The iguanas

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The Iguanas were a musical group from Ann Arbor , Michigan . She gained fame through Iggy Pop , who was the drummer and singer of this group.

Formed in 1963 by Jim McLaughlin and Iggy Pop, the band first appeared in public at a local high school youth talent show. The duo promptly received a paid appearance at one of the weekend dance events typical of the USA in the 1960s.

Early on, the band made instrumental demo recordings in the home studio of Jim McLaughlin's father. A trio was later formed with saxophonist Sam Swisher, followed by band members Don Swickerath ( bass ) and Nick Kolokithas ( guitar ). As early as 1964 the band was a small local size, moved from dance party to dance party and played in some clubs . In early 1965 there were further demo recordings, including the song Mona ( original version : Bo Diddley ) , which was only later released as a single , and Iggy Pop's first well-known original composition Again And Again . The band then appeared as the opening act for The Kingsmen , Four Tops and The Shangri-Las . In 1966 their only single Mona was released on the label Forte, which the band founded especially for this single . In the same year Iggy Pop left the band. After a record deal with Columbia failed, the band broke up in 1967.

It is probably thanks to the cult of Iggy Pop and The Stooges that a complete album was released on the Norton label in 1996, which in addition to the single also compiled parts of the demo recordings of this group from 1963 to 1964.