Berlin International Film Festival 1958

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The 1958 Berlin International Film Festival took place from June 27th to July 8th, 1958.

Willy Brandt opened the festival for the first time as the new Governing Mayor of Berlin . In his opening speech, Brandt praised the diversity of international film, whose art of representation is hardly less different than the language and customs of the peoples. At the end of the festival, the critics not only praised the diversity, but above all the large number of exceptionally good films that made the eighth edition of the festival one of the most successful.


This year the following films faced the judgment of the international jury in the competition:

Movie title Director Country of production Actor (selection)
May 10th Franz Schnyder Switzerland Therese Giehse , Heinz Reincke
Anna of Brooklyn Carlo Lastricati Italy , France Gina Lollobrigida , Vittorio De Sica
Ash Wednesday Roberto Gavaldón Mexico María Félix
Do Ankhen Barah Haath V. Shantaram India V. Shantaram , Sandhya
Freezing cold in Alexandria - firestorm over Africa J. Lee Thompson Great Britain John Mills , Sylvia Syms , Anthony Quayle
It happened in broad daylight Ladislao Vajda Germany , Switzerland , Spain Heinz Rühmann , Gert Fröbe , Michel Simon
Escape in chains Stanley Kramer United States Tony Curtis , Sidney Poitier
The strange gods Román Viñoly Barreto Argentina
The hunted Nikos Koundouros Greece
Mitsuko - story of a young love Tadashi Imai Japan
Law is law Christian-Jaque Italy , France Totò , Fernandel
Golden mountains Gabriel Axel Denmark
High the illusion Rafael Gil Spain
Girl in uniform Géza from Radványi Germany , France Lilli Palmer , Romy Schneider , Therese Giehse
Miriam William Markus Finland
One night in hell Samouel Khachikian Iran
The Bella Vista Rebel Emilio Fernández Mexico
Crime scene ... Cairo Central Station Youssef Chahine Egypt Farid Shawqi , Hind Rostom , Youssef Chahine , Hassan el Baroudi
Deadly temptation Eisuke Takizawa Japan
Tom Dooley - Hero of the Green Hell Zygmunt Sulistrowski Germany , Brazil John Sutton
Wild strawberries Ingmar Bergman Sweden Victor Sjöström , Bibi Andersson , Ingrid Thulin
The wind is wild George Cukor United States Anna Magnani , Anthony Quinn , Anthony Franciosa
Time to live and time to die Douglas Sirk United States John Gavin , Liselotte Pulver
Back to life Arild Brinchmann Norway

International jury

This year the American director Frank Capra was the jury president. He presided over the following jury: Gerhard T. Buchholz (Germany), Duilio Coletti (Italy), Willy Haas (Germany), Gerhard Lamprecht (Germany), Jean Marais (France), LB Rao (India), Leopold Reidemeister (Germany), Paul Rotha (Great Britain), Michi Tanaka (Japan), J. Novais Teixeira (Brazil).

Award winners

Other award winners


  • 50 Years of the Berlinale - International Film Festival 1951–2000 by Wolfgang Jacobsen

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