Berlin International Film Festival 1971

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The 1971 Berlin International Film Festival took place from June 25th to July 6th, 1971.

After the scandal of the Berlinale in 1970 , when the entire jury to jury president George Stevens in protest and disagreement over the film o. K. by Michael Verhoeven had resigned, was the Berlinale in 1971 under the sign of reform. The scandal was also the hour of birth for the International Forum of Young Films . Forum founder Ulrich Gregor took over the management of the festival and had equal rights with Alfred Bauer . From then on Gregor gave the progressive young film a podium which, in addition to the competition, helped young filmmakers to gain international attention.

Wolf Donner saw in his gleanings in the time of 9 July 1971 in the clean separation of art and commerce (Forum and competition) Although a rotten compromise, however, was that the 21st Berlinale without forum would have been a complete flop. The films of social criticism, riot, polemics, aggression and agitation are forgotten: the whole world produces love stories in bulk and in detail, banal triangular stories and trivialities from the poetry album, inflated into soulful, extremely bombastic and flavourful melodramas. The soft wave has broken out, a cinema of love and beauty, of new inwardness and unconditional aestheticism. After the debacle last year when the festival was canceled and its director, Dr. Bauer, resigned, it was believed that something would really change here. But the A status of the competition (official country nominations and films not yet shown publicly or at other festivals), the international jury, the prizes and also Dr. Bauer stayed. And the smooth, pleasant, insignificant “world premieres”, among which only the films by Delvaux , Bresson and perhaps Pasolini ( Decameron ) are worth exploring, too. The official program this year is as questionable and absurd as a tax-subsidized fair of dime novels, boulevard theater performances or bedroom and sofa pictures would have been.


The following films were shown in competition at the Berlinale 1971:

Movie title Director Country of production Actor (selection)
Ai futatabi Kon Ichikawa Japan Renaud Verley
Ang .: Lone Franz Ernst Denmark
Bloomfield Richard Harris , Uri Zohar UK , Israel Richard Harris , Romy Schneider
Como Era Gostoso or Meu Francês Nelson Pereira dos Santos Brazil
Decameron Pier Paolo Pasolini Italy , France , Germany
Don't you think we're crying Stanley Kramer United States
Dulcima Frank Nesbitt Great Britain Carol White , John Mills , Stuart Wilson
The first days Herbert Holba Austria
The garden of the Finzi Contini Vittorio De Sica Italy , Germany Lino Capolicchio , Dominique Sanda , Fabio Testi , Helmut Berger
Lucky shit Vilgot Sjoman Sweden
Jaider, the lonely hunter Volker Vogeler Germany Gottfried John
The cat Pierre Granier-Deferre France , Italy Jean Gabin , Simone Signoret
Love is War Ragnar Lasse-Henriksen Norway
Ninì Tirabusciò Marcello Fondato Italy Monica Vitti
Rdece klasje Zivojin Pavlovic Yugoslavia
Rendezvous in Bray André Delvaux France , Belgium , Germany Anna Karina , Mathieu Carrière , Bulle Ogier
Desperate people Frank D. Gilroy United States Shirley MacLaine , Kenneth Mars
Four nights of a dreamer Robert Bresson France
Who loves in the glass house ... the ditch Michael Verhoeven Germany Senta Berger , Hartmut Becker , Marianne Blomquist
Whity Rainer Werner Fassbinder Germany Ron Randell , Hanna Schygulla , Harry Baer , Ulli Lommel

International jury

The jury president this year was Björn Rasmussen from Denmark . Other jury members: Walter Albuquerque Mello (Brazil), Paul Claudon (France), Ida Ehre (Germany), Kenneth Harper (Great Britain), Mani Kaul (India), Charlotte Kerr (Germany), Rex Reed (USA) and Giancarlo Zagni (Italy) ).

Award winners

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