Relationship of Command

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Relationship of Command
Studio album from At the Drive-In


September 2000

Label (s) Grand Royal Records

Format (s)


Genre (s)


Title (number)


running time

approx. 46 minutes

occupation Singing : Cedric Bixler-Zavala

Guitar : Omar Rodriguez Lopez
Guitar : Jim Ward
Bass : Paul Hinojos
Drums : Tony Hajjar


Ross Robinson

Studio (s)

Indigo Ranch Studios, Malibu , California (Photo taken in early 2000)

In / Casino / Out (1998) Relationship of Command This Station Is Non-Operational (2005)

Relationship of Command is the third and most successful music album by the US post-hardcore band At the Drive-In . It was published in September 2000 and was the last before its dissolution in February 2001. The titles One Armed Scissor , Invalid Litter Dept. and Rolodex Propaganda were released as a single.


After their first concerts in Europe in 1998 and a tour in the USA as the opening act for Guns n 'Roses , the band released the EP Vaya in the summer of 1999 . In order to reach a wider audience for their third album, the band decided to change the label to the Digital Entertainment Network , which went bankrupt in May 2000 and transferred the band to Grand Royal Records , the label of Beastie Boys member Mike D. , passed on.

Was produced Relationship of Command by Ross Robinson , who already for his work with Slipknot and Korn became known. He was also able to win Iggy Pop over to play a part at the beginning of Enfilade and to take over the background vocals at Rolodex Propaganda . The album was mixed by Andy Wallace .

For the first time in their history, the band had several weeks to record an album. The recordings began at the beginning of 2000 and lasted about 6 weeks, due to the label change the release was delayed until September 2000.

The album should be the last of the band for the time being, apart from the compilation This Station Is Non-Operational , released in 2005 , whose title is a quote from the song One Armed Scissor . On February 21, 2001 the band played their last gig in Groningen , after which they split up due to artistic differences. Cedric Bixler-Zavala and Omar Rodriguez Lopez first formed the band De Facto and later The Mars Volta while the other three members continued as Sparta .

Cover design

The artwork for the album and the three released singles was designed by Damon Locks and contains motifs around the theme of the Trojan horse .

Track list

  1. Arcarsenal - 2:55
  2. Pattern Against User - 3:17
  3. One Armed Scissor - 4:19
  4. Sleepwalk Capsules - 3:27
  5. Invalid Litter Dept. - 6:05
  6. Mannequin Republic - 3:02
  7. Enfilade - 5:01
  8. Rolodex Propaganda - 2:55
  9. Quarantined - 5:24
  10. Cosmonaut - 3:23
  11. Non-Zero Possibility - 5:36
  12. Extracurricular - 3:59 (bonus track on Fearless Records re-release )
  13. Catacombs - 4:14 (bonus track on the Fearless Records re-release )


Relationship of Command was a huge commercial success and was also received largely positively by critics. The album reached number 33 in the British charts. At the end of 2000, the album was only voted number 7 in the year-end charts by the readers of the German music magazine Visions , but reached number 6 among the 150 records for the ages in 2005.

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