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Iggy Pop (2011)

Iggy Pop (born April 21, 1947 in Muskegon , Michigan ; real name James Newell "Jim" Osterberg ) is an American singer, guitarist, composer, drummer and actor. Dubbed the " Godfather of Punk " or "Rock Iguana," the musician is seen as a pioneer and companion of punk rock and related styles. Also due to his dynamic to excessive stage presence, he gained the reputation of an exalted artist. In March 2010, Iggy Pop was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in recognition of his work .


James Newell Osterberg, the only child of a teacher and a secretary, grew up in the Coachville Garden Mobile Home Court , a trailer park on Carpenter Road in Ypsilanti , Michigan, a town southeast of Ann Arbor . He is of German, English and Irish descent on his father's side and Norwegian and Danish on his mother's side.

He began his musical career in 1962 as a drummer with the Iguanas , which is where his nickname "Iggy" comes from. The group released the single Mona/I Don't Know Why in 1965 . In 1966 he joined the blues band The Prime Movers to study the blues and in the same year went to Chicago, Illinois and joined local blues bands.

Back in Ann Arbor, he formed The Psychedelic with Ron Asheton ( ex -The Chosen Few, guitar) and Scott "Rock Action" Asheton (drums) and Dave Alexander (bass guitar) in 1967, influenced by Ravi Shankar and The Mothers of Invention stooges . Iggy Pop performed mostly shirtless as a singer and played an electrically amplified ukulele . The group name was chosen based on the then popular American television series The Three Stooges .

They made their first appearance on Halloween in 1967 at the University of Michigan Student Union. In March 1968 they played the first time at the Grande Ballroom in Detroit , where the MC5 performed as house band and recorded their debut album in the same year. They also shared Trans-Love Energies touring agency with the MC5 .

Mediated by Wayne Kramer , The Stooges , as the band called themselves from 1968, received a record deal with Elektra Records after A&R manager Danny Fields became aware of them.

With John Cale ( The Velvet Underground ) supervising as producer, they recorded their debut album in New York , which was released on July 19, 1969 and reached #106 on the Billboard charts .

The Stooges released three official albums: Stooges (1969; produced by John Cale , who also played viola on the recordings), Fun House (1970) and Raw Power (1973; mixed by David Bowie), which, with their radical rock music, "set years exactly anticipated the atmosphere of punk ” (Veit F. Stauffer, RecRec Zurich).

At the time of their existence, The Stooges were a group loved by a minority audience, but could not live up to the commercial expectations of their record companies. With her music, which was extreme for the time, she was not accepted by a mass audience. The band broke up in 1974. Iggy Pop, like most of the Stooges, became addicted to alcohol and other drugs due to an excessive and self-destructive lifestyle . Only the efforts of his mentor David Bowie , who went to West Berlin with him in 1976 and got him a new record deal with RCA, helped Iggy Pop to make a comeback in 1977 with The Idiot .

Bowie's 1977 album Lust for Life , which debuted The Passenger , Iggy Pop's biggest hit, cemented his reputation as a serious artist. He then released a few works of varying quality such as New Values (1979), Soldier (1980), Party (1981) and Zombie Birdhouse (1982; produced by Chris Stein/ Blondie ). Iggy Pop's 1976 cover of David Bowie 's China Girl , which he co-wrote with Bowie, brought him substantial royalties again.

Iggy Pop (1980)

In the mid-1980s, Iggy Pop made a comeback. First with the poppy, keyboard-heavy album Blah-Blah-Blah (1986 – A&M Records), which in turn was produced by Bowie. He collaborated with ex -Sex Pistols guitarist Steve Jones and producer Bill Laswell on the hard rock album Instinct (1988) . The video clip for the song Cold Metal , which is on the Instinct album , was shot by director Sam Raimi , who also directed the 1981 horror film classic The Devil's Dance . Iggy Pop released further albums at regular intervals and regularly went on tour with changing accompanying musicians.

2002 saw an Iggy Pop & the Stooges reunion . Together they played a few tracks on Skull Ring (2003). In addition, Pop recorded songs with Green Day , Sum 41 and Peaches for this record .

Iggy Pop has acted in numerous feature films , including Cry-Baby . On Star Trek: Deep Space Nine he had a guest appearance in the episode The Glorious Ferengi . He also appeared in the Jim Jarmusch films Coffee and Cigarettes (in a scene with Tom Waits ) and Dead Man . In addition, the song Lust for Life became the opening song for the film Trainspotting . Iggy Pop can also be heard in the 1990 sci-fi film MARK 13 - Hardware , voicing the wacky radio host "Angry Bob". In 1993 he co-wrote the soundtrack to the Emir Kusturica film Arizona Dream with Goran Bregović . In 1996 he played a henchman of the drug lord Judah in the film The Crow: City of Angels . In 2009 he played a supporting role in the horror film Suck , which also contains allusions to numerous rock albums, along with other well-known musicians such as Alice Cooper and Henry Rollins . In 2019 he was seen again in a Jim Jarmusch film. He plays a zombie in The Dead Don't Die .

The 1998 film Velvet Goldmine contains numerous references to Iggy Pop's career and relationship with David Bowie in the character of Curt Wild (played by Ewan McGregor ). Iggy Pop & the Stooges played at the wedding of Brandon C. "Bam" Margera and Melissa "Missy" Rothstein in early February 2007 . In the video game Grand Theft Auto IV , Iggy Pop can be heard as the radio host of the station LRR 97.8 Liberty Rock Radio . For the video game Driv3r he hosted the soundtrack. In 2010, he sang the song We're All Gonna Die by Slash , which is featured on Slash's debut solo album . "Kill City" starring James Williamson was included on The Wire's "100 Records That Set the World on Fire (While No One Was Listening)" wirelist .

In 2016 he had his most successful album to date with Post Pop Depression .

Rolling Stone ranked Iggy Pop 75th on their 100 Greatest Singers and The Stooges 78th on their 100 Greatest Musicians of All Time .

In September 2019 new solo album Free was released on Loma Vista Recordings , Caroline International , Universal Music labels . It has become a thoughtful late work, a far cry from the punk roar of his Stooges days. The Guardian critic calls it a patchwork of free jazz, poetry ( Lou Reed and Dylan Thomas ), ambience and Iggy-typical lyrics. The tracks are predominantly by jazz trumpeter Leron Thomas and shoegazing -inspired guitarist and film composer Noveller , both of whom also feature extensively musically on the album. The first live performance of the album took place in Paris in October 2019 and was recorded and broadcast by broadcaster Arte . With the two songs "Why Can't We Live Together" and Donovan's classic "Sunshine Superman" he was on Dr. Listen to Lonnie Smith's latest album Breathe (2021).


After a brief marriage to Wendy Weissberg (1968), which was annulled, and another marriage to Suchi Asano (1984–1998), Iggy Pop has been married to Nina Alu since 2008. He has one illegitimate son Eric Benson (b. 1970) with Paulette Benson. Iggy Pop lives in Miami .


With The Stooges

solo albums

year title Top placement, total weeks, awardchart positionschart positions
(Year, Title, Placements, Weeks, Awards, Notes)
 EN  AT  CH  UK  U.S
1977 the idiot UK30 (3 weeks)
U.S72 (13 weeks)
First published: March 18, 1977
Lust for Life UK28

(5 weeks)UK
U.S120 (6 weeks)
First published: September 9, 1977
Collaboration album with James Williamson
First released: November 1977
1978 TV Eye Live 1977
Live Album
First Release: May 1978
1979 New Values UK60 (4 weeks)
U.S180 (4 weeks)
First published: September 1979
1980 Soldier UK62 (2 weeks)
U.S125 (7 weeks)
First published: February 1980
1981 party U.S166 (5 weeks)
First published: June 1981
1982 Zombie Birdhouse
First published: September 1982
1986 Blah blah blah EN51 (1 week)
CH17 (5 weeks)
UK43 (7 weeks)
U.S75 (27 weeks)
First published: October 1986
1988 instinct EN54 (2 weeks)
CH28 (1 week)
UK61 (1 week)
U.S110 (12 weeks)
First published: June 1988
1990 Brick by brick EN34 (10 weeks)
CH35 (3 weeks)
UK50 (2 weeks)
U.S90 (37 weeks)
First published: June 1990
1993 American Caesar EN64 (7 weeks)
AT35 (2 weeks)
CH35 (1 week)
UK43 (1 week)
First published: September 1993
1996 Naughty Little Doggie EN51 (8 weeks)
AT33 (2 weeks)
CH42 (2 weeks)
First published: March 15, 1996
Nude & Rude: The Best of Iggy Pop UK99

(1 week)UK
Compilation album
First released: October 29, 1996
1999 Avenue B EN27 (4 weeks)
First published: September 20, 1999
2001 Beat Em Up EN70 (2 weeks)
AT71 (2 weeks)
CH96 (2 weeks)
First published: June 18, 2001
2003 scull ring
First published: September 30, 2003
2005 A Million in Prizes - The Anthology CH51 (4 weeks)
Compilation album
Initial release: July 19, 2005
2009 Préliminaires CH48 (3 weeks)
U.S187 (1 week)
First published: May 25, 2009
2012 apres
First published: May 9, 2012
2016 Post pop depression EN8 (6 weeks)
AT5 (5 weeks)
CH3 (8 weeks)
UK5 (6 weeks)
U.S17 (2 weeks)
Collaboration album with Josh Homme , Dean Fertita and Matt Helders
First released: March 18, 2016
2019 Free EN13 (4 weeks)
AT20 (2 weeks)
CH10 (6 weeks)
UK26 (1 week)
First published: September 6, 2019

gray hatched : no chart data from this year available


year title Top placement, total weeks, awardchart positionschart positions
(Year, Title, Placements, Weeks, Awards, Notes)
 EN  AT  CH  UK  U.S
2020 The Bowie Years EN87 (1 week)
Initial release: May 29, 2020
7-CD box set

More compilations

  • 1992: The Story of Iggy Pop
  • 1996: Best Of...Live
  • 1999: Nuggets


year title Top placement, total weeks, awardchart positionschart positions
(Year, Title, Placements, Weeks, Awards, Notes)
 EN  AT  CH  UK  U.S
1993 The Wild America UK63* (1 week)
*: Placement in the single charts
First published: August 1993
2018 Teatime Dub Encounters UK20 (1 week)
with Underworld Initial
release: July 27, 2018


chart positions

year title
Top placement, total weeks, awardchart positionschart positions
(Year, Title, Album , Rankings, Weeks, Awards, Notes)
 EN  UK  U.S  dancing
1979 I'm Bored
New Values
1981 Bang bang
dancing35 (7 weeks)
1986 Cry for Love
Blah Blah Blah
dancing19 (7 weeks)
Real Wild Child (Wild One)
Blah Blah Blah
EN28 (9 weeks)
UK10 (11 weeks)
1987 Shades
blah blah blah
UK87 (3 weeks)
1988 Cold Metal
1990 Livin' on the Edge of the Night
Brick by Brick
UK51 (4 weeks)
brick by brick
UK84 (3 weeks)
Brick by Brick
UK67 (1 week)
U.S28 (15 weeks)
Top ten hit in the Netherlands with Kate Pierson
1993 Wild America
American Caesar
UK63 (1 week)
1994 Beside You
American Caesar
UK47 (2 weeks)
1996 Lust for Life
Nude & Rude: The Best of Iggy Pop

(2 weeks)UK
Released in 1977, it was a top 10 hit in the Netherlands and
number 147 in Belgium on the Rolling Stone 500
1998 The Passenger UK22

(3 weeks)UK
released in 1977, re-released after being used in a commercial in 1998
1999 Corruption
Avenue B
UK100 (1 week)

More singles

  • 1977: Sister Midnight
  • 1977: China Girl
  • 1977: Success
  • 1977: Lust for Life
  • 1978: Some Weird Sin
  • 1978: I Got a Right
  • 1979: Five Foot One
  • 1980: Loco Mosquito
  • 1980: Knocking 'em Down (In the City)
  • 1981: Pumpin' for Jill
  • 1982: Run Like a Villain
  • 1987: Fire Girl
  • 1987: Isolation
  • 1988: High on You
  • 1988: Easy Rider
  • 1990: The Undefeated
  • 1993: Louie Louie
  • 1996: Heart is Saved
  • 1997: Monster Men
  • 2001: Mask
  • 2004: Little Know It All (with Sum 41 )
  • 2004: Motor Inn
  • 2012: If I'm in Luck I Might Get Picked Up (with Zig Zags)
  • 2016: Gardenia

guest posts

year title
Top placement, total weeks, awardchart positionschart positions
(Year, Title, Album , Rankings, Weeks, Awards, Notes)
 EN  UK  U.S
1991 Well did you Evah!
Red Hot + Blue
UK42 (4 weeks)
Deborah Harry & Iggy Pop
2004 Kick It
UK39 (3 weeks)
Peaches feat. Iggy Pop

More guest posts

  • 1987: In Risky by Ryūichi Sakamoto on the single of the same name
  • 1992: In Black Sunshine by White Zombie on the album La Sexorcisto: Devil Music, Vol. 1
  • 1993: In In the Deathcar , TV Screen , Get the Money and This Is a Film along with Goran Bregović on the soundtrack to Emir Kusturica 's Arizona Dream , which they co-authored
  • 1993: In Evil California with Terry Adams on the soundtrack to the Robert Altman film Short Cuts
  • 1994: Into Buckethead's Toy Store and Post Office Buddy of guitarist Buckethead on the album Giant Robot
  • 1999: In Death in Vegas ' Aisha on the album The Contino Sessions
  • 2000: In Enfilade and Rolodex Propaganda by the band At the Drive-In on the album Relationship of Command
  • 2002: In Fix It on the album Rise Above - A Tribute to Black Flag
  • 2003: In Rockicide by Millenia Nova on the album Narcotic Wide Screen Vista
  • 2003: In Kick It by Peaches on the album Fatherfucker
  • 2006: In punk rocker by the band Teddybears on the album Soft Machine
  • 2008: In Furies by the band Praxis on the album Profanation (Preparation for a Coming Darkness)
  • 2008: In Shot in the Head by the band Six Feet Under on the Death Rituals album
  • 2008: In He's Frank by The Brighton Port Authority on the album I Think We're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat
  • 2009: In Pain by DJ Danger Mouse on the album Dark Night of the Soul
  • 2010: In We're All Gonna Die by Slash on the album Slash
  • 2012: In It Don't Mean a Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing) by Joe Jackson on the album The Duke
  • 2012: In Dirty Love with Kesha on her album Warrior
  • 2013: In Iron Music by WestBam on the album Götterstrasse
  • 2015: In Stray Dog by New Order on the album Music Complete
  • 2021: In I Wanna Be Your Slave by Måneskin (with Iggy Pop)

video albums

year title Top placement, total weeks, awardchart positionschart positions
(Year, Title, Placements, Weeks, Awards, Notes)
 EN  AT  CH  UK  U.S
2016 Post Pop Depression – Live at the Royal Albert Hall UK3 (10 weeks)
First published: October 27, 2016

More video albums

  • 2004: Kiss My Blood: Live at the Olympia
  • 2005: Live at the Avenue B
  • 2007: Live in San Francisco





  • Call Me Iggy - The damn long way of Iggy Pop. (OT: Call me Iggy: une légende nommée Iggy Pop. ) Documentary, France, 2012, 43 min., Written and directed by: Jean Boué , Production: JAB film, ZDF , arte , Series: Summer of Rebels – The Wild Ones, First broadcast: July 29, 2012 on arte, table of contents from ARD .
  • Gimme Danger , 2016, directed by Jim Jarmusch .
  • The True Story of Punk (OT: Punk ). Directed by Jesse James Miller , documentary series produced by Iggy Pop.



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