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The 64th Berlin International Film Festival (Berlinale) took place from February 6 to 16, 2014. The festival was under the direction of Dieter Kosslick for the 13th time . The Golden Bear for the best film in the international competition went to the Chinese director Diao Yinan and his film Fireworks in Broad Daylight (Bai Ri Yan Huo) .

In the official sections, including the International Competition, the first film contributions were announced from December 2013. The opening film was Grand Budapest Hotel by Wes Anderson . As in the previous year, the opening gala was moderated by Anke Engelke and broadcast on television by 3sat .

As early as November 2013, it was announced that British director Ken Loach would receive the Honorary Golden Bear for his life's work. Film producer Karl Baumgartner , who died shortly after receiving the award in March 2014, was awarded the Berlinale Camera .

Official Sections

International competition

Jury President James Schamus

International jury

The composition of the international jury was announced on January 14, 2014. The jury president was the American producer James Schamus . He was supported by the American producer Barbara Broccoli , the Danish actress Trine Dyrholm , the Iranian filmmaker and artist Mitra Farahani , the American actress Greta Gerwig , the French filmmaker Michel Gondry , the Chinese actor Tony Leung and the Austrian actor Christoph Waltz .


In the competition program, 23 films were shown, 20 of which took part in the competition for the Golden and Silver Bears, the other three were out of competition. There were 18 world premieres and three feature film debuts. Four films in competition came from Germany and as many as in 2006 no longer: Beloved Sisters of Dominik Graf , Jack of Edward Berger , crossroads of Dietrich Brüggemann and between worlds by Feo Aladag . Macondo , Sudabeh Mortezai's feature film debut, comes from Austria .

Film title (reference title) Director country Actor (selection)
'71 Yann Demange Great Britain Jack O'Connell , Sean Harris
Aimer, boire et chanter
(Life of Riley)
Alain Resnais France Sabine Azéma , Sandrine Kiberlain
Aloft Claudia Llosa Spain, Canada, France Jennifer Connelly , Cillian Murphy
Fireworks in broad daylight
(Bai Ri Yan Huo)
Diao Yinan People's Republic of China, Hong Kong Liao Fan , Kwai Lun-Mei
Boyhood Richard Linklater United States Patricia Arquette , Ethan Hawke
Chiisai Ouchi
(The Little House)
Yōji Yamada Japan Takako Matsu , Haru Kuroki
One at a time
(power idiots)
Hans Petter Moland Norway, Sweden, Denmark Stellan Skarsgård , Bruno Ganz
The beloved sisters Dominik Graf Germany, Austria Hannah Herzsprung , Florian Stetter , Henriette Confurius
Grand Budapest Hotel Wes Anderson Great Britain, Germany Ralph Fiennes , Tony Revolori
Historia del miedo
(History of Fear)
Benjamin Naishtat Argentina, Uruguay, Germany, France Jonathan Da Rosa , César Bordón
Jack Edward Berger Germany Ivo Pietzcker , Georg Arms
Way of the Cross Dietrich Brüggemann Germany, France Lea van Acken , Franziska Weisz
Macondo Sudabeh Mortezai Austria Ramasan Minkailov , Aslan Elbiev
Futuro Beach (Praia do Futuro) Karim Ainouz Brazil, Germany Wagner Moura , Clemens Schick
La tercera orilla
(The Third Side of the River)
Celina Murga Argentina, Germany, Netherlands Alián Devetac , Daniel Veronese
To mikro psari
Yannis Economides Greece, Germany, Cyprus Vangelis Mourikis , Vicky Papadopoulou
Tui Na
(blind massage)
Lou Ye People's Republic of China, France Guo Xiaodong , Qin Hao
La voie de l'ennemi
(Two Men in Town)
Rachid Bouchareb France, Algeria, USA, Belgium Forest Whitaker , Harvey Keitel
Wu Ren Qu
(No Man's Land)
Ning Hao People's Republic of China Xu Zheng , Yu Nan
Between worlds Feo Aladag Germany Ronald Zehrfeld , Mohsin Ahmady
Out of competition

Berlinale shorts

In the Berlinale Shorts series , feature, documentary, experimental and animated films with a maximum length of 30 minutes are shown. International contributions must not have been shown outside of their country of origin before the Berlinale performance; German contributions must be world premieres. The International Short Film Jury consisted of the Indonesian director Edwin, curator Nuno Rodrigues from Portugal and curator and director Christine Tohme from Lebanon. A total of 25 contributions were shown in 2014 as part of the Berlinale Shorts series . In addition to the Golden Bear for the best short film and the Silver Bear, the jury also awarded the nomination for the European Short Film Prize and the DAAD Short Film Prize.

The contributions to the short film competition were:

  • Afronauts - Director: Frances Bodomo (USA)
  • As Rosas Brancas - Director: Diogo Costa Amarante (USA / Portugal)
  • Birds - Director: Ulu Braun (Germany)
  • darkroom - Director: Billy Roisz (Austria)
  • Do serca Twego - Director: Ewa Borysewicz (Poland)
  • Im Tekhayekh, Ha'Olam Yekhayekh Elekha - Director: Ehab Tarabieh, Yoav Gross, family al-Haddad (Israel / Palestinian Territories)
  • Kamakura - Director: Yoriko Mizushiri (Japan)
  • Laborat - Director: Guillaume Cailleau (Germany)
  • La Casona - Director: Juliette Touin (Cuba)
  • Marc Jacobs - Director: Sam de Jong (Netherlands)
  • Om Amira - Director: Naji Ismail (Egypt / Germany)
  • Optical Sound - Director: Elke Groen, Christian Neubacher (Austria)
  • Person to Person - Director: Dustin Guy Defa (USA)
  • Das Boot (Raconte-moi des salades) - Director: Olias Barco (Belgium / France)
  • Sky Lines - Director: Nadine Poulain (Serbia)
  • Solo te puedo mostrar el color - Director: Fernando Vílchez Rodríguez (Peru)
  • Symphony no.42 - Director: Réka Bucsi (Hungary)
  • Tant qu'il nous reste des fusils à pompe - Director: Caroline Poggi, Jonathan Vinel (France)
  • Taprobana - Director: Gabriel Abrantes (Portugal / Sri Lanka / Denmark)
  • Three Stones for Jean Genet - Director: Frieder Schlaich (Germany)
  • Noah's Deluge (Unogumbe) - Director: Mark Dornford-May (South Africa)
  • Un Paraíso - Director: Jayisha Patel (Cuba)
  • Washingtonia - Director: Konstantina Kotzamani (Greece)
  • Wonder - Director: Mirai Mizue (France / Japan)
  • Xenos - Director: Mahdi Fleifel (Great Britain / Denmark)

Berlinale Special


Panorama main program

  • Asabani Nistam! (I'm not Angry!) - Director: Reza Dormishian (Iran)
  • Bai Mi Zha Dan Ke (The Rice Bomber) - Director: Cho Li (Taiwan)
  • Bing Du (Ice Poison) - Director: Midi Z (Taiwan, Myanmar)
  • Blind - Director: Eskil Vogt (Norway, Netherlands)
  • Fever (Fever) - Director: Elfi Mikesch (Luxembourg, Austria)
  • Güeros - Director: Alonso Ruizpalacios (Mexico)
  • Today I'm going home alone (Hoje eu quero voltar sozinho) - Director: Daniel Ribeiro (Brazil)
  • Iejiy (Homeland) - Director: Nao Kubota (Japan)
  • Na kathese ke na kitas (Standing Aside, Watching) - Director: Yorgos Servetas (Greece)
  • Nuoc (2030) - Director: Nguyen-Vo Nghiem-Minh (Vietnam)
  • O Homem das Multidões (The Man of the Crowd) - Director: Marcelo Gomes, Cao Guimarães (Brazil)
  • Papilio Buddha - Director: Jayan Cherian (India, USA)
  • Patardzlebi (Brides) - Director: Tinatin Kajrishvili (Georgia, France)
  • Quick Change - Director: Eduardo Roy, Jr. (Philippines)
  • Test - Director: Chris Mason Johnson (USA)
  • Through A Lens Darkly: Black Photographers and the Emergence of a People - Director: Thomas Allen Harris (USA)
  • Unfriend - Director: Joselito Altarejos (Philippines)
  • Ya Gan Bi Haeng (Night Flight) - Director: LeeSong Hee-il (South Korea)
  • YE (The Night) - Director: Zhou Hao (China)

The short documentary Mario Wirz by Rosa von Praunheim was shown as a supporting film for Fieber .

Panorama special

Panorama documents


The Forum series took place for the 44th time in 2014 and presented a. a. the following films:

The parallel series Forum Expanded presented 52 works from 20 countries.

Perspective German cinema


  • 3 Histoires d'Indiens - Director: Robert Morin (Canada)
  • 52 Tuesdays - Director: Sophie Hyde (Australia)
  • Above Us All - Director: Eugenie Jansen (Netherlands / Belgium)
  • Agri ve Dag - Director: Hasan Serin (Turkey)
  • ärtico - Director: Gabri Velázquez (Spain)
  • Atlántida - Director: Inés María Barrionuevo (Argentina / France)
  • Johan und der Federkönig (Beyond Beyond) - Director: Esben Toft Jacobsen (Sweden / Denmark)
  • Ciencias Naturales - Director: Matías Lucchesi (Argentina / France)
  • Cowboys Janken Ook - Director: Mees Peijnenburg (Netherlands)
  • Einstein and Einstein - Director: Cao Baoping (People's Republic of China)
  • el - Director: Roland Ferge (Hungary)
  • Eleven - Director: Abigail Greenwood (New Zealand)
  • Michel & Ida from Lönneberga (Emil & Ida i Lönneberga) - Directors: Per Åhlin, Alicja Jaworski Björk, Lasse Persson (Sweden)
  • Emo (the musical) - Director: Neil Triffett (Australia)
  • Eu nao digo adeus, digo até logo - Director: Giuliana Monteiro (Brazil)
  • Exchange & Mart - Directed by Cara Connolly, Martin Clark (Great Britain)
  • Feriado - Director: Diego Araujo (Argentina / Ecuador)
  • Finn - Director: Frans Weisz (Netherlands / Belgium)
  • Galore - Director: Rhys Graham (Australia)
  • God Help the Girl - Director: Stuart Murdoch (Great Britain)
  • Hijos de la tierra - Director: Diego Sarmiento (Peru)
  • Hitono Nozomino Yorokobiyo - Director: Masakazu Sugita (Japan)
  • iBhokhwe - Director: John Trengove (South Africa)
  • Il Sud è Niente - Director: Fabio Mollo (Italy / France)
  • Jack and the Cuckoo Clock (Jack et la mécanique du cœur) - directed by Mathias Malzieu, Stéphane Berla (France)
  • Kalle Kran - Director: Johan Hagelbäck (Sweden)
  • Killa - Director: Avinash Arun (India)
  • Loulou, l'incroyable secret - Director: Grégoire Solotareff, Éric Omond (France)
  • Luna Vieja - Director: Raisa Bonnet (Puerto Rico)
  • Mavi Dalga - Director: Zeynep Dadak, Merve Kayan (Turkey / Germany / Netherlands / Greece)
  • MGP Missions - Director: Martin Miehe-Renard (Denmark)
  • Mitten in der Winternight (Midden in de Winternacht) - Director: Lourens Blok (Netherlands / Sweden / Belgium)
  • Mike - Director: Petros Silvestros (Great Britain)
  • Min vän Lage - Director: Eva Lindström (Sweden / Denmark)
  • Moy lichniy los' - Director: Leonid Shmelkov (Russian Federation)
  • Nain Géant - Director: Fabienne Giezendanner (Switzerland / France)
  • Obietnica - Director: Anna Kazejak (Poland / Denmark)
  • Ömheten - Director: Sofia Norlin (Sweden)
  • Out of This World - Director: Viktor Nordenskiöld (Sweden)
  • Pigs - Director: Laura Mohai (USA / Singapore / Malaysia)
  • Proavlio - Director: Rinio Dragasaki (Greece)
  • Rangzen - Director: Gaurav Saxena (India)
  • rhizome - Director: Masahiro Ohsuka (Japan)
  • Sartulis - Director: Dace Riduze (Latvia)
  • Seagulls - Director: Martin Smith (Great Britain)
  • Sepatu Baru - Director: Aditya Ahmad (Indonesia)
  • Snowblind - Director: Sean Kruck (Australia)
  • Soliton - Director: Isamu Hirabayashi (Japan)
  • Somos Mari Pepa - Director: Samuel Kishi Leopo (Mexico)
  • Søn - Director: Kristoffer Kiørboe (Denmark)
  • Sprout - Director: Ga-eun Yoon (Republic of Korea)
  • Supernova - Director: Tamar van den Dop (Netherlands / Germany / Belgium)
  • Aunt Hilda! - Director: Jacques-Rémy Girerd, Benoît Chieux (France / Luxembourg)
  • The Dam Keeper - Director: Robert Kondo , Dice Tsutsumi (USA)
  • Tits - Director: Alex Winckler (Great Britain)
  • Vasa - Director: Janis Cimmermanis (Latvia)
  • Vetrarmorgun - Director: Sakaris Stórá (Faroe Islands)
  • Violet - Director: Bas Devos (Belgium / Netherlands)
  • Follow my voice - Director: Hüseyin Karabey (Turkey / Germany / France)
  • What We Do in the Shadows - Director: Taika Waititi, Jemaine Clement (New Zealand / USA)

Retrospective, Berlinale Classics and Homage

Ken Loach, recipient of the Honorary Golden Bear for his life's work

Retrospectives on film history have been held at the Berlinale since 1977 in collaboration with the Deutsche Kinemathek . In 2014 the retrospective was dedicated to the topic of Aesthetics of Shadow - Lighting Styles 1915–1950 of lighting in film. Cecil B. DeMilles The Cheat from 1915 was shown as the oldest work . After 2013, the Berlinale Classics series also took place in 2014 as part of the retrospective program. Restored classics were shown, including ... because they don't know what they are doing and the digitally restored version of Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari .

A retrospective (“Hommage”) was dedicated to the work of British filmmaker Ken Loach, who received the honorary bear at the 2014 Berlinale. Ten works by Loach were shown.

Other Events

The European Film Promotion presented five young female and five male actors from Europe as shooting stars . Among the winners was the German Maria Dragus .

Award winners

International competition

First film

Short film competition

Perspective German cinema

Prizes of honor

Web links

Commons : Berlin International Film Festival 2014  - Collection of images, videos and audio files

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