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The Australian
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description Australian newspaper
publishing company News Limited
First edition 1964
Frequency of publication Monday to Saturday
Sold edition 135,000-305,000 copies
Editor-in-chief Chris Mitchell
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The Australian , often only briefly the Oz called, is a corporation founded in 1964, in Sydney , edited Australian daily newspaper with national circulation.

The Australian is the best-selling national newspaper in Australia , competing with The Australian Financial Review, which specializes in economic issues . Sales are 135,000 during the week and 305,000 on Saturdays. However, this is below the daily newspapers of the metropolitan regions. The Australian is published by Rupert Murdochs News Corporation , which also owns the only or best-selling daily newspapers in Sydney , Melbourne , Brisbane , Adelaide , Hobart and Darwin .


Editor in Chief Mitchell sees the newspaper as a center-right "just as happy with a laboratory - Prime Minister , as they did with John Howard was".

The Australian wrote about his stance on concerns of Aboriginal people , "We are putting pressure on matters which concern Aborigines. This is because our readers want the problem solved, and not just an apology. ”In contrast, the newspaper supported the theses of Keith Windschuttle , who claimed that academic historians exaggerated the extent of racism against Aboriginal people in Australian history.

The paper also directs its attention to the IT and mining industries . In addition, the Australian is also committed to church interests and beliefs.


Mary-Louise O'Callaghan 1997 and Hedley Thomas 2007 from Oz each won a "Gold Walkley", the most prestigious Australian press award.


The Australian also includes content from other News Corporation newspapers such as: The Wall Street Journal .


The daily coverage features news from across the country (The Nation) and international (Worldwide) , sports news and business news (Business) . Each of these departments is designed by employed well-known columnists and freelance writers. Other topics include technology (AustralianIT) , media, aircraft, horse racing ( Thoroughbreds) , arts, health, upbringing and education.

A travel recommendation is added on Saturdays, along with The Inquirer with an overview of weekly events and political reports. Reports on films, books and TV are also given. Wish is sold every first Monday of the month.

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