Arizona Dream

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German title Arizona Dream
Original title Arizona Dream
Country of production USA , France
original language English
Publishing year 1993
length 142 minutes
Age rating FSK 12
Director Emir Kusturica
script David Atkins
Emir Kusturica
production Paul R. Gurian
music Goran Bregović
camera Vilko Filač
cut Andrija Zafranović

Arizona Dream is a US-American - French film drama of Emir Kusturica from the year 1993 with Johnny Depp , Faye Dunaway , Lili Taylor , Vincent Gallo and Jerry Lewis in the lead roles.


Axel Blackmar works in New York as the assistant to a naturalist until his childhood friend Paul persuades him to travel to Arizona for a few days to attend the wedding of his foster uncle Leo with a much younger woman. There, Uncle Leo leaves no stone unturned in persuading him to take over the family business, a Cadillac subsidiary, and to settle in Arizona for an extended period of time.

Axel, who, like his uncle, definitely does not want to spend the rest of his life in the same place and with only one job, is finally persuaded to help out in the shop for a few days. He meets Elaine Stalker and her stepdaughter Grace. He falls in love with Elaine, who is being kept on a lavish estate by her rich stepdaughter. This leads to conflicts with Uncle Leo. He wants Axel to follow in his footsteps one day; he also thinks Elaine is too old for his nephew. Grace sabotages the relationship because she also falls in love with Axel and has always seen herself in competition with her stepmother.

Then Leo dies of a heart attack before the wedding . In a dream-like scene, Axel sees the ambulance flying to the moon with his uncle. At the Stalkers' estate, Grace commits suicide after Elaine's 41st birthday after confessing her love to Axel and discovering, to her horror, that she has become very much like her stepmother.


No. title Interpreter
1. In The Death Car Iggy Pop
2. Besame mucho Consuelo Velázquez
3. Get the money Iggy Pop
4th TV screen Iggy Pop
5. Atotonilco Juan José Espinoza
6th Bésame mucho Consuelo Velázquez
7th Novia mía José Antonio Méndez
8th. Se me hizo fácil Agustin Lara
9. El Sinaloense Severiano Briseño
10. Yo no me caso compadre Sebastian Curiel
11. Doll on a music box Richard M. Sherman
12. That Old Black Magic Harold Arlen
13. You're Driving Me Crazy Django Reinhardt
14th Minor swing Django Reinhardt
15th Topsy Django Reinhardt


The film, which contains numerous references to film classics such as The Invisible Third , How a Wild Bull and The Godfather II , was released in Germany on May 13, 1993. The film is the first US production by the Bosnian director Emir Kusturica, who also appears as a man in the bar.

An audio film version was made for television in 1998 . It was produced by Arte , the spokesperson is Katja Schild.


"A freaky film full of insidious traps and original tricks."

“Only a partially successful attempt to caricature the 'American way of life' with surreal-poetic dreams and from the point of view of a European. The excellently played, photographed and sound-technically superbly designed film tends to exuberant symbolism and is more and more caught up in a psychologizing obscurity that takes away much of its initial charm. "

"Despite the staging, which is sometimes overloaded with symbols, the director Emir Kusturica, who comes from Bosnia, succeeds in making one of the most charming films about the destruction of the American dream - not least because of his good acting performances."

- The chronicle of the film


The film ran in 1993 at the Berlinale in the competition for the Golden Bear and won the Silver Bear as a special jury award. In 1994 the director was awarded the audience prize at the Warsaw International Film Festival .

Gross profit

In the United States, where grossed $ 112,547, the film opened in three theaters on June 7, 1995.

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