Berlin International Film Festival 1982

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The Berlin International Film Festival 1982 took place from February 12 to February 23, 1982.

At the Berlinale, there were excited discussions even before the festival. Festival director Moritz de Hadeln had rejected the American film With the Wind to the West for the competition. The film is about a family who flees the GDR in a hot air balloon. The Springer press condemned this decision as ingratiation to the GDR. Axel Caesar Springer himself organized the German premiere of the film on the opening day of the Berlinale as a counter-event.


The following films were shown in the official competition:

Movie title Director Country of production Actor (selection)
farewell Mitsou Yanagimachi Japan
L'amour des femmes Michel Soutter France , Switzerland Jean-Marc Bory , Heinz Bennent
Guarantee for one year Herrmann Zschoche GDR Katrin Sass , Monika Lennartz , Jaecki Schwarz
A German revolution Helmut Herbst Germany Marquard Bohm , Bazon Brock
The simple-minded murderer Hans Alfredson Sweden Stellan Skarsgård
The Shimoyama case Kei Kumai Japan
Not a job for a woman Christopher Petit Great Britain Billie Whitelaw
Trial of strength Heidi Genée Germany Hannelore Hoger
The girl with the red hair Ben Verbong Netherlands Renée Soutendijk
Men people! .. Iskra Babitsch Soviet Union Alexander Mikhailov
The maddened pranks of the Marchese del Grillo Mario Monicelli Italy , France Alberto Sordi
A strange career Pierre Granier-Deferre France Michel Piccoli , Gérard Lanvin , Nathalie Baye
requiem Zoltán Fábri Hungary
Romance with Amélie Ulrich Thein GDR
Shudder Wojciech Marczewski Poland
The yearning of Veronika Voss Rainer Werner Fassbinder Germany Rosel Zech , Hilmar Thate , Cornelia Froboess
Longing for home Hu Bingliu , Wang Jin People's Republic of China
The sensational reporter Sydney Pollack United States Paul Newman , Sally Field
Murder in Sydney
(The Killing of Angel Street)
Donald Crombie Australia
The meeting in Beirut Borhane Alaouié Lebanon , Tunisia , Belgium
Repeated diving Shimon Dotan Israel

International jury

The jury president was the American actress Joan Fontaine . She presided over the following jury: Wladimir Baskakow (USSR), Brigitte Fossey (France), Joe Hembus (Germany), Laszló Lugossy (Hungary), Gian Luigi Rondi (Italy), Helma Sanders-Brahms (Germany), Mrinal Sen (India) and David J. Stratton (Australia).

Award winners

Further prices

Honorary Golden Bear

An Honorary Golden Bear was awarded for the first time this year. The first winner was James Stewart .

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