Berlin International Film Festival 1986

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The Berlin International Film Festival 1986 took place from February 14 to 25. February 1986 instead.

The Berlinale got off to a brilliant start this year with the out-of-competition opening film Ginger and Fred by Federico Fellini . The dancing couple Amelia ( Giulietta Masina ) and Pippo ( Marcello Mastroianni ) brought the Berlinale off to a lively start in memories of Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire .

One of the highlights of the festival this year took place in the “International Forum of Young Films”. Claude Lanzmann presented his 9-hour documentary Shoah here .

The “ Berlinale Camera ” was awarded for the first time at this festival . One of the first prizewinners was Fred Zinnemann , to whom the festival also dedicated a retrospective.


The following films took part in the competition this year:

Movie title Director Country of production Actor (selection)
Anne Trister - In-Between Spaces (Anne Trister) Léa pool Canada
At Close Range (At Close Range) James Foley United States Sean Penn , Christopher Walken , Mary Stuart Masterson , Chris Penn
Camorra Lina Wertmüller Italy Ángela Molina , Harvey Keitel
Caravaggio Derek Jarman Great Britain Nigel Terry , Tilda Swinton
Escape to the north Ingemo Engström Germany , Finland Katharina Thalbach , Lena Olin
Gilsodom In the Kwon-taek South Korea
Gonza, the lance fighter Masahiro Shinoda Japan
The house on the river Roland Graef GDR Katrin Saß , Sylvester Groth , Jutta Wachowiak , Rolf Hoppe
Heidenlöcher Wolfram Paulus Austria , Germany
The lamb's smile Shimon Dotan Israel
Passions (Interno Berlinese) Liliana Cavani Italy , Germany Gudrun Landgrebe , Kevin McNally , Hanns Zischler , Massimo Girotti
Love me! (Älska mej) Kay Pollak Sweden
Mania - American Tales of Terror Paul Lynch , David M. Robertson , John Sheppard ( episode film ) Canada , USA
My first 200 years Gyula Máar Hungary
My love my love Eduard Zachariev Hungary , Bulgaria
My brother-in-law killed my sister Jacques Rouffio France Michel Serrault , Michel Piccoli , Juliette Binoche
The fair is over Nanni Moretti Italy
The dawn Miklós Jancsó France , Hungary , Israel Michael York
Paso Doble Dan Pita Romania
A young composer's journey Georgi Schengelaja Soviet Union
Red kisses Véra Belmont France , Germany Charlotte Valandrey , Lambert Wilson , Marthe Keller
The red-haired Theo Paco Lucio Spain
Stammheim Reinhard Hauff Germany Therese Affolter , Hans Kremer , Ulrich Pleitgen , Ulrich Tukur
Great moment Suzana Amaral Brazil Marcelia Cartaxo , Fernanda Montenegro
Trouble in Mind Alan Rudolph United States Kris Kristofferson , Keith Carradine , Lori Singer

International jury

The president of the international jury this year was the Italian actress Gina Lollobrigida . She chaired the following jury: Lindsay Anderson (Great Britain), August Coppola (USA), Rudi Fehr (USA), Werner Grassmann (Germany), Otar Iosseliani (USSR), Norbert Kückelmann (Germany), Francoise Maupin (France), Rosaura Revueltas (Mexico), Jerzy Toeplitz (Poland), Naoki Togawa (Japan).

The jury president Gina Lollobrigida distanced herself from the award of the Golden Bear for the film Stammheim .

Award winners

There was an uproar this year at the award ceremony . Jury President Gina Lollobrigida did not agree with the jury's decision on the winning film and made this public. For the first time in the history of the Berlinale, a jury member broke the command of silence.

Further prices

Out of competition

The Berlinale used the following films for their German premieres. They ran in competition, but out of competition:

Children's film festival

For the first time, a jury was formed for the Children's Film Festival that consisted only of children. This became an integral part of the Berlinale in the following years.

Children's film festival prices

  • Prize of the children's jury: Mister Doomsday by Bill Miskelly
  • UNICEF Prize: Mister Doomsday by Bill Miskelly

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