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Range of the double bass

Strictly speaking, the word bass in music denotes nothing more than a pitch or pitch ( bass (pitch) such as tenor , baritone , alto or soprano ). In other contexts the term is also used as a synonym for different instruments in this pitch, i.e. H. those instruments that take over the bass line in a group of musicians . There is no such thing as the bass as a specific instrument. In general usage, however, - shaped by modern music ( jazz , rock , pop ,World music ) - mostly meant double basses or instruments related to the double bass ( electric bass , acoustic bass guitar ). In different musical environments, however, other instruments, such as the tuba for the brass section and the bass clarinet and the bass saxophone for the woodwind section , can also be referred to as bass. Singers with the singing voice bass are also called this.

Bass player

In the instrumental field, a bassist is a musician who plays one of the aforementioned instruments. While the importance of the bassist in classical music is mostly concentrated on creating the harmonic basis, in the areas of jazz as well as pop and rock music the bassist is also the determining and supporting role within the rhythm group . As with all other instruments, in these modern varieties the bassist also becomes a soloist and thus often spontaneously composes with an improvisation . The microtiming in the interaction of the rhythm group determines the groove .

Bass instruments

As a bass instrument one is musical instrument called when it

  • generally sounds in a low register and takes over the bass line in a musical event , for example violoncello , electric bass, double bass, bassoon , tuba or if there is
  • represents the deepest example of an instrument family , for example bass trombone , bass guitar, bass flute , large bass violin (double bass). Extended and varied prefixes such as “subbass”, “double bass”, “contrabass” are possible for instruments that are exceptionally built in even lower registers.
  • In addition to tenor, alto and baritone instruments, the steel pans (idiophone) family naturally also includes the bass.

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