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Jasmila Žbanić (2010)

Jasmila Žbanić (born December 19, 1974 in Sarajevo ) is a Bosnian film director living in Germany .

life and work

Žbanić received her training at the Academy of Performing Arts in Sarajevo. In 1995 she went to the USA and worked as a puppeteer in the Bread and Puppet Theater . In 1997 she came back to Sarajevo and started a film production company. She shot several art videos and documentaries herself, which were shown at the 2004 Documenta in Kassel . Her feature film debut Grbavica - Grbavica was awarded the 2006 Golden Bear at the International Film Festival in Berlin excellent.

She was voted number 3 of the personalities of 2006 by the daily newspaper Nezavisne Novine from Banja Luka .

In 2010 she received another invitation to the competition of the 60th Berlin Film Festival for her feature film Between Us Das Paradies (English-language festival title: On the Path ) . In the same year, at the Munich Film Festival , she received the Peace Prize of German Film - The Bridge, endowed with 10,000 euros, for this film, which was released in German cinemas on September 2, 2010 under the distribution title Between Us, Paradise .

On February 23, 2014, Žbanić received the KAIROS Prize 2014 at the Deutsches Schauspielhaus Hamburg .

Your feature film Quo Vadis, Aida? about the massacre in Srebrenica was invited to the 2020 Golden Lion competition at the 77th Venice International Film Festival . The film was nominated for Best Foreign Language Film at the Academy Awards 2021 and received the European Film Award in December 2021, as did Žbanić for best director.

In 2021 she was appointed to the international jury of the 71st Berlin Film Festival . In the same year she headed the jury of the Orizzonti sub-section at the 78th Venice Film Festival .

Jasmila Žbanić lives in Berlin.

Political commitment

During the protests in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2014 , Croatian Prime Minister Zoran Milanović visited the city of Mostar . Žbanić criticized this visit as part of an interview for the H-Alter portal and ended the interview with the words “Milanoviću, marš kući!”, Meaning “Milanović, march home!”. Her statement was then quoted on the evening news of several Croatian TV channels.

Žbanić is a member of the movement Democracy in Europe 2025 (DiEM25), founded in 2016, and a signatory of the declaration published in 2017 on the common language of Croatians , Serbs , Bosniaks and Montenegrins .


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