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Peter Boyle at the premiere of the film FIST , 1978.

Peter Lawrence Boyle (* 18th October 1935 in Philadelphia , Pennsylvania ; † 12. December 2006 in New York City ) was a US -American actor .


Boyle began his career in the United States Army , which he had to leave because of a nervous breakdown . He was then a monk in a Christian brotherhood until the late 1950s before devoting himself to acting. He took acting lessons from the acting teacher Uta Hagen in New York City and appeared in his first off-Broadway performances. After national theater performances, he later became a member of the well-known improvisation troupe Second City in Chicago .

In the late 1960s, his first supporting and extras on television followed his debut role in The Virgin President (1968) and a short scene in the critically acclaimed film Medium Cool from 1969.

In 1970 he got the title role in the drama Joe - Revenge for America , in which Boyle played an ultra-conservative and alcoholic factory worker on the side of Susan Sarandon . The film was controversial at the time of its release because of its violence and objectionable language. Ironically, Boyle often protested against the Vietnam War at the time, along with actress Jane Fonda , with whom he was close friends

As Peter Boyle did not specify in his acting work on hard-hearted characters, he refused to Joe - revenge for America the role of "Detective Jimmy, Popeye 'Doyle" in the multi- Oscar -prämierten police drama French Connection - focus Brooklyn off by the Gene Hackman became world famous and for which he received an Oscar.

Boyle was able to prove his comic skills in 1974 in Mel Brooks ' successful satire Frankenstein Junior , in which he - alongside Gene Wilder - played the monster. In 1977 he impersonated US Senator Joseph McCarthy in the television drama Tail Gunner Joe , for which he also earned a lot of recognition.

Boyle, known for both comic and dramatic roles, was seen in supporting roles as a character actor more often than in leading roles. These included roles in Taxi Driver , The Dream Team and Shadow and The Curse of Khan . In 2002 Boyle directed the science fiction comedy The Adventures of Pluto Nash with Eddie Murphy and Rosario Dawson .

Boyle's television activities included roles in television films such as Dangerous Fame - Rise and Fall of Oliver North and In the Lake of the Woods . He was also often seen in guest roles in television series. For the embodiment of the clairvoyant assessed insurance seller "Clyde Bruckman" in the third season of the US mystery series The X-Files won Boyle an Emmy . From 1996 to 2005 Peter Boyle played the ill-tempered "Frank Barone" grandfather in the US comedy series Everybody Loves Raymond (Engl. Everybody Loves Raymond ), for its presentation, he was also nominated several times for an Emmy, which he never received.

Peter Boyle had been married to Loraine Alterman since 1977, whom he met while filming Frankenstein Junior in full costume as Frankenstein's monster. He and her had two daughters, Lucy and Amy. Through his wife Loraine, then a reporter for the music magazine Rolling Stone and friend of Yoko Ono , he met John Lennon of the Beatles , with whom he was close friends until his murder and who was one of the best man at Boyle's wedding . They also lived in the famous Dakota Building in New York .

In 1990, Peter Boyle suffered a stroke that also damaged his speech center, so that he could not speak for almost half a year. Nine years later, the American actor suffered a heart attack on the set of Everybody Loves Raymond .

On December 12, 2006, Peter Boyle died of complications from heart disease and bone marrow cancer at the age of 71.

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