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News Corporation

legal form Corporation
ISIN US65248E1047
founding 1979
resolution June 28, 2013
Seat New York City , New York , United States
United StatesUnited States 
management Rupert Murdoch (Chairman and CEO )
Number of employees 51,000 (2010)
sales 32,778,000,000 US dollars (2010)
Branch media

The News Corporation (Abbreviated News Corp ) was one of the world's largest media conglomerates . The chairman and founder was Rupert Murdoch .

Formerly an Australian company based in Adelaide , it was re-established in the US state of Delaware on November 12, 2004 after approval by a majority of shareholders . The company was listed on the New York Stock Exchange and the London Stock Exchange , but continued to be listed on the Australian Stock Exchange.

The headquarters of the News Corporation was located in the Rockefeller Center complex on Avenue of the Americas (6th Avenue) in New York City .

In 2010, 51,000 employees generated profits of US $ 3.7 billion on sales of almost US $ 33 billion. The majority of sales came from the US business.

On June 28, 2013, News Corporation was split into two separate, publicly traded companies. The film and television business continued under the name of 21st Century Fox until its dissolution , the newspaper business under the old name of News Corp. Legally speaking, the 21st Century Fox is the old News Corporation that has been renamed.


News Corporation was founded in 1979 by Rupert Murdoch as a holding company for News Limited . News Limited founded Murdoch from the estate, which he inherited in 1952 after the death of his father Keith Murdoch and then expanded. The main stake in inheritance was ownership of the Adelaide News .

In 1986 and 1987 News Corp (through its subsidiary News International ) began to change the production process of its British newspapers, which had long been highly competitive by the printing unions. This led to disputes with the printing unions NGA and SOGAT . The move of News International's London stores to Wapping in the East End resulted in nightly fighting outside of the new operations, and vans and warehouses were frequently and violently attacked. Ultimately, however, the unions surrendered, and other media companies followed Murdoch's lead.

With the acquisition of the San Antonio News in 1973 Murdoch made his first acquisition in the USA. Soon after, he founded the National Star , a tabloid , and in 1976 bought the New York Post . In 1983 Sky Channel was acquired . On September 4, 1985, Murdoch became a citizen of the United States by naturalization in order to meet the legal requirement that only US citizens are allowed to own US television channels. In 1987 he bought The Herald and Weekly Times Ltd in Australia, a company his father once ran.

In 1991, his Australian News Corp had amassed enormous debts, forcing Murdoch to sell off many of his stakes in American magazines that he had acquired in the mid-1980s. Much of this debt came from the UK satellite Sky Television, which made massive losses in its early years and (like many of its holdings) was heavily subsidized by the profits of the other holdings until it was able to acquire rival satellite operator British in 1990 Forcing Satellite Broadcasting to agree to a merger on its terms. The merged company BSkyB has dominated the UK pay-TV market since then .

In 1995, News Corporation's Fox Broadcasting Company was scrutinized by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) when it was accused of having an Australian base making Murdoch's ownership of FOX illegal. The FCC, however, ruled in Murdoch's favor when it stated that ownership of FOX was in the public interest. That same year, News Corporation announced a deal with MCI Communications to both a large news site as well as a right-wing magazine, The Weekly Standard , to create. Also in 1995, News Corporation launched the Foxtel pay television network in Australia in partnership with Telstra .

In 1996, FOX founded the Fox News Channel , a 24-hour cable news channel. Since its inception, it has consistently gnawed at CNN's market share and describes itself as "the most-watched cable news channel".

In 1999, the takeover of a controlling majority in a leading Australian independent label, Michael Gudinski's Mushroom Records , resulted in a strong expansion of the Australian music holding of News Corp. The new acquisition was merged with its own company, Festival Records, to become Festival Mushroom Records (FMR). Both Festival and FMR were run by Murdoch's son James Murdoch for several years .

In late 2003, General Motors' News Corp acquired a 34 percent stake in Hughes Electronics , the operator of DirecTV , America's largest satellite television operator, for $ 6 billion .

Since October 2007, CNBC USA has had competition from Rupert Murdoch's business broadcaster Fox Business Network . He plans to spread his program worldwide.

In January 2008 the News Corporation acquired Unitymedia’s 14.58 percent stake in the German pay-TV broadcaster Premiere . A short time later, News Corporation increased its stake in Premiere by 5 percentage points by acquiring shares in Morgan Stanley . In April 2008, the stake in Premiere was increased to 22.7 percent. By November 2008, a blocking minority of 25.01 percent had been established. News Corporation already held 39.96 percent of the shares in August 2009 through a capital increase and further purchase of Premiere shares. After the News Corporation held 30.5 percent of Premiere, the station was renamed Sky Germany . The News Corporation now controls 49.9 percent of Sky Deutschland.


In August 2005, the Murdoch family owned about 29 percent of the company. Almost all of these shares are voting and Rupert Murdoch effectively retains control of the company. However, John Malone of Liberty Media has built up a larger stake of 32 percent, but only around half of that stake is entitled to vote. Even so, it is reported that Rupert Murdoch is concerned about losing control of his business. The next largest shareholder is the Saudi Arabian Prince al-Walid ibn Talal Al Saud . His Kingdom Holding holds seven percent of the shares.

News International

The News International Ltd. (until 2002 News International plc. ) is responsible for UK publications and newspapers within News Corporation . It reports to the three individual companies Times Newspapers Ltd ( The Times , The Sunday Times ), News Group Newspapers ( The Sun ) and NI Free Newspapers Limited . The British Sunday newspaper News of the World , which belongs to the group , was discontinued as a result of the News International scandal .


News Corp's holdings include:

Book publishers



United Kingdom

United States


  • InsideOut
  • SmartSource
  • TV Guide - through partnership Gemstar-TV Guide - American television magazine
  • Weekly Standard (sold in 2009 to the Clarity Media Group by Philip Anschutz )


  • Festival Mushroom Records (sold to Warner Music in 2005)
  • MySpace Records



Fox Filmed Entertainment

watch TV


Satellite and Pay TV

electric wire

  • Fox News Channel - 24 hour news channel
  • Fox Business Network - 24-hour business channel , on the air since October 15, 2007
  • Fox Movie Channel - a transmitter which, without commercial breaks, movies from 20th Century Fox broadcasting
  • Fox Soccer Channel - a digital cable broadcaster in the United States that specializes in soccer.
  • Fox Sports Net - chain of regional television sports broadcasters in the United States
  • Fox Sports World - sports channel, for Americans with international sports (soccer, cricket, ...)
  • Fox Sports en Español - Sports for Spanish-speaking Americans
  • Fox Sports en Latinoamérica
  • Foxtel (25 percent stake), Australia's largest satellite and cable broadcaster
  • FX Networks - repeats, recently also own formats
  • National Geographic Channel Documentaries
  • Speed ​​Channel - Motorsport
  • Sky One A UK - general entertainment
  • Sky News UK - News
  • Sky News AU / NZ - News
  • Sky Sports UK - Sports
  • Sky Movies UK - Movies
  • Sky Box Office UK - Pay-Per-View



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