly he is rude and speaks in a particularly deep voice. He has a tattoo on his arm called "Petunia", which depicts a woman in a red dress (mentioned separately in the initial title), and on his back one of a sailing boat.

Both brothers are named "Pete" because the parents did not want to disadvantage either of the brothers.

Joyce Wrigley ( Judy Grafe ) is the mother of the family and since childhood she has had a metal plate in her head with which she can receive radio programs. This record is also named individually in the opening title. Joyce's job seems to be that of a housewife. She is dubbed in Germany by Kerstin Sanders-Dornseif .

Don Wrigley ( Hardy Rawls ) met his wife on the beach when he was walking with a metal detector that jumped on the record in her head. He considers himself the best car driver in the world, the "King of the Road". He also loves his lawn and runs a golf driving range.


Artie, the strongest man in the world ( Toby Huss ) is the younger Pete's personal superhero and does special feats like moving houses.

Theodore "Teddy" L. Forzman ( Dave Martel ) is one of the elder Pete's best friends. He's almost always in a good mood.

Ellen Josephine Hickle ( Alison Fanelli ) is the elder Pete's best friend. Although there are romantic moments between the two of them, for him she is "a girl, a friend, but not his girlfriend".

Bill Korn ( Rick Barbarette ) is a friend of the older Pete who loves jokes and sarcasm.

Nona F. Mecklenberg ( Michelle Trachtenberg ) is the Wrigley's neighbor and very good friends with the younger Pete. She always has a cast around her arm, not because it was broken, but because it itches so nicely under the cast. Every now and then she even falls in love with the younger Pete. Her father is played by Iggy Pop .

Monica Perling ( Maris Hudson ) is a passionate scout . Always unlucky with pets, she is there for anyone who loses a pet.

Wayne Pardue ( Justin Restivo ) gets on most people's nerves but is still a friend of the younger Pete.


Older Pete's Enemies:

  • "Endless" Mike Hellstrom ( Rick Gomez )
  • Open-Face

Younger Pete's Enemies:

Guest stars

A number of guest stars appeared on the series:

There are often allusions to the American football player Johnny Unitas .

scene of action

Almost all of the episodes take place in the fictional small American town of Wellsville, which is modeled on typical American small towns.

The first two seasons of the series were filmed in different locations in New Jersey . School scenes are from Bayonne , the neighborhood scene was shot in South Orange and Leonia . While filming the episode Never Again Halloween in season 2, the team wreaked havoc on the streets of South Orange that the city banned the film crew. Filming then continued in Cranford , New Jersey.


The Pete & Pete soundtrack consisted of songs from many different independent and underground musicians. Bands like Apples in Stereo , Chug , Magnetic Fields , Luscious Jackson , Racecar and The 6ths contributed their songs, which were either used as background music or accompanied by special moments (e.g. Chugs Flowers during the “Wrigley 500” race). Most of the music, however, comes from the pen of the band Polaris , which consisted of three members of Mark Mulcahy's band Miracle Legion ( Ray Neal was currently taking a break). In 1999, a Polaris album was released that contains twelve songs, including the series’s theme song, Hey Sandy .

Episodes (in original order)

Short clips (1989)

  1. What would you do for a dollar ( What Would You Do for a Dollar? ): The two Petes, Ellen and a child named Carl Slurm ask the question about the title.
  2. Einfrierfanger ( Freeze Tag ): Little Pete remains frozen after a night Strumpfeinfrierfanger and not thaws again.
  3. The firing ( The Launch ): Both Pete and Ellen send a rocket into space.
  4. Mom's plate ( Mom's Plate ): A brief introduction story about the metal plate in Moms head.
  5. Pete-Important ( Pete-Less ): Ellen feels hurt when Big Pete insults her Valentine's Day present.
  6. Pete's theory ( Pete's Theory ): Little Pete is convinced that Santa Claus has crossed first the English Channel.
  7. Christmas Eve ( X-Mas Eve ): The two Petes watch Dad how he opens his present (a glowing discus disc) ahead of time on Christmas Eve and plays around with it all night.
  8. X-Ray Man ( X-Ray Man ): Little Pete gets a vision of an X-ray man, after he has been staring at an eclipse.
  9. The burp Room ( The Burping Room ): Dad has had enough of Little Pete's constant burping and built a sound protection safe space.
  10. Artie, the strongest man ... in the world! ( Artie, the Strongest Man ... in the World! ): A little story about Little Pete's personal superhero, Artie.
  11. Revenge of Pete's ( Revenge of the Petes ): Artie fights a villain named Hathead.
  12. Halloween ( Halloween ): Hathead returns on Halloween to smash all the pumpkins.
  13. The punishment ( The Punishment ): Dad punished Little Pete when he broke the law.
  14. Street 34 ( Route 34 ): Big Pete gets a terrible summer job mowing all the grass along Street 34.
  15. The point ( The Dot ): Ellen bursts into tears as she is by her angeschriehen Marschkapellenanweiser.
  16. The Great Race ( The Big Race ): Mr. Wrigley (the father of Pete's) and Mr. Hickle (Elles father) wearing a race against each other.

Specials (1991-93)

  1. Battle of the Valentine's Day ( Valentine's Day Massacre ): Big Pete raves for his mathematics teacher
  2. Aliens Are Among Us ( Space, Geeks And Johnny Unitas ): Big Pete and Ellen try to prove the existence of aliens.
  3. Pete is in command ( Apocalypse Pete ): Little Pete and his father wage a neighborhood war against Ellen's father.
  4. The Quest for Mr. Tastee ( What We Did On Our Summer Vacation ): Pete and Pete and Ellen try to make friends with a mysterious ice cream seller.
  5. Happy New Year ( New Year's Pete ): Little Pete wants to make the world a better place for everyone and needs a Riley retro fire jetpack and the money for it.

1st season (1993-94)

  1. The King of the Road ( King Of The Road ): the family to family trip to the Hoover Dam
  2. The day of the point ( Day Of The Dot ): Ellen to the i-point at a chapel Performance play and exaggerates total.
  3. The night owls ( Nightcrawlers ): Little Pete explains the fight to bedtime.
  4. The ball boy ( Rangeboy ): Big Pete tries to hide his embarrassing job as a caddy in a bear costume .
  5. The Secret Project ( Tool And Die ): Big Pete helps craft teacher Slurm with a "secret project".
  6. All Against Pete ( Don't Tread On Pete ): Little Pete is having trouble with physical education.
  7. Pete versus Pete ( When Petes Collide ): Both brothers fight over the family bowling ball .
  8. Tough day for Pete ( Hard Day's Pete ): Little Pete in search of his favorite song.

2nd season (1994-95)

  1. A tunnel to freedom ( Grounded For Life ): Little Pete is under house arrest and tries to dig his way into freedom.
  2. Victory at any price ( Field Of Pete ): A virus kills the entire baseball team .
  3. The Telephone Terror ( The Call ): A payphone has been ringing for 27 years , only the Petes dare to answer it.
  4. The great silence ( The Big Quiet ): Little Petes lizard Gary is dead and will not be forgotten.
  5. Pete Wants to Know ( Time Tunnel ): Little Pete seeks the magical daylight saving time , while Big Pete goes on a date with Ellen.
  6. Never again Halloween ( Halloweenie ): A group of Halloween terrorists tries to ruin the festival.
  7. Inspector 34 ( Inspector 34 ): Little Petes new model is the correct controller over inspector 34th
  8. Math class uprising ( X = Why? ): Ellen is at war with algebra .
  9. Hunt for Bob ( On Golden Pete ): Father Wrigley tries to catch the legendary fish Bob.
  10. Artie astray - Part 1 ( Farewell My Little Viking, Part 1 ): The Pete's father is jealous of Artie and tries to get him out of town.
  11. Artie astray - Part 2 ( Farewell My Little Viking, Part 2 ): Artie gives younger Pete some of his powers while he's gone.
  12. At the abyss ( Yellow Fever ): The school bus turns a class trip into a trip to hell.
  13. The Food Poisoning ( Sickday ): Little Pete takes a sick day.

3rd season (1995-96)

  1. Only 35 hours ( 35 hours ): While the parents are away, Little Pete sells the house.
  2. Trouble with Teddy ( The Trouble With Teddy ): Pete's friend Theodore draws for a week at the Wrigley.
  3. Decision in Smedley Ravine ( The Good, The Bad And The Lucky ): Little Pete's lucky penny is to be recharged on the rails of the railway .
  4. Storm waves ( Splashdown! ): Big Pete wants to be a lifeguard .
  5. The first dance ( Dance Fever ): The first dance is imminent for Little Pete.
  6. Spring Fever ( Crisis In The Love Zone ): Nona and Pete try to save Wellsville from the fever that turns everyone into lovemaking wimps.
  7. April, April ( Last Laugh ): Little Pete tries to ruin the annual hygiene festival.
  8. Detention ( Allnighter ): Little Pete, Monica and Wayne are locked up in school overnight.
  9. The driving test ( Road Warrior ): The former works teacher Slurm gives Big Pete his first driving lessons.
  10. Lord of the Wrestlers ( Pinned! ): Big Pete wants to join the wrestling team , but Endless Mike's after him.
  11. O Christmas Pete! ( O'Christmas Pete ): Little Pete wants every day to be Christmas .
  12. The last stop ( The Bus ): Big Pete is doing an internship as a bus driver .
  13. Saturday ( Saturday ): a darn Saturday and its consequences.


  • Pete & Pete was the last show that ran before the discontinuation of the first German branch of the US broadcaster Nickelodeon. The episode Der Telefonerror was shown .

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