Stereo (2014)

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Original title stereo
Country of production Germany
original language German
Publishing year 2014
length 93 minutes
Age rating FSK 16
Director Maximilian Erlenwein
script Maximilian Erlenwein
production Khaled Kaissar ,
Manuel Bickenbach ,
Alexander Bickenbach
music Enis Rotthoff
camera Ngo The Chau
cut Sven Budelmann

Stereo is a German psychological thriller from the director Maximilian Erlenwein from 2014 . Jürgen Vogel , Moritz Bleibtreu , Petra Schmidt-Schaller , Georg Friedrich and Rainer Bock play the leading roles .


After retreating to the rural idyll, Erik opens his motorcycle workshop. He spends his free time with his girlfriend Julia and her little daughter Linda. Everything seems to be going great at first, but one day the mysterious stranger named Henry appears in this apparently ideal world, who, like a parasite, can no longer be shaken off. He provokes Erik and with his cynical manner drives him to the edge of despair. But Erik remains alone with this problem for the time being, because only he can see and hear the mysterious stranger. It doesn't get any better for Erik when Gaspar shows up with his entourage and forces him to participate in illegal activities against another gang boss named Keitel. He feels heavily cornered and has to make a decision whether to trust Henry and accept his help or whether to fight the blackmailers on his own. Finally, Erik refuses to cooperate.

When Erik visits a psychiatric clinic, he receives the address of a healer whom he goes to immediately afterwards in a run-down high-rise housing estate. The healer tries to treat Erik with hypnosis and acupuncture. In the highly emotionally heated situation, however, Henry manages to let Erik stop the treatment.

At a meeting with Keitel's negotiators, Gaspar reveals his whereabouts and other details to him - because of Erik's unwillingness to cooperate - in return for being struck off Keitel's list of deaths. The two negotiators seem to agree, but want to kill Gaspar after the betrayal on Keitel's written instructions. At that moment the gate opens to the room where the meeting takes place. However, one does not learn how the situation will continue.

Gaspar visits Erik again with his entourage to confirm the details of the discussed plan against Keitel. Apparently Erik is unaware of such an agreement. Gaspar does not understand Erik's behavior and shows him the corpses of Keitel's negotiators in the van he had brought with him. He claims that Erik is Thomas "Zille" Zilewski and that he killed them both. He blackmailed him with the threat that Keitel would kill Linda, Julia and their father Wolfgang if Zilewski did not go along with the agreement. Erik decides to take part, especially since he is only supposed to be present at Keitel's club as a distraction.

Desperate, Erik seeks the healer again. Henry vehemently claims to be part of Erik. This time she treats him intensively with acupuncture. During the treatment, Erik's character changes temporarily into Henry's cynicism. At the same time, Julia, Linda and Wolfgang are kidnapped from Juliet's house. At the end of the treatment, a needle remains in Erik's neck. An old man in a wheelchair who is present in the healer's apartment explains to Erik in a Russian accent that he revealed his true character during the treatment and that it is not Henry but Erik that is the brain disease. The remaining needle is now blocking his true character. Erik could remove them at any time in order to finally and irrevocably change into his real self. Erik is scared of it and leaves the needle in place.

When entering the dark underworld club, Erik is recognized by Keitel's men via video surveillance. Henry convinces him to leave, but it's too late. Erik's attempt to escape ends in the men's room. The handicapped Keitel, ignorant of Erik's brain disease, suspects a trap and calls for reinforcements. He sends a bat to Erik to sound out the situation. The abductees are brought to Keitel. He squeezes the information out of Linda that Erik is not her father and has her taken away. The desperate Julia and her father stay with Keitel. When Wolfgang declares that he is a police officer, he will knock down. Erik is beaten up bloody in the toilet. Lying on the floor, Erik begs Henry for help. However, as a condition, Erik admitted that his new life was a lie. After a moment, Erik gives in and pulls the remaining acupuncture needle from his neck.

In a flashback it turns out that Erik is actually the cynical criminal Zille. He warns Henry, who was actually his righteous brother, that he and his wife will have to flee with Zille because he has messed with Keitel. Keitel's men then break into the house and kill Henry and his wife, Zille is able to escape.

Zille gets up and kills his armed tormentor in the toilet. Zille uses his walkie-talkie to inform Keitel to come to him. Gaspar's troops, which had mixed with Keitel's men, engaged in a firefight with them and gained the upper hand. At the showdown in Keitel's office, he faces each other with Julia as a protective shield, Zille, Gaspar and Hansen in a Mexican standoff . Zille denies his love for Julia in order to convince Keitel that he has nothing against him, puts down his gun and suggests a deal that Gaspar, Hansen and Zille take over Keitel's business and Keitel retires. Keitel sees through the trick and it comes to a shooting in which everyone except Julia, Wolfgang and Zille perish. Zille was seriously wounded, but made it to the exit of the club with Linda, Julia and Wolfgang. Zille collapses inside while the others flee and the exit door slams shut.

Henry appears to him one last time, this time as his brother, and smokes one last cigarette with him. Julia pulls open the club door from the outside, pulls Zille out and drives off with him on his motorcycle. Zille can be seen again, injured and grinning, leaning against the wall, which means that the end allows two interpretations.


Stereo is a production by Frisbee Films from Berlin in co-production with ZDF Das kleine Fernsehspiel , Arte , Kaissar Film and Wildbunch Germany. Wildbunch Germany is responsible for sales in Germany and betacinema for worldwide sales .

The premiere took place as part of the Berlinale in the Panorama section. The film was shown across Germany from May 15, 2014. The DVD -Verleih began on 4 November 2014 and the DVD sales from 20 November 2014. Euro Video media. The first TV broadcast was on the pay TV channel Sky Select HD on November 9, 2014.

The film was largely positively received by the public and the press. So titled The time the film as, a beast of a thriller. ' Der Spiegel comes to the conclusion that the film "[...] represents one of the strongest cinematic moments of the current year". The film received 6.6 points in the IMDb film database .

Stereo was one of 15 film candidates for the German entry for the Oscar in the category 'Best non-English-language, full-length feature film'. However, the film was not selected. Cinematographer Ngo The Chau was nominated for the German Camera Prize 2015 in the category "Feature Film (Camera)". Georg Friedrich was nominated for the acting award in the category “Best Actor in a Comedic Role”.

The production was funded by the Filmförderungsanstalt , the Film- und Fernsehstiftung NRW, Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung and the FilmFernsehFonds Bayern .


The soundtrack was mainly composed by Enis Rotthoff . In addition, the tracks 'Planisphere' by the French band Justice , and 'A New Error' by Moderat were used.

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