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2008 awardee: composer Jonny Greenwood

The Silver Bear for an outstanding artistic achievement honors at the annually organized Film Festival Berlin filmmakers from the categories camera , cutting , music , costumes or Design who have participated in a competition film (feature film).

The award was presented for the first time at the 58th edition of the festival in 2008 and replaced the Silver Bears previously awarded in the categories of film music (2002–2007) and “special artistic achievement” (1956–2007) or “outstanding individual achievement” ( 1956-2005). In the past, awards were also given to directing or acting in the last two categories, although there were separate Silver Bear categories ( best director , best actress , best actor ). In the meantime, Silver Bears have also been awarded as special prizes for individual artistic achievements.

The competition jury, which is mostly composed of international filmmakers, votes on the award of the prize.

Award winners

Outstanding artistic achievement (since 2008)

So far, cameramen have been awarded the Silver Bear most frequently for outstanding artistic achievement (eight wins). The German cameraman Lutz Reitemeier ( Bai lu yuan ) was the first filmmaker from German-speaking countries to be successful in 2012 .

year Award winners power Original title German title
2008 Jonny Greenwood Film music There Will Be Blood There Will Be Blood
2009 Gábor Erdély volume Katalin Varga Katalin Varga
György Kovács
Tamás Székely
2010 Pavel Kostomarov camera Как я провёл этим летом (Kak ja prowjol etim letom) How I Ended This Summer
2011 Barbara Enriquez Production design El Premio not known
Wojciech Staroń camera
2012 Lutz Reitemeier camera 白鹿 原 ( Bai lu yuan ) not known
2013 Aziz Zhambakiyev camera Уроки гармонии (Uroki garmonii) Harmony Lessons
2014 Zeng Jian camera 推拿 Tui Na not known
2015 Sturla Brandth Grøvlen camera Victoria Victoria
Yevgeny Privin camera Под электрическими облаками (Pod elektritscheskimi oblakami) Under Electric Clouds
Serhiy Mychalchuk
2016 Mark Lee Ping-Bing camera 长江 图 (Chang Jiang Tu) not known
2017 Dana Bunescu cut Ana, mon amour not known
2018 Elena Okopnaya Costume and set design Dovlatov not known
2019 Rasmus Videbæk camera Ut og stjæle hester steal horses
2020 Jürgen Juerges camera ДАУ. Наташа (DAU. Natasha) DAU. Natasha

Special artistic achievement (1956-2007)

The Silver Bear for a special artistic achievement was awarded at the 1956 film festival as “2. Ehrenpreis ”was introduced alongside the regular awards for directors and actors. Awards went to directors and actors, among others.

year Prize winner Original title German title
1956 André Michel
("2nd honorary award")
La sorcière The blonde witch
1957 -
Prize not awarded
1972 Peter Ustinov
("for the originality of his artistic oeuvre")
Hammersmith Is Out Hammersmith is out
1973 -
Prize not awarded
1975 Woody Allen
("for his complete works")
Love and Death Boris Grushenko's last night
1976 László Lugossy
("for the first work")
Azonositás identification
1977 Prize not awarded
1978 Jerzy Kawalerowicz
("for his complete works")
Śmierć prezydenta The death of the president
Octavio Cortázar
("for a first work")
El brigadista El brigadista - The teacher
1979 -
Prize not awarded
1985 Days Danielsson
("for a film of particular imagination")
Ronja Rövardotter Ronja the robber's daughter
1986 Masahiro Shinoda
("for his harmonious composition")
鑓 の 権 三 (Yari no Gonza) Gonza, the lance fighter
1987 Randa Haines
("for a film that treats an extraordinary subject in a popular and sensitive way")
Children of a Lesser God God's forgotten children
1988 Miguel Pereira
("for his exceptional artistic quality")
La deuda interna In the distance is the sea
1989 Kaipo Cohen
הקיץ של אביה (Hakayitz shel Aviya) Aviya's summer
Gila Almagor
1990 Heiner Carow
("Respect for human rights, humanity and tolerance")
Coming out Coming out
1991 Prize not awarded
1992 Javier Aguirresarobe
(camera - "for its cinematic quality")
Beltenebros not known
1993 Idrissa Ouédraogo
("for humanistic and hopeful interpretation of social and personal crises")
Udzinarta mse The sun of those who watch
1994 Semjon Aranowitsch ("Understanding presentation of
new destinies in Russia today")
Год собаки (God sobaki) The year of the dog
1995 Prize not awarded
1996 Andrzej Wajda
("Contribution to the cinematic art of our time")
Wielki tydzień Holy Week
1997 Raúl Ruiz
("Outstanding Contribution to Film Art")
Généalogies d'un crime Genealogies of a crime
1998 Alain Resnais
(“Outstanding contribution to the art of film of our time”)
On connaît la chanson Life is a chanson
1999 David Cronenberg
(Director, Screenplay, Production)
existence existence
2000 a Adriana Altaras Paradiso - Seven days with seven women Paradiso - Seven days with seven women
Sabine Bach
Marquard Bohm
Guntram Brattia
Khyana el Bitar
Cora Frost
Valeska Hanel
Irm Hermann
Isabel Hindersin
Lucas Hoppe
Ully Loup
Cosima Funny
Angelica Margull
Jürgen Schonschadowski
Joya Thome
Nicolai Thome
Martin Walz
Hanns Zischler
Amelie zur Mühlen
2001 Prize not awarded
2002 a Fanny Ardant 8 females 8 women
Emmanuelle Béart
Danielle Darrieux
Catherine Deneuve
Isabelle Huppert
Virginie Ledoyen
Firmine Richard
Ludivine Sagnier
2003 Li Yang
(Director, Screenplay)
盲 井 (Mángjǐng) Blind shaft
2004 a Leif Andrée Om jag vänder mig om Dawn
Pernilla August
Jan Coster
Jakob Eklund
Ingvar Hirdwall
Magnus Krepper
Johan Kvarnström
Camilla Larsson
Marika Lindström
Peter Lorentzon
Hampus Penttinen
Ann Petrén
Marie Richardson
Jenny Svärdsäter
Claes-Göran Turesson
2005 Prize not awarded
2006 Jürgen Vogel
(acting, screenplay, production)
Free will Free will
2007 a Alec Baldwin The Good Shepherd The Good Shepherd
Tammy Blanchard
Billy Crudup
Matt Damon
Robert De Niro
Michael Gambon
Martina Gedeck
William Hurt
Timothy Hutton
Mark Ivanir
Angelina Jolie
Gabriel Macht
Lee Pace
Joe Pesci
Eddie Redmayne
John Sessions
Oleg Shtefanko
John Turturro
a In 2000, 2002, 2004 and 2007 the acting ensemble of each film received an award.

Outstanding Individual Achievement (1956-2005)

The Silver Bear for an outstanding individual achievement was awarded at the 1956 film festival as “1. Ehrenpreis ”was introduced alongside the regular awards for directors and actors. Awards went to cameramen, directors, screenwriters, actors, production designers and film editors.

year Award winners Movie German title
1956 Charles Frend
("1st Prize")
The long arm The long arm
1957 -
Prize not awarded
1971 Frank D. Gilroy
("for best script and dialogue")
Desperate characters Desperate people
Ragnar Lasse-Henriksen
Love is War love is war
1972 -
Prize not awarded
1979 Henning von Gierke
("for his equipment")
Nosferatu - Phantom of the Night Nosferatu - Phantom of the Night
Sten Holmberg
("for his camera work")
Kejsaren The emperor
1980 Prize not awarded
1981 Markus Imhoof
("for script and actor management")
The boat is full The boat is full
1982 Zoltán Fábri
requiem not known
1983 Xaver Schwarzenberger
(director and camera)
The calm ocean The calm ocean
1984 Monica Vitti
flirt not known
1985 Tolomusch Okejew
("for the artistic design of his film")
Потомок Белого Барса (Potomok belogo barssa) The descendant of the snow leopard
1986 Derek Jarman
("for his visual design")
Caravaggio Caravaggio
1987 Márta Mészáros
Napló szerelmeimnek Diary for my loved ones
Fernando Trueba
El año de las luces The year of the Enlightenment
1988 Janusz Zaorski
(director and screenplay)
Matka Królów Mother Krol and her sons
1989 Eric Bogosian
("for book and acting")
Talk radio Talk radio
1990 Xie Fei
本命 年 (Ben ming nian) Black snow
1991 Kevin Costner
("as an actor, producer and director")
Dances With Wolves The one, who dances with the wolf
1992 Ricardo Larraín
("for outstanding debut film")
La Frontera La Frontera - At the end of the world
1993 Prize not awarded
1994 Alain Resnais
("for the originality of his film")
Smoking / No Smoking Smoking / No Smoking
1995 Entire film team
("for the visual design")
紅粉 (Hongfen) rouge
Entire film team
("for stylistic and thematic peculiarities")
П'єса для пасажира (Pjessa dlja passaschira) Play for one passenger
1996 Yōichi Higashi
("Originality in the Representation of Childhood")
絵 の 中 の ぼ く の 村 (E no naka no boku no mura) The village of my dreams
1997 Zbigniew Preisner
(film music)
The Island on Bird Street The island in Vogelstrasse
1998 Matt Damon
(writer and actor)
Good Will Hunting Good Will Hunting
1999 Marc Norman
Tom Stoppard
Shakespeare in Love Shakespeare in Love
2000 Raúl Pérez Cubero
Una historia de entonces You're the one
2001 -
Prize not awarded
2005 Tsai Ming-liang
(Director, Screenplay)
天邊 一 朵雲 / 天边 一 朵云 (tiānbiān yī duǒ yún) The flesh of the watermelon

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