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David Michael Alexander (born June 3, 1947 in Ann Arbor , Michigan , † February 10, 1975 there ) was an American rock musician . He was the first bass player in the protopunk band The Stooges . He is counted at club 27 .


Dave Alexander, known as Zander or Dude Arnett , and the Asheton brothers Ron and Scott were school friends who all dropped out of high school early. Alexander initially played guitar and Asheton bass. With Iggy Pop they founded the band The Psychedelic Stooges in 1967 . Ron Asheton soon took over the guitar and Alexander switched to the bass.

Dave Alexander had a significant influence on the first two albums of the Stooges , as the band soon called themselves shortened. Iggy Pop and Ron Asheton said in interviews that he was the main author of various songs: We Will Fall and Little Doll (both on The Stooges ) and Dirt , 1970 and Fun House (on Fun House ).

From the age of eleven, Alexander regularly consumed alcohol and illegal drugs. He had a penchant for the occult and occupied himself among others with Aleister Crowley and Madame Blavatsky .

On August 8, 1970, Dave Alexander was fired by Iggy Pop after he came on stage under the influence of drugs and unable to play bass while the band performed at the Goose Lake International Music Festival .

Dave Alexander died on February 10, 1975 at St. Joseph's Mercy Hospital from long-term alcohol abuse. He already suffered from pancreatitis and died of acute pulmonary edema .


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