Berlin International Film Festival 1979

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The 1979 Berlin International Film Festival began on February 20, 1979 and ended on March 3, 1979. At this festival there was a scandal when the delegations of the socialist countries in protest against the screening of the film, which they believed to be offensive to the Vietnamese people, by the Hell go by Michael Cimino peeled off their films and festival participants. Going through Hell was shown in competition outside of competition.


The following films took part in the competition this year:

Movie title Director Country of production Actor (selection)
Alexandria ... why? Youssef Chahine Egypt , Algeria
El Corazón del Bosque Manuel Gutiérrez Aragón Spain Ángela Molina
David Peter Lilienthal Germany Mario Fischel , Walter Taub , Eva Mattes
The marriage of Maria Braun Rainer Werner Fassbinder Germany Hanna Schygulla , Klaus Löwitsch , Ivan Desny
Ernesto Salvatore Samperi Italy , Spain , Germany Virna Lisi
The first polka Klaus Emmerich Germany Erland Josephson , Maria Schell
Gurdjieff: Encounters with remarkable people Peter Brook Great Britain Dragan Maksimovic
Hardcore - A father sees red Paul Schrader United States George C. Scott , Peter Boyle
The emperor Jösta Hagelbäck Sweden
Kassbach - a portrait Peter Patzak Austria Walter Kohut
Love on the run François Truffaut France Jean-Pierre Léaud , Marie-France Pisier , Claude Jade
Girl years Jeanne Moreau France , Germany Simone Signoret
A Ménesgazda András Kovács Hungary
Messidor Alain Tanner France , Switzerland
Movie Movie Stanley Donen United States George C. Scott , Red Buttons , Eli Wallach
Nosferatu - Phantom of the Night Werner Herzog France , Germany Klaus Kinski , Isabelle Adjani , Bruno Ganz
Winter children Astrid Henning-Jensen Denmark Bright Hertz

International jury

Jörn Donner was the jury president this year. She presided over the following jury: Georg Alexander (Germany), Paul Bartel (USA), Liliana Cavani (Italy), Ingrid Caven (Germany), Julie Christie (Great Britain), Pál Gábor (Hungary) and Romain Gary (France).

Award winners

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  • 50 Years of the Berlinale - International Film Festival 1951–2000 by Wolfgang Jacobsen

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