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Israeli director Nadav Lapid with the trophy for Synonymes , 2019

The best feature film in the international competition is awarded the Golden Bear at the annual Berlin International Film Festival . This is the most important award of the festival even before the Grand Jury Prize ( Silver Bear ). As is the case with the Golden Lion of the Venice Film Festival or the Golden Palm of the Cannes Film Festival in relation to the respective city, the motif was taken from the city arms of Berlin . A competition jury, which is mostly composed of international filmmakers, votes on the award of the prize. The prize trophy was designed by the German artist Renée Sintenis and has also been awarded to the best entry in the Berlinale Shorts section , the international short film competition, since 2007.

Award winners

Best feature film

The works of American film directors were most frequently awarded the main prize in Berlin (13 wins), followed by their colleagues from France (8), Great Britain and Italy (7 each), Germany and Spain (6 each). Only Ang Lee from Taiwan has won the Golden Bear twice (1993 and 1996). In addition, the competition jury has been unable to agree on a winning film several times in the past, as happened in 2002 when Briton Paul Greengrass ( Bloody Sunday ) shared the Golden Bear with Hayao Miyazaki ( Spirited Away ). It was the second victory of an animated cartoon after the award of Cinderella in 1951. Also in 1951 was James Algars Valley of the Beavers for the first time awards a documentary, the first 2016 wildfire by Gianfranco Rosi another documentary victory followed.

Directors from German-language cinema were successful for the first time in 1951, when Die Vier im Jeep by Swiss Leopold Lindtberg was awarded together with four other productions. He was followed by the Germans Robert Siodmak (1955 for Die Ratten ), Peter Lilienthal (1979 for David ), Werner Schroeter (1980 for Palermo or Wolfsburg ), Rainer Werner Fassbinder (1982 for Die Sehnsucht der Veronika Voss ), Rainer Simon (1985 for Die Woman and the Stranger ), Reinhard Hauff (1986 for Stammheim ) and Fatih Akin (2004 for Gegen die Wand ).

As at the Cannes and Venice Film Festivals, victories by female filmmakers remained exceptional. After the Hungarian Márta Mészáros won the Golden Bear with her drama Adoption in 1975 , she was followed in 1977 by the Soviet director Larissa Schepitko ( Ascent ), in 2006 by the Bosnian Jasmila Žbanić ( Esma's secret - Grbavica ), in 2009 by the Peruvian Claudia Llosa ( A Pearl Eternity ), 2017 the Hungarian Ildikó Enyedi ( body and soul ) and 2018 the Romanian Adina Pintilie ( Touch Me Not ) .

year Original title German title Director Country of production
1951 1 In Beaver Valley In the valley of the beavers James Algar United States
Cinderella Cinderella Wilfred Jackson United States
Hamilton Luske
Clyde Geronimi
Justice est faite Jury court André Cayatte France
Sans laisser l'address Without specifying the address Jean-Paul Le Chanois France
The four in the jeep The four in the jeep Leopold Lindtberg Switzerland
1952 Hon dansade en sommar She only danced one summer Arne Mattsson Sweden
1953 Le salaire de la peur Reward for fear Henri-Georges Clouzot France , Italy
1954 Hobson's Choice I am the master of the house David Lean United Kingdom
1955 The rats The rats Robert Siodmak BR Germany
1956 Invitation to the Dance Invitation to dance Gene Kelly United States
1957 12 Angry Men The twelve jurors Sidney Lumet United States
1958 Smultronstället Wild strawberries Ingmar Bergman Sweden
1959 Les cousins Scream, If you can Claude Chabrol France
1960 El lazarillo de Tormes The rogue of Salamanca César Fernández Ardavín Spain , France
1961 La notte The night Michelangelo Antonioni Italy , France
1962 A Kind of Loving Just a touch of bliss John Schlesinger United Kingdom
1963 武士道 残酷 物語 (Bushidō zankoku monogatari) Bushido - oath of obedience Tadashi Imai Japan
Il diavolo Amore in Stockholm Gian Luigi Polidoro Italy
1964 Susuz yaz Dry summer Metin Erksan Turkey
1965 Alphaville, one étrange adventure de Lemmy Caution Lemmy Caution against Alpha 60 Jean-Luc Godard France , Italy
1966 Cul-de-sac When Katelbach comes ... Roman Polanski United Kingdom
1967 Le départ The start Jerzy Skolimowski Belgium
1968 Ole dole doff You are out Jan Troell Sweden
1969 Rani radovi Early works Želimir Žilnik Yugoslavia
1970 Prize not awarded because the Berlinale was canceled
1971 Il giardino dei Finzi Contini The garden of the Finzi Contini Vittorio De Sica Italy , FR Germany
1972 I racconti di Canterbury Pasolini's maddened stories Pier Paolo Pasolini Italy , France
1973 অশনি সংকেত Ashani Sanket Distant thunder Satyajit Ray India
1974 The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz Duddy aims high Ted Kotcheff Canada
1975 Örökbefogadás adoption Márta Mészáros Hungary
1976 Buffalo Bill and the Indians, or Sitting Bull's History Lesson Buffalo Bill and the Indians Robert Altman United States
1977 Восхождение (Woßchoschdenie) Ascent Larissa Yefimovna Shepitko Soviet Union
1978 2 Las truchas The trout José Luis Garcia Sanchez Spain
Las palabras de Max Conversations with Max Emilio Martínez Lázaro
Ascensor (short film) elevator Tomás Muñoz
1979 David David Peter Lilienthal BR Germany
1980 Heartland Land of my heart Richard Pearce United States
Palermo or Wolfsburg Palermo or Wolfsburg Werner Schroeter BR Germany
1981 Deprisa, deprisa Come on, speed! Carlos Saura Spain
1982 The yearning of Veronika Voss The yearning of Veronika Voss Rainer Werner Fassbinder BR Germany
1983 Ascendancy In the shadow of memory Edward Bennett United Kingdom
La colmena The beehive Mario Camus Spain
1984 Love Streams Love Streams John Cassavetes United States
1985 The woman and the stranger The woman and the stranger Rainer Simon GDR
Wetherby Wetherby David Hare United Kingdom
1986 Stammheim Stammheim Reinhard Hauff BR Germany
1987 Тема (Tema) The topic Gleb Anatolyevich Panfilov Soviet Union
1988 红 高粱 (Hóng Gāoliang) Red cornfield Zhang Yimou People's Republic of China
1989 Rain Man Rain Man Barry Levinson United States
1990 Music box Music Box - The Whole Truth Constantin Costa-Gavras United States
Skrivánci na niti Larks on a thread Jiří Menzel Czechoslovakia
1991 3 La casa del sorriso House of Delights Marco Ferreri Italy
1992 Grand Canyon Grand Canyon - In the heart of the city Lawrence Kasdan United States
1993 香魂 女 (Xiāng hún nǚ) The women of the lake of innocent souls Xie Fei People's Republic of China
喜宴 (Xǐyàn) The wedding banquet Ang Lee Taiwan , United States
1994 In the Name of the Father In the name of the father Jim Sheridan Ireland , UK
1995 L'appât The decoy Bertrand Tavernier France
1996 Sense and Sensibility Sense and sensuality Ang Lee United States
1997 The People vs. Larry Flynt Larry Flynt - The Naked Truth Miloš Forman United States
1998 Central do Brasil Central Station Walter Salles Brazil , France
1999 The Thin Red Line The fine line Terrence Malick United States
2000 Magnolia Magnolia Paul Thomas Anderson United States
2001 Intimacy Intimacy Patrice Chereau France , United Kingdom , Germany , Spain
2002 千 と 千尋 の 神 隠 し (Sen to Chihiro no kamikakushi) Spirited Away Hayao Miyazaki Japan
Bloody Sunday Bloody Sunday Paul Greengrass United Kingdom , Ireland
2003 In This World In This World - departure into the unknown Michael Winterbottom United Kingdom
2004 Against the wall Against the wall Fatih Akin Germany , Turkey
2005 U-Carmen e-Khayelitsha U-Carmen Mark Dornford-May South Africa
2006 Grbavica Esma's secret - Grbavica Jasmila Žbanić Austria , Bosnia and Herzegovina , Germany , Croatia
2007 图 雅 的 婚事 (Túyǎ de hūnshì) Tuya's wedding Wang Quan'an People's Republic of China
2008 Tropa de Elite Tropa de Elite José Padilha Brazil
2009 La teta asustada A pearl forever Claudia Llosa Peru , Spain
2010 Bal Bal - honey Semih Kaplanoğlu Turkey , Germany
2011 جدایی نادر از سیمین (Djodai-ye Nader az Simin) Nader and Simin - A separation Asghar Farhadi Iran
2012 Cesare deve the Caesar must die Paolo Taviani Italy
Vittorio Taviani
2013 Poziția Copilului Mother son Călin Peter Netzer Romania
2014 白日 焰火 (Báirì yàn huǒ) Fireworks in broad daylight Diao Yinan People's Republic of China
2015 تاکسی (Taxi) Taxi Tehran Jafar Panahi Iran
2016 Fuocoammare Sea fire Gianfranco Rosi Italy
2017 Testről és lélekről body and soul Ildikó Enyedi Hungary
2018 Touch Me Not Touch Me Not Adina Pintilie Romania , Germany , Czech Republic , Bulgaria , France
2019 Synonymes Synonymes Nadav Lapid France , Israel , Germany
2020 شیطان وجود ندارد (Sheytan vojud nadarad) But there is no evil Mohammad Rasulof Germany , Czech Republic , Iran
1In 1951, the prize was awarded according to the genres of documentation ( In Beaver Valley ), drama ( The four in a jeep ), comedy ( without giving the address ), crime or adventure film ( jury ) and music film ( Cinderella ).
2In 1978 the jury could not agree on a winning film and awarded the Golden Bear to the country of Spain for its total contribution, including the two films in the competition The Trout and Conversations with Max .
3Marco Ferrari's award for his film Haus der Freuden was also in recognition of his oeuvre.

Best short film

year Original title German title Director Length
(in min.)
1955 1 Carpenters of the forest Carpenters of the forest Heinz Sielmann k. A.
1956 Paris la nuit The night in Paris Jacques Baratier 23 '
1957 Gente lontana People in the distance Lionetto Fabbri k. A.
1958 La lunga raccolta Olive harvest in Calabria Lionetto Fabbri 22 '
1959 Prijs de zee Praise the sea Herman van der Horst 24 '
1960 Le songe des chevaux sauvages The dream of the wild horses Denys Colomb de Daunant 11 '
1961 Face off the peg? Face off the peg? Raimond Rühl 12 '
1962 De werkelijkheid van Karel Appel The painter Karel Appel Jan Vrijman 15 '
1963 Bouwspelement Building impressions Charles Huguenot van der Linden 18 '
1964 Kirdi Kirdi Max Lersch 25 '
1965 Yeats Country The home of the poet Yeats Patrick Carey 18 '
1966 Knud Knud Jørgen Roos 31 '
1967 Through the eyes of a painter Impressions MF Hussain 18 '
1968 Portrait of Orson Welles Portrait of Orson Welles François Reichenbach
Frédéric Rossif
41 '
1969 To See Or Not To See To See Or Not To See Bretislav Pojar 15 '
1970 Prize not awarded because the Berlinale was canceled
1971 1501 1/2 The apartment Paul B. Price k. A.
1972 Flyaway Flyaway Robin Lehman 11 '
1973 Colter's Hell Colter's hell Robin Lehman 12 '
1974 The Concert The concert Claude Chagrin 12 '
1975 lake lake Robin Lehman 15 '
1976 Horu - Munakata shiko no sekai Munakata the wood carver Takeo Yanagawa 36 '
1977 Out of town ... formerly living in Mainzer Landstrasse Out of town ... formerly living in Mainzer Landstrasse Hedda Rinneberg
Hans Sachs
12 '
1978 Co jsme udelali slepícim What did we do to the hens? Josef Hekrdle
Vladimír Jiránek
06 '
1979 Ubu Ubu Geoff Dunbar 18 '
1980 Hlavy Heads Petr Sís 08th'
1981 History Of The World In Three Minutes Flat World history in exactly three minutes Michael Mills 04 '
1982 Loutka, pritel cloveka The doll, man's friend Ivan Renc 07 '
1983 Možnosti Dialogu The possibilities of dialogue Jan Švankmajer 11 '
1984 Cykel symphonies Bicycle symphony Åke Sandgren 09 '
1985 No. 1 - From reports of the security and patrol services No. 1 - From reports of the security and patrol services Helke Sander 10 '
1986 Tom Goes To The Bar Tom goes to the pub Dean Parisot 10 '
1987 Curriculum vitae not known Pavel Koutsky 09 '
1988 Oblast The power Zdravko Barisic 02 '
1989 Pas à deux Pas à deux Monique Renault
Gerrit van Dijk
06 '
1990 Mistertao Mistertao Bruno Bozzetto 03 '
1991 Six Point Nine Six point nine Dan Bootzin 08th'
1992 Prize not awarded
1993 bolero bolero Ivan Maximov 06 '
1994 Hamu ash Ferenc Cakó 06 '
1995 Repetition Repeat Michaela Pavlátová 08th'
1996 Pribitie poezda The arrival of the train Andrei Zheleznyakov 09 '
1997 Senaste nytt The Latest News Per Carleson 03 '
1998 I Move So I Am I Move So I Am Gerrit van Dijk 08th'
1999 Faraon Pharaoh Sergei Michailowitsch Ovcharow 10 '
Masks Masks Piotr Karwas 05 '
2000 Homage to Alfred Lepetit Homage to Alfred Lepetit Jean Rousselot 09 '
2001 Âme Noire Black Soul Martine Chartrand 10 '
2002 At dawning At dawning Martin Jones 10 '
2003 (A) Torzija (A) torsion Stefan Arsenijević 15 '
2004 Un cartus de kent si un pachet de cafea Cigarettes and Coffee Cristi Puiu 13 '
2005 Milk Milk Peter Mackie Burns 10 '
2006 Aldrig som första went! Never like the first time! Jonas Odell 15 '
2007 Raak Hit Hanro Smitsman 10 '
2008 O zi buna de plaja A nice day for swimming Bogdan Mustata 10 '
2009 Please say something Please say something David O'Reilly 10 '
2010 Handelse vid bank Incident in front of a bank Ruben Östlund 12 '
2011 Paranmanjang Night fishing Chan-wook
Park Chan-kyong Park
33 '
2012 Rafa not known João Salaviza 25 '
2013 La fugue The runaway Jean-Bernard Marlin 22 '
2014 Tant qu'il nous reste des fusils à pompe As long as we have pump guns Caroline Poggi
Jonathan Vinel
30 '
2015 Hosanna not known Well Young-kil 25 '
2016 Balada de um Batráquio Ballad of Batrachia Leonor Teles 11 '
2017 Cidade Pequena Small city Diogo Costa Amarante 19 '
2018 The Men Behind the Wall not known Ines Moldavsky 28 '
2019 umbra umbra Florian Fischer
Johannes Krell
20 '
2020 T T Keisha Rae Witherspoon 14 '
a In 1955, a "Small Golden Plaque" was awarded as an award.

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